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Conversations with June Arballo

Today we’d like to introduce you to June Arballo. 

Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?
I grew up in Albuquerque New Mexico and my mother is from Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico.  She is Apache/Basque/Mexican and my father is of German descent and he grew up in Indiana.  In our household, it’s common to talk about spirits or our dreams. My mother didn’t know English so she told us all the stories of our heritage starting with Great, Great Grandmother Nana Nella who was full-blooded Chiricahua Apache and was related to Geronimo.  

Also, stories of my family financing the revolution with Pancho Villa and fighting with him and finally leaving the revolution and being hunted down by Pancho Villa and his men. Pancho Villa ended up Marrying into our family through Luz Corral.  The stories are extensive and the Mexican Newspaper has written about our family several times telling some of these stories. One time they even wrote 5 full newspaper articles every Sunday over 5 weeks about our family.  I have all those articles and have shared them with family members who are descendants of my Great Great Grandmothers children.  All the ghost stories of my family also were handed down and my mom and her sisters had some of their own to add. Some were incomprehensible that something like that could even happen and were pretty scary, but all my mother’s sisters stand by the stories. 

I feel this is what started my work in the spiritual realm. I have always been intuitive as I was born into a family of Seers as I say because they all could see spirits and energy physically and spiritually. So, I call myself a Seer.  I started by doing clearings because of all the stories I grew up with I saw what misbehaving spirits were capable of and felt the light was stronger than the dark, so I wasn’t afraid of it. I cleared people, homes, and land and still do to this day.  Then my work evolved to Medium/Psychic readings and tarot readings, and of my own style of what spirit has shown me I read the tops of the hands, not palmistry. Working with all the indigenous Elders my work embraced offering Blessing Ceremonies and ceremony of all types. 

I was never raised in a tribe so I never say I do Native American ceremonies or Native American work at all. What I do is what comes from me from all the teachings I have had from many Indigenous Elders, Wisdom Keepers and friends around the world and what I have learned from my own spiritual guides and ancestors and I have even learned from others ancestors or guides who have given me advice. 

My mother always pointed me towards the Native American tribes and teachings and she wore Native jewelry and clothes, and she always said to never forget our Apache bloodline. To this day My Apache Grandmother is the matriarch of our family and we will never forget our Apache roots.

As an adult, I was drawn to learn more from the indigenous peoples so I started doing workshops with various Indigenous Elders and Wisdom Keepers from all over the world. They would stay with me and I would set up the talk or workshop and set up private sessions for them as well. I never kept any of the money, I wanted to support them and I felt I was receiving so much already. I still do it the same way to this day, I want to support the Elders and Indigenous peoples however I can. Through working with the Elders, I found that our gifts are to share and not to keep to ourselves, and that is what brought me to help others with my gifts or knowledge. It is from others helping me that has helped me evolve as a spirit that’s how I want to help others in the same way. 

I have also worked with the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers since 2007 helping put on some of their events that had up to 600 people attending and help in between as well and have traveled with them some as well. I feel that helping the Grandmothers is helping the world as they work to preserve the waters and elements of the world so the earth can sustain for the “Next 7 Generations”, which is also the name of their documentary.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
I have had some struggles like many people but have seen everything as a part of my life, I guess I’ve rolled with the punches you could say. I have been through a separated and disjointed family and went through a drug phase from 13 years old through high school, and not a surprise, never graduated.  I left Albuquerque with a traveling show right out of High School in 1978 headed to Eugene Oregon. I went to the Rainbow Gatherings in the ’70s, and finally ended up homeless in Oregon and Washington State for a few months at 18 years old.  Ultimately, I joined a commune called the “Love Family” in Washington State and lived there until 1984. 

The Commune was breaking up and everyone was leaving and I ended up getting pregnant with by a friend there, and that was the only time we were together.

So, I left the Love Family pregnant and I lived in a foster home until I had my son and gave him up for adoption at age 23.  My son just recently contacted me a few months ago and we met December of 2021 and had a wonderful reunion. 

When I left the commune, I didn’t even know who was president and have never lived on my own with bills or anything, but somehow, I made it through. I was a sign painter and did massage therapy so that got me through. I went to Graphic Design and Photography school in Yakima Washington then moved to Phoenix/Scottsdale area to start my new life.  I soon found Sedona Arizona and it kept drawing me there and Eventually, everything I did was in Sedona so I finally had to move there. 

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
My work is in the Spiritual realm offering Mediumship/Psychic readings, Top of the hand readings (Not palmistry), Tarot readings, Blessing Ceremonies, and spiritual counseling. I also offer Personal Clearings, Land and home clearings. In the personal clearings, you can actually see the energy moving from your body. I also offer deep tissue massage using only my hands and offer cupping as well. I’ve done massage therapy since 1979. 

I offer the Elders a venue for them to share their wisdom with our community through workshops, talks and private sessions and an opportunity for them to bring home some money for their family. I am also a community builder where through these teachings with the Elders, or Woman’s Circles I cofacilitate with my friend Karla Bass or other gatherings I feel it’s important to bring people together. 

What may set me apart from others is I am authentic. I don’t just do a meditation with people or go through the motions with people, they have real experiences that change their lives. They may have connected with their ancestors or loved ones for the first time or had a spiritual experience that changes the course of their lives.  I also stay in my lane so to speak, I am authentic to the work I do, I never try to do anyone else’s work or try to be something I’m not. If anyone has questions about my ancestry, I posted it all on my website so there is no question as to who I say I am. I strive to be my authentic self which we all know is a lifelong journey.

Many times, the little baby spirits come to me whether they did not make it in the world or if they are coming into the world. Some children have even been born because of the message it brought to the parents to try one more time. I don’t know why the baby spirits come to me but I have had numerous little babies come who have something to say. 

Who else deserves credit in your story?
It all starts with my mother Maria Ines Arballo de Terran and all my Aunties and Uncle and cousins on my mom’s side of the family who allowed me to explore my spiritual connection openly and rooted me to my lineage. 

All the Elders I have worked with and who have become dear friends in my life. Grandmother Mona Polacca and all the grandmothers in the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and their family members and all the people I have worked with through the years organizing gatherings and all the things in between whom I cherish in my life. 

All the Elders and Wisdom Keepers who have welcomed me in their lives or ceremonies and have offered a hand of friendship and advice. 

The 5013C boards I have had the honor of helping with or have held a seat who work with the Indigenous Elders of the world and in my area here in Arizona as well: 

  • The Ringing Rocks Foundation in Sedona AZ, I was on the advisory board until 2009
  • Kenosis Spirit Keepers in Prescott AZ I was on the board of directors until I resigned in 2017
  • Crossing Worlds Hopi Project in Sedona Arizona – I have not held a board position for this organization but help out and support as often as possible. 

I go to Hopi all the time so I take a lot of donation items I donate myself or donations from others for Crossing Worlds as well as help with other activities. 

Also, last but not least to communities who have come together over the years to support the Elders and look for their own spiritual nourishment. 


  • On an average I charge $225 per hour for private sessions

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