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Trailblazers: Chandler

The editorial team has a special attachment to our new series, The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative, because so many of us feel that media portrayals of women have been too one dimensional. Today, women are doing incredible things in all fields – from science and technology to finance, law, business, athletics and more.  With the Trailblazers series, we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models, encourage more equal and just representation in the media, and help foster a more tight-knit community locally helping women find mentors, business partners, friends and more.

Below, you’ll find some incredible trailblazers from in and around Chandler that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Mellow Dawn Lund

I began working for my aunt, Martin McCrea, a master seamstress, who made vintage style wedding dresses. Within this environment, I was able to soak in and learn an enormous amount about sewing, patterns, and production. Not to mention some great humor and levity that would prove invaluable as life progressed. Eventually, I began to experiment with making bags and before long with leather craft. Read more>>

Julie Laux

As we started the 2016-2017 season, it became obvious that we needed to recruit more volunteers to help with keeping the laundry clean. By recruiting on social media, our volunteer base grew to 15-20 that helped keep the laundry current. During the 2016-2017 season, we cleaned over 4500 loads at a laundromat which is in addition to the laundry being done at the shelter. Read more>>

Stefanie Winzer

Watching behaviors and listen to their words, I often wondered about and questioned the intentions of others. This curiosity followed me through high school and into college. I majored in psychology with a dream of becoming the second coming of Oprah and Dr. Phil. As many of us discover, the four-year college structure wasn’t the best fit. Read more>>

C. Reneé Mangum

I’ve always been driven to work for myself, but life doesn’t always go as planned, right? I had my son at 18 years old and got married at 19 years old. I had to grow up fast. I moved to Arizona when my son was two years old and took on various jobs in corporate America. When my son was about four years old, I decided to step away from corporate America and became a stay at home wife and homeschool mom, which I did for a little over five years. Read more>>

Louise McEwen

Even though life had a few twists and turns in store for me, I graduated beauty school almost 17 years ago! As I was building my clientele and trying to find a good fit in a salon, I decided to go to college for business. I always wanted my own salon! The puzzle started to come together. I found a salon filled with wonderful stylists and the clients were flowing in. Read more>>

Holly Schaefer

I responded to an e-mail asking for help with a pack of feral dogs in the Ft. McDowell Casino parking lot. Within a year, we had rescued over 200 dogs from the area. In 2010, I founded AZ Happy Tails Animal Rescue, and along with the help of a group amazing fosters and volunteers, we have rescued over 1000 dogs to date! Read more>>

Nicole Falcon

I am able to be my own boss and create my own destiny. It has been a long road but I am so grateful for the journey and where I am today. I am thankful to be able to help people negotiate the best deal possible on their future home. I am blessed and so excited to see what the New Year will bring and can’t wait for the friends I will meet along the way that will turn into family. Read more>>

Kylie Borchers

I opened Moxie Salon in 2015 when my life was in the middle of a tornado. I experienced some of the highest and lowest moments that I have ever endured in the same year that I opened Moxie… it felt taboo but something was telling me that during this storm was the right time to start my business. Read more>>

Angelica Bermudez

When people told me real estate would be tough, I knew my love of running and all that it has taught me would help with facing any obstacles that might come my way. I welcome the growth that comes with challenges. Read more>>

JoAnn Crohn

With my friend, we decided to create a blog reviewing these activities and giving recommendations to parents. That was the start of No Guilt Mom (then under the name Whimsicle). Since then, my friend left and I took it over with more of a focus on parenting issues – in particular, child discipline and positive ways to handle behavior. Read more>>

Kieran Janene Noe

I was six years old when I watched a PBS special with my parents that was airing the original 1995 performance of “Riverdance” with Jean Butler and Michael Flatley as the leads. I was mesmerized by the dancing and intricate rhythm. No other form of dance had inspired me as much as Irish Dance did. I was in such awe of Irish Dancing that I even asked for a VHS copy of “Riverdance”, so I could learn all the steps. Needless to say, my interpretation of this form of dance was comical and probably very annoying for my parents since I insisted upon Irish Dancing wherever I went. Read more>>


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