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Meet Arielle Sterling

Today we’d like to introduce you to Arielle Sterling.

Arielle, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I know this may sound cliché, but sometimes I feel like this life chose me; I didn’t necessarily grow up wanting to be an Intuitive Energy Healer, but over the years I’ve learned you can’t run from your truth, no matter how hard you may try. Since childhood, I’ve had clairvoyant and intuitive abilities. For me, this manifested as being able to see people’s energies (auras), where on their body they were in pain or discomfort, as well as where (and how) on their body pressure needed to be applied to release stagnant energies.

After years without any guidance or training on how to properly use these gifts, it was decided that formal training would help me to harness and enhance my natural abilities. Luckily, I was able to find a teacher to start training me in Reiki at the age of 15. This was far before the time when crystals were mainstream, people knew what empaths were, and meditation was popular, so I wasn’t exactly running around and shouting about my abilities from the rooftops; I was keeping to myself about what I was experiencing, just trying to be like any normal teenage girl.

I spent the majority of my twenty’s still trying to blend in on the outside, working full time in the financial sector, simultaneously taking classes full time at ASU to complete my BA in Communication. During class breaks and holidays, I would continue to take personal development courses and additional training to enhance my energetic skills. After completing my degree, I moved to the insurance industry with hopes of maintaining a more regular schedule, to eventually have a healing practice.

With more time to focus on my practices, my abilities opened up even further, to the point where it began to interfere with my job as a claims adjuster. I was at a nexus point where it felt like I had to choose to continue to enhance my psychic abilities or maintain a career in auto insurance claims. I chose to trust myself for the first time. I chose to leave a stable job, with a long-term career path to follow my passion and for the first time, find my happiness.

At that point, I decided to organize some notes from workshops I had been teaching at local healing centers, and before long, it manifested into what would become my Amazon best-selling book, Shift Happens! 21 Days to Better Energy Through the Chakras. The same month my book was published, I met the love of my life and I’ve been watching the life of my dreams unfold ever since.

And now, I’m thrilled to be able to help people with my abilities, instead of hiding from them. As a life coach, I help other individuals like myself who may resonate as empathic or who are looking to enhance their psychic abilities. Although I love using technology to be able to see clients worldwide, I am honored to see my local clients at the Macri Wellness Center in Gilbert for Intuitive Healing services.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
This life has been anything but smooth sailing, and while there may have been a time where I would have seen that as a complaint, I now know that rough waters make a skilled sailor. My struggles have shaped who I am as a person and I wouldn’t trade even my worst experiences for the knowledge I’ve gained.

I think the biggest struggle I’ve faced is learning to trust myself. I had gone through so much of my life trying to blend in my surroundings and not be noticed that I didn’t even know myself. I had become a composite of what everyone around me wanted me to do, think and be. As I started to become aware of this, I realized that I didn’t even know who I was, what made me happy, or what gave my life meaning. Walking away from a perfectly logical career path seemed to terrify everyone around me, yet it set me free from the tight grip of a life that left me slowly gasping for breath.

Writing Shift Happens! 21 Days to Better Energy Through the Chakras was my ode to transformation. It was proof that shift could indeed happen and that I could take an honest look at how actively I was, or wasn’t, showing up in my life and working towards my happiness.

Please tell us about your businesss.
I have been providing energetic healing and coaching services for over five years in the Phoenix metro area. My specialty is utilizing my ability to see energy while providing intuitive energetic healing treatments like Reiki, and Chakra Balancing among others. This helps me to pinpoint and address issues quickly and efficiently. I love helping my coaching clients enjoy happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives through my unique set of abilities.

One of the things that I am most proud of is my first book, Shift Happens! 21 Days to Better Energy Through the Chakras. I created this interactive guidebook as a fun, easy way to learn about the chakra system while providing practical methods of easily integrating chakra work into a daily routine. I walk the reader through each of the seven main chakras, exploring real-life applications of what chakra imbalances can look like using my own entertaining experiences as examples.

Within days of its release, Shift Happens! was making waves on Amazon, hitting the #1 New Release on the Chakra Chart. As a fresh, independent author this was a huge honor to be recognized. Shift Happens! has been featured in a popular gift subscription box, and has been used as the textbook in chakra classes across the country. I’ve even had the privilege of being interviewed about my book by internationally-recognized Hay House author, Anita Moorjani, on her live streaming show.

I think what sets me apart is how I’m able to see the world, both energy-wise (clairvoyance) and as someone who has experienced deep personal transformation. I am living a life I never dreamed possible, and I empower my clients to do the same. Often when my clients find me, they are ready for transformation, looking to shed a way of life that is no longer healthy, or helpful to where they want to be. I help my clients transform their lives holistically addressing all aspects of mind, body, and spirit.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
This is such an interesting question. I don’t know that I really have a favorite memory from my childhood, and maybe that is one of the things that motivates me to do this transformation work. I don’t remember being a particularly happy kid growing up. I was told children were meant to be seen, and not heard. I was exposed to things that made me mature faster than most my age. I recall experiencing stomach pains and anxiety consistently, which transformed into depression as I got older. To put it, for much of my life, I didn’t see a future for myself.

I didn’t know what happiness was, and that it was an option for me. That’s why I’ve become so passionate about helping people connect with themselves and find what makes them happy and enjoy life.


  • Intuitive Energy Healing – $150/hr
  • Intuitive Guidance & Coaching – $150/hr
  • Shift Happens! 21 Days to Better Energy Through the Chakras – $14.95 (Amazon)

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