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Some art is provocative, some is deep, some art is fun, some is pretty.  Some art is all of the above and some is none.  In our interviews with artists, one thing we’ve learned is that there is never a single statement or generalization that can be made about “art” or “artists.”  We’ve highlighted artwork from some of the artists we’ve had the honor of interviewing – we hope you’ll check out their work, follow the ones you connect with and perhaps support them through purchases and spreading the word about their work.

Hunter Wickersham

I love to paint faces. There is something about the human emotion that compels me to paint. Portraiture can convey a sense of reality within us all. The intention to depict the unique appearance of a particular person or their very soul into a canvas. I love the expressions of the eyes that I make that really captivate the viewer. I start with the eyes and really try to leave an impression on the audience. Mediums that I work in are colored pencil, oil, and digital painting. Read More >>

Ralph Brekan

First and foremost I am a fine artist first. I put the art first. Sure you have to eat, but you’ll be exploited if lack integrity as an artist. Save the most prominent names in cinema, very few film and television directors today make their primary conviction the art itself. By making revenues the primary focus, these filmmakers rob both the audience and their investors of their best work. My work shirks conventions, both in creation and delivery, meeting audience expectations for quality entertainment and achieving dividends. Read More >>


Alika Kumar

The art I have created cannot be characterized with a specific style or type, however, the common factor if any would be the use of brilliant and abundant color. Nothing too subtle to be found here, at least so far! Most of my paintings were drawn from photographs I have taken during my everyday life, or travels or an interpretation of a deeply researched topic of interest. I try to avoid traditional compositions and go for a more unique perspective. When travelling, I often take up to 300 photos a day as this provides a rich database of reference material and one never knows when one of them will be the next painting. I am often asked if I actually experience and enjoy my surroundings if my eyes are always behind the camera. I find this a funny question, because this is how I enjoy the experience, I would not do it any other way, because the photographs provide a permanent record of my experiences that I can view over and over again. Read More >>

Anjelina Pantoja

My art is a gateway to expand human consciousness. When people look at my art my purpose is for them to look at life from a spiritual level. There is more to life than what just meets the eye. I love using bright colors too because for me bright colors are very healing and bring a sense of “light” and “joy”. I love creating a variety of mini images to create and overall huge image. This is so people can look deeper into my paintings and always find something new. My favorite part about making a custom art piece for someone is that I can create “anything” they want and add my creativity to it. It amazes me that God blessed me with that ability to do so. The thing that I love most about my work is that my best pieces come to me after a deep meditation and that a new image appears when I turn the black light on because I created a hidden image within my paintings using glow in the dark paint. I also love how when I put a particular light on my paintings it will began to appear as if it’s moving! Read More >>

Gennaro Garcia

I was born in Sonora, Mexico. I was raised in a very creative atmosphere, it was all about food and art. I always wanted to be an artist. Growing up I spent a lot of time at my family’s restaurants. I opened my first small restaurant at the age of 23. Two years later, I opened my second one. At the age of 26, I decided to cross the border in hopes of opening a restaurant and to reunite with a girl in the USA. I was homeless for a couple of weeks and had no choice but to sleep in an alley. Shortly after I was hired to paint and decorate a restaurant for $2K. Three months later I became the general manager of that same restaurant. Read More >>

Jane Kelsey-Mapel

What really drives my art is a desire to communicate. I’m fascinated by the challenge of transforming an abstract idea into a concrete visual image. I create figures in clay and mixed media with the intention that they transcend the inanimate nature of their materials. I seek to create a psychological presence in each piece that elicits an emotional response. Read More >>

Kelly Stoddard

As I began posting more of my mixed media art, I started to get a lot of feedback from people I didn’t even know asking if I could decorate their photos and draw their portraits. I realized that I had a talent that could give people the whimsey and magic I love, so I pursued this as a business opportunity. I decided to open my talent up for anyone who wants their photos made magical and for those who want unique branding for their businesses, blogs, and social media. Read More >>

Grecia Villa

My work is based on old photographic images from my childhood that transform into paintings. I revisit my youth and celebratory memories by using these resources. Chromatic color schemes are applied with acrylic paint on large scaled canvases. My style is influenced by Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, and mechanical characteristics of the Pop Art movement such as stenciling, graphic black outlining, saturated hues, and flat backgrounds. My mission is to express playful positive artwork that depicts personal narratives about my life. A connection is formed through my content in hopes of making people smile, and reflect back on their own memories that brought them happiness. Read More >>

Kyllan Maney

I consider myself as a Creative Placemaking Artist. I feel this is an umbrella definition for all the different things I do. Creative placemaking is the act to gather people in spaces to help bring more attention and vitality to space and a community. I like the idea of Creative Placemaking because it puts the artist in the center of our society. Read More >>

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