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Tempe’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Tempe and surrounding areas below.

Emily Gilbreth

Not really sure why I started tie-dyeing. I think I started seeing stuff on Instagram. But I’m originally from Texas, I moved here to help start my professional golf career. Covid shut the national tour I was competing on down for most of 2020. Some injuries I was trying to rehab weren’t getting any better, so I made the decision earlier this year to step away and get a full-time job. Tie-dyeing has been with me through all of that. I enjoy learning about it, practicing and watching myself getting better. All the things I used to get out of working on my golf game. Read more>>

Lindsay Rothschild

I live in a small town in Southern Arizona where I enjoy fresh air and mountain views.  When people ask why I chose social work, I always say that you do not chose to be a social worker, but rather, the profession chooses you. Growing up, I had a propensity for seeing the beauty in others and an ability to cultivate empathy in the direst of circumstances, yet I lacked the capacity to truly love and accept myself. I grew up in Maryland in a chaotic home and experienced a myriad of toxic stressors and adversity as a young child. At 18 years old, seeking independence and new possibilities, I set off on an adventure to Arizona to attend college and to find my authentic voice. After countless failed attempts to mitigate my childhood pain through addiction and destructive behaviors, I hit a near fatal rock bottom in 2010 and opened my heart to a new path.  I began my journey towards recovery after a 15-year battle with addiction. This path has allowed me to embrace and celebrate all parts of myself and my story. Read more>>

Nour Alhamedany

I am originally from Iraq. My family and I immigrated to the US in 2003. I was 12 years old and did not speak English. I went to middle school, high school and learned English with two years. I graduated high school on time and went directly to Community college to pursue my studies in nursing. I got my associate in science and transferred all my credits to Chamberlain University. Three years later, I was a registered nurse with my bachelor’s degree. I got my first nursing degree March 2018. I worked and a MedSurg floor And went back and got my certificate in aesthetics. I had two jobs, one a floor nurse and my second one I worked in few med spas. That’s how I got my experience and with a lot of education, I was able to start mentoring new nurses. In March 2021, I decided to go on my own and open my own business. I gained new clients from all over Arizona who loved my work and trusted me. Now I can say most of my clients once they meet me, it’s a bond of trust. I always try to give the best of me and put clients first. Read more>>

Samantha Brammer

I became interested in photography at the end of middle school and then for my 15th birthday, I received my first DSLR camera from my parents and grandma. That next year I photographed my cousin’s wedding — although I hardly knew what I was doing, I knew this was a career I could see myself pursuing for the rest of my life. I joined my high school’s newspaper and yearbook staff and dove headfirst into dedicating my time to photos. Although I was still learning so much and didn’t know a lot on the technical side, I was really passionate about providing quality photos for our newspaper and yearbook. I wanted to have more students represented and I also wanted to advocate for journalism in high school. I photographed a few more weddings and some senior portraits over those next few years. Read more>>

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