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Daily Inspiration: Meet Armani Rosa

Today we’d like to introduce you to Armani Rosa.

Hi Armani, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories.
Growing up, I’ve always had a thing for the arts. During my free time, I’d usually draw all my favorite cartoon characters. That was just where my creativity began. Spending my early years being brought up in New York, I was around a lot of industry people/events and most of the people around me were big on fashion.

I went to a uniform school and I remember looking at the clothes my mom would let me wear on special days or weekends as if they gave me superpowers! This was when I started to pick up on what was “fly” and what wasn’t and slowly but surely I began learning how to properly put outfits together. In 2012, I graduated from Betty H Fairfax Highschool and was crowned best dressed.

Later the following year me and two of my close friends came up with Royalty Lifestyle (RL) as the name of our clique. We were always flashy and liked luxury things so we felt that it was fitting. I thought it’d be a great idea to come up with a brand that branched off from our group name so I came up with the name Royalty By Birth. It came to me as a lifestyle brand because of how I was brought up and the bar me & my affiliates had set for ourselves.

Being named after the clothing designer Giorgio Armani & having the creative, cultured background I did I knew it was destined for me to fill big shoes in the fashion industry as well as in life. I sat on the brand name for maybe 2 years before actually coming up with design ideas. My focus at the time was more set on my family and music in those 2 years. In 2017, one of my RL members David (D. Stacks) Amado was gunned down & taken from us far too soon.

This was one of the many things that sent me into a dark place in life. I became a ticking time bomb hurting the people around me and eventually losing everything out of all the pain and confusion I endured. Having to start from the ground up really taught me a lot about myself and gave me the opportunity to gather my thoughts in solitude. On my journey to rebuilding I faced many obstacles and even struggled with feeling the need to settle; whether that was with women, jobs, where I was living, etc.

But I had to remind myself of my value and what I stood for. I had to realize that even when my funds were low and my situation wasn’t the best, I was still worthy of the best and I wouldn’t accept anything less-than until I was back in position. It was this mentality that gave me even more meaning. That reminder that I was Royal no matter my situation is what made me come up with my brand motto, “It’s stuck with you no matter where life takes you.”

Knowing the mindset of myself and the people around me I knew at that moment that this was a lifestyle more people around the world would be able to resonate with as well as something that could empower or reassure those going through a rough patch in life.

With my living situation coming together & Covid-19 hitting in 2020, I was able to sit down and start coming up with designs for the brand. I started the Royalty By Birth Clothing LLC & released my first two tees in August ‘20. Since then, I’ve released beanies, hoodies, a neutral-colored spring collection, and have strap backs soon to drop.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle-free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?
The road has been far from smooth. As stated before, there were times when I wanted to conform to an average life. There were times I was ready to just work my 9-5 and be okay with that pay. Since I live in Arizona with no blood relatives and felt like I had no support system there were times I wanted to just become a deadbeat father so I’d have more time to make sure I was stable.

I’ve considered getting roommates so I could save more money while taking care of my daughter & still being able to invest in my business… but my living standard for myself and the environment I wanted my daughter to be in wouldn’t let me. As a result, I just had to go harder and make my situation work. I struggle with working with professional individuals in the city.

In my opinion the print shops I’ve worked with so far lack customer service & attention to detail. I think too many care about a profit more than their craft so now it makes it hard for me to grow because I’m a little hesitant to work with many. I know there will always be struggles in some form & my struggles are still just beginning but anything worth pursuing will come with obstacles.

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
I’m a clothing designer. I come up with trendy styles/designs for clothing. I have an eye for what looks good on my target market as well as being able to decipher what materials, colors & print styles compliment one another in order to bring my vision to life.

On the side, I’m a music artist, cut hair, and do door dash. I also dabble in the modeling world from time to time! I’d say I’m most known for my fashion sense & my big heart. I’m probably most proud of my resilience, determination, and ability to bounce back.

What sets me apart from others is how diverse I am. I can walk in just about any room & blend in well. I really can’t be categorized or put in a box.

If you had to, what characteristic of yours would you give the most credit to?
Relentlessness, adaptability & patience. I feel relentlessness and patience are both needed in the same areas because it can get discouraging at times when you feel you aren’t getting anywhere or people aren’t gravitating to your work.

There will be times when business gets slow. That’s life, there’s highs and lows to everything. You have to know how to be patient enough to keep your composure through the slow times & resilient enough to get right back to the program when that time comes.

Also you have to know how to adapt to the times. Trends change, attention-span changes, weather, etc. If you don’t know how to move with these changes you will eventually be left in the wind.

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