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Meet Jamie Glass of Artful Thinkers in Chandler

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jamie Glass.

Jamie, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Twenty years ago, I left a successful company as the head of sales where we doubled in size (employees and revenue) year-over-year for five years straight. It is where I first experienced the intense energy of scaling a business quickly to dominate a market. It was an addiction that I still thrive on today. I know I best perform in companies and with leaders that love want to live outside the box and chase the unicorn potential. With the experience of building a dynamic, sustainable growth engine, I entered into the world of consulting to help other business leaders and owners replicate this kind of success. It is when I started my company, Artful Thinkers.

It is a sales and marketing consulting company. Over the past two decades, I have partnered with entrepreneurs and more than 50 CEOs across all types of industries, including SaaS, consumer products, translation, healthcare and digital media. I even worked in the golf industry for a year to build a marketing and sales foundation for the world’s most renowned custom golf fitting organization. All of my clients have one thing in common. They want to grow, not slowly — fast! Every client that I’ve worked with has come to me from a referral.

I’ve made my business successful by building a strong network and reputation in achieving results. Most of my clients have been in Arizona; however, I have also worked with companies headquartered from West Coast to East Coast. My intent and purpose is to every day find companies where I can make a difference. I’m driven to help my clients accelerate performance. That’s what they hire me to do. Every company I’ve worked with is different in products and services; however, there is one thing underlines success – their growth engine. This requires an alignment between sales and marketing in both strategy and execution.

Throughout my years in consulting CEOs, I’ve taken on full-time positions with companies build sales organizations, run marketing or sometimes do both. Most Artful Thinkers engagements are as an outsourced chief executive in creating strategies and executing the best approaches to drive exponential results. The types of tactics we create together and then deploy really depend on how much they can afford and manage in their current business environment. It can anything from market development to complex globalization programs. When I’m lucky enough to align with a big idea CEO, I am confident I can help them execute upon their business goals through a variety of actions from branding to revenue generation programs.

Whether working as chief marketing officer (CMO) or heading up sales and business strategy, my clients understand that together we are going to capitalize on their greatest potential. Otherwise, I am not a good partner or the right fit. They need be prepared to take a rocket ride! I want to find those CEOs that want to do what others see as impossible. That’s when I know I’m in the right place and together we can do amazing things. This is what has sustained me as a business owner and sole proprietor of Artful Thinkers, a sales and marketing consulting company established in 1997 and still chasing unicorns today!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Some of the greatest challenges in managing your own business is to find enough time to do it all. You need to partner with experts that can help you in areas that are outside your core competencies. I rely on experts to expand my capacity, like for finance and technology. I also have an amazing network of marketing and sales experts that I can pull in for work in areas like web, digital creative services, marketing technology to expand the capabilities and services for my business. Marketing is not the 4 P’s that we learned about in marketing.

We have entered into the world of AI and digital transformation. One thing is for certain, you can never stop learning because your clients are dependent upon your breadth and depth of experience and know-how across a wide range of topics related to growth and expansion. Marketing and sales are complex today. You need to have good connections, as well as be in touch with market influencers and experts to effective. The other obstacle in business today is dedicating the time that is needed to keep your network of referrals engaged and talking about you.

If you are remarkable, that only helps if others are sharing how remarkable you are as well. Every day requires marketing time for yourself. You are your brand developer, your lead generator, your revenue generator. You have to spend time keeping others aware of what you can do and how are you are doing it, or your business can falter. Never stop selling. Never stop promoting what you can do. Otherwise, others will stop talking and you’ll be out of work.

Please tell us about Artful Thinkers.
My company is a sales and marketing consulting company. It was founded in 1997, based in Arizona. Artful Thinkers helps business leaders and CEOs define optimal strategies and tactics that will accelerate their growth. Utilizing 25+ years executive expertise in business development and marketing within all types of companies from start-ups to multinational across a variety of industries. Artful Thinkers is a partnership organization that powers companies to achieve their business goals. Artful Thinkers selectively works with business owners and CEOs.

Through experience and by knowing their ambitions, goals and purpose, Artful Thinkers can align the right experience and resources to help them to execute plans and tactics that deliver measurable results. As the founder, I’m most proud of the fact that all Artful Thinkers’ business has come from referrals. It is built by a reputation. It’s the simple motto, do what you say you’ll do and help others to achieve their goals. That is the recipe for sustaining a 20-year consulting business. There are fewer people that have the hands-on experience of building growth engines, both as a leader of sales and the leader of marketing.

It is through this unique experience that Artful Thinkers can help a CEO best capitalize on the value of exceptional marketing through accountability and metrics that are directly aligned to revenue generation (aka sales). They must go hand-in-hand and unless you’ve had the responsibility of both, it is difficult to understand the balance an organization needs to have to maximize the value and return of both functions. That is the real value of Artful Thinkers. Creative. Strategic. Results. Every day, Artful Thinkers focuses on the best way to deliver measurable returns for our clients by doing. Doing what it takes to make a difference in their organizations and demonstrating results. What I’m most proud of is the number of clients I have worked with for several years as their strategic advisor. I’m fortunate to continue these relationships and be part of their remarkable stories and incredible achievements.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
Marbles were really popular when I was in grade school, growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah where I lived, we didn’t play marbles in a circle. Two people sat across from each other and we would try to hit the others marble to win the number of marbles they collected from all the misses.

On our street, we had a gang of 10 or so kids (I was the only girl) that would play marbles every day. We’d walk around with our gym socks full of marbles, trying to tempt others to take on the “challenge” of winning our precious loot. Marbles had different values. The clear marbles were the most valuable. Cat-eye marbles were second. And then there were “boulders,” which were about 5x the size of a regular marble.

One day, I spied an acrylic grape art piece that my Mom and Dad had in our living room. It dawned on me that the grapes were the size of 10 boulders. I realized that I had struck marble gold, but I knew my parents wouldn’t let me have this “art” piece to play marbles. So, I just “borrowed” a grape. They were connected by some wire, so I would carefully detach it and put it in my marble sock. The neighborhood kids went wild when they saw my HUGE marble.

We had our biggest marble tournaments, when I started showing up with the grapes. Sadly, after I borrowed almost all the grapes, Mom caught on. The grape art had gone from about 20 grapes to about five. Needless to say, the priceless grapes were never recovered, no one would give them back. I did feel like I had really discovered the best thing ever though when all the boys in the neighborhood knew I had the best marbles in town!

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