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What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

All of us are where we are today partly because of our own efforts and partly because of the advice, guidance, influence and inspiration provided by others.  At Voyage we have the good fortune of connecting with so many of the city’s hidden gems – from entrepreneurs and creatives to athletes, researchers and more.  We asked them a simple, but important question: what is the best advice, personal or professional, that you’ve ever received?

Bushra Aryan- Women’s Empowerment/Life Coach

My dad always used to tell us life comes with many wins and many losses. You have to be able to handle both. Don’t get too high from the wins and don’t get too low from the losses. Have faith that you’ll land where you are supposed to be.

Jordan Graves Recording Artist/Songwriter

“To stay consistent” and “To always be present”

Stanley Roberts Special Projects Reporter Caught Misbehaving

With all the NO’s in the world you only need one YES. But it’s what you do with the yes is what really counts.

Joshua Oldridge – Professional Pet Photographer & Rescue Advocate

Finding something important and meaningful in your life is the most productive use of your time and energy.

Tania Arellano

For the question of the month the best advice ive recived was “ starting something new or making a big change requires effort, persistence and motivation..doubt , fear and worry will only slow you down focus on being the best and staying the best , to be the best you have to work for it ,once achieved you keep on working to stay on top. The reason behind this is because ive thought before things were going to get handed to me but my mindset changed as soon as i created my makeup page it taught me there are plenty of people better at editing and makeup i work hard on every look to be perfect to my liking and others dont put as much effort i practice everyday and i will keep practicing to be the very best in my heart and others and you should practice everyday and never let the little things get to you those are road blockers they dont want to see you succeed, stay practicing and keep practicing to be the best and to  stay the best.


Jewelle Lewis- Owner of Talk Fashions Beauty Bar and Boutique

Talk Fashion

The best advice I’ve received is: don’t let anyone discourage you from your dreams. Keep your head up and keep working at it.

Angie Morrissey – Financial Coach

I’ve received a lot of good advice lately! I think my favorites are “your biggest frustration is also your biggest opportunity for growth” and “being your authentic self may close some doors, but it will open the right ones”.

Jamie Cunningham – Baker of healthy treats, Wife to a great guy & Always a Mom of 2 boys!!

Is probably from my husband! He encourages me to keep moving forward! When I feel like I’m in over my head or feeling inadequate, he just hugs me and says, you can do this – just keep moving forward!

Coach Arnie | Coach and Mentor

Stop listening to negative people.  Listen to your gut and work hard.


Pascale Bushaw – Journalist

Skyar Hellie

The best advice I have received throughout my life is to not care what others think. By doing so, you can follow your own path without any inference. Growing up, my mother taught me a lot about self confidence, positivity, and being independent. Without her advice, I would not the fierce young woman I am today.

TheBeatBox “Teek”- Makeup Artist & Premium #iLash Provider

The Best Advice I’ve EVER received was to Never allow someone else to write your book for you!!! Be the author of your own book (LIFE).

Jeremy Barrett

The best advice I received is from a previous manager, when I felt one day that I was not capable of doing better then a person I worked with due to that person making me second guess myself. My manager said to me “Don’t light yourself on fire trying to brighten someone else existences” from that day on I learned that if I believe in myself then go for what I feel I deserve!

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