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The Folks Solving The Problems You Need Solved

One of the most important benefits of a thriving small business ecosystem is the myriad of problems and niche issues that can be addressed with dedication and creativity that is almost impossible if the marketplace was only comprise of giant, corporate behemoths.

Our problem solvers series aims to highlight those incredible entrepreneurs and creatives who are solving important problems using their creativity and ingenuity.


Problem: Every customer is different but each one deserves all the time, personalization, and dedication to make their experience one in a million! We all have different financial status and not one is better than the other. However I live by helping everyone and bringing a smile to everyone’s face with Clocos Sweetness! The problem at times with customers is affordability! I work with each customer on a personal level and make sure to provide affordability without taking a loss and still getting a profit!

Solution: My solution is working with each customer at a personal level. I provide a breakdown to the customer of prices and packages. I also provide a discount to all party packages. Most importantly I get to know my customer on a personal level and adjust prices to meet all our needs! The pros in this is making the customer happy! Providing a memorable experience for them and those who they share sweets with. Customers continue to come when they feel loved and welcomed! Cons may be lowering prices and taking a loss. The right choice goes for both. Not only does it benefit the customer because they dont miss out on having sweets at an affordible price, but I as the business owner secure the flow of loyal customers!

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  • Anyone willing to work with me or purchase any sweets on my instagram or website online.

Barbara Murphy-Shannon | BMS Business Coaching for Women

Problem: The problem my clients have is they are finding it difficult to connect with their ideal clients. They are confused about how they should sound in their marketing content. They haven’t discovered their brand voice. They either piggyback on someone else that is successful (which never works) or try different things making the brand sound confusing.

Solution: Branding with Archetypes. The root of communication is storytelling. This is where the science behind using archetypes comes in. It dates to extensive research done by Carl Jung in the early 1900s. Jung defines archetypes as universal symbolism that are unconsciously and innately understandable by humans. These universal themes or characters are surprisingly all around us. From literature to television, and even branding. Humans have basic desires such as wanting to feel powerful or yearn for freedom. Archetypes can relate to these desires, making your brand feel more relatable. Archetypes are used to connect on a deep and cognitive level. The main goal of effective branding is to connect to consumers by creating memorable and lasting impressions. Not only to capture their attention in just seconds but to keep them wanting to return to your brand. A powerful way to connect to consumers is through storytelling. Shape your brand by using storytelling to engage your audience, define your brand, and create that deep emotional connection with customers. Brand persons, such as archetypes, are the core behind storytelling, which will create a lasting and loyal relationship with your consumers. Proper storytelling through archetypes will make you stand out among your competitors. Pros: Take a 10-minute assessment to find out your Archetypes and all your branding content suddenly falls into place once you discover who you are. Cons: This is not for someone or a business that has a strong brand voice that is working and their ideal clients resonate with.

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Michelle Robertson | Magical Memories By Michelle, LLC

Image credit: Magical Memories by Michelle

Problem: Parents don’t want the standard senior pictures from the high school, they don’t want to be rushed, and don’t want to just have a USB when they’re finished.

Solution: I’m a professional portrait photographer and I’ve been specializing in high school seniors for more than 10 years. I offer everything from high quality shorter sessions to full blown sessions on location all over the valley. My Ultimate Senior Portrait Sessions are most popular and the kids choose many outfits, several locations, and we even shoot after dark to include the night scene. There is never a rush because there is nobody before or after you. And once the final images are edited and retouched, clients return to my office where we watch their beautiful senior video, sort through and select their favorite images, then help then design their favorite products. Of course, there are digital images as well, but my clients love my Signature Silk Wall Portraits, image boxes, metals, acrylics, and other designer artwork. My services fit well with parents who truly want to go all out for an amazing afternoon celebrating their teenager during this special event. They want gorgeous images including creative cap & gown pictures and they don’t want to be stressed trying to rush through everything.

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  • My website is and they can always call or text me at (480) 779-7797. Feel free to follow along on Instagram (mm.michelle.pix) and check my Google reviews too!

Ebony Green, M.S, CCC-SLP | CASA Speech and Development Services

Image credit: Erica May

Problem: At CASA we help individuals with developmental disabilities have a better quality of life. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, accessible services for all.

Solution: We work hard to provide quality speech therapy and occupational therapy services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We offer teletherapy, in home therapy, and therapy at our clinic.

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