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Thought-Provokers: Phoenix

Phoenix has always had an artistic soul. The culture and heritage of our city, like most great cities, owes a tremendous debt to the arts community. Supporting local art is something we care deeply about and we’d like to do everything we can to help the local arts community thrive. Unfortunately, too often media attention is monopolized by corporate interests and tabloid gossip – but culture doesn’t come from a focus on celebrity breakups it comes from a focus on the arts.

Below, you’ll find some incredible artists from in and around Phoenix that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Jacob Acosta

Somewhere along the life path I realized that my best talents were in music so I picked up the guitar at the end of high school and started performing as a singer-songwriter in 2003. While spending a year in New Jersey I wrote three full demo albums and threw all of them away. I knew I could write better. Read more>>

Megan Johnson

I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the arts at an early age. My dad is an artist and my mom have a degree in human development; so, I never felt pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do or didn’t feel 100% passionate about. The only rule was I had to stick with something till it was finished. Read more>>

Steve Rude

What success I’ve had in life is due to a pretty simple thing; the only word for it is obsession. An obsession not to be like everyone else. An obsession not to be a failure. It wasn’t an obsession to be great or be the best; it was an obsession not to be ordinary or average. Read more>>

Lawrence Franklin-Gariffo

I have always been creative. I started out just drawing and painting at a young age. When I was a teenager, I had started focusing more on doing digital work in class using photoshop. I remember that I saved up some money to buy my own copy of photoshop CS6. Read more>>

Andrew Orr

I’ve been interested in photography ever since I first started taking pictures with my parents’ old Nikon FM camera. This film camera sparked a hobby and interest that would end up lasting the past 15 years. After this much time, I’ve become interested in the many different facets of photography. Read more>>

Kari Cadenhead

Art helps me cope with my anxiety and depression- I even draw a little comic about it when I’m feeling down. I share obsessively to combat the fear of rejection, I don’t see any other way. Read more>>

Adria Matthew

I kept creating and mainly sewing during my formative years. I left for college (I was studying sociology and creative writing), and had another turning point in my second year. I needed to throw myself into learning more processes and informing my work. Read more>>

Christopher Frank

At a young age, Chris was intrigued with audio visual meddling with his father’s stereo equipment wiring. For his thirteenth birthday, Frank got a pair of Gemini Turntables and a mixer and began his DJ career. At age 15, he started a rap group with his friends called Simply Groovy. Read more>>

Kat Landingin

My mom has a saying, “learn from wisdom.” I could follow my heart, listen to God and create my own path. A path in which could also be big enough for more women feeling the restlessness of our community. I turned Mic #1 into a physical platform brewing feministic strength and unity via community events and the digital world. Read more>>

Carley Collins

I’ve had an interest in photography. My first DSLR camera was a Christmas gift from my dad during my early years in high-school. It started out as more of a hobby, but over the past 5 years, after moving from the Midwest out to Phoenix, it has become so much more than that. Read more>>

Rissa Vibes

My mission now is to build a global movement of love and light to spread across the world, specifically the music industry and mass media society so I may contribute to a rising collective of artists that can truly use their voice for uplifting humanity. Read more>>

Stacy Renee Eden

I began my search for purpose and found art. It wasn’t until a few years later when I randomly took a metalworking class at NAU that my life instantly changed forever. With no money, no investors and no partners I stared Clutch Jewelry about 4 years later, and Clutch Crowns a few y,ears after that. Read more>>

Matthew Cornelius

I worked up the courage to confront what was going on inside of me and I stepped out of college. I had no idea what I wanted or needed to do. To be honest, I was borderline depressed and felt borderline depressed and worthless. I just wasn’t happy, I know there HAD to be more. Read more>>

Jane Kelsey-Mapel

I find teaching very fulfilling and an extension of my creative practice. I have taught both full time and part time at universities and colleges in Texas and in the Phoenix area. I now balance my full time studio practice with teaching ceramic figure sculpture at the Mesa Arts Center and leading short term workshops. Read more>>

Mario Garcia

I’ve been through many phases, lived in many different places, but I always had a pretty good idea of who I am and what made me different from others. My purpose is constantly revealing itself, and my greatest source of joy is helping others find Their purpose. Read more>>

Diana Creighton

I’m an oil painter who uses figures and animals in a continuing narrative. I like to put images together to see what happens, to fill a space, to create a world of whimsy and danger. How I got here was circuitous and non-traditional, but if you want to make art, you find a way. Read more>>

Vincent Chung

Started out with a group exhibition and then in the year of 2017 I got my first solo at Chinatown Soup, New York City. This show opened a lot of doors for me where I met most of my collectors and am now pursuing art almost full time. Read more>>

Hank Keneally

Art is paramount in my life. When young my room was filled with Music and Modernist Paintings. Although I went to Europe as a Photographer, I exclusively visited Painting Museums! I’ve long dreamed of combining Art media: Read more>>

Nissa Kubly

Her thesis, Macchine di Luce, was an exploration of optics of the pinhole camera in functional metal fabrication. Kubly was awarded a residency at Anderson Ranch Art Center, Aspen, CO to work in both sculpture and photography studios, constructing cameras and experimenting in film. Read more>>

Scott Brems

While starting a family, I pursued a variety of careers including as a wildlife rehabilitator and a diesel mechanic, but the drive to create art persisted and I made the transition to art full time about a decade ago. Read more>>

Brian Gigerich

I started off at 13 years old, rapping in my room, lip syncing to my favorite artists, to writing my own lyrics. There was a website called “The Lyricists lounge”, where you would post battle raps against other members of the site. Read more>>

Jack DeBartolo 3

We are a highly capable, dedicated, and disciplined team of architects and designers eager to assist and serve our careful selection of clients. Our strategically controlled workload and studio size allows us to stay highly involved with the details of every project from start to completion. Read more>>

Elizabeth Cheche

By deconstructing what I thought mattered, from the imagery, I taught myself to paint. In my early twenties I was painting realism, but soon found, this genre wasn’t challenging enough for my imagination, I wanted my figures and settings to take on a version of my reality, a stylized one. Read more>>

Bernard Schober

I am a slam poet and shark diver/conservationist. I have been competing and touring in the national poetry slam circuit since 1998, and have represented the cities of Mesa, Phoenix, and Sedona at the National Poetry Slam ten times, making the group finals stage once, and the team semi-finals three times (with my highest rank was seventh in the Nation in 2013). Read more>>

Andrew Mark

I’m a professional tattoo artist with six years experience and a visual artist who you can always catch working hard at my crafts. I learned my crafts through continuous hours of extensive practice and felt that art became my sixth sense. My journey began many years ago as I tapped into the world of art as a kid and that is where I discovered my imagination. Read more>>

Foster Hilding

I’ve always loved music and the arts. I used to sing and make up stories all the time when I was younger. I started singing karaoke at a restaurant in my old town, and from there, I started singing more and going to talent shows. Eventually, my family and I found ACAA (my current school) and Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock. Those places became an enormously important outlet for me. I can really blossom in those places now because I can grow and accomplish the goals I’ve set for myself with the support of so many great people. Read more>>


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