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Tempe’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Tempe and surrounding areas below.

Amy Juneau

I started consulting unofficially (no business cards, no website) as a personal stylist while working at a 40+hr a week office marketing job. This was in 2005, and I was asked to style a commercial shoot for a colleague at the final hour, (to fill in for stylist who called in sick). Read more>>

Heidi McHardy

I actually was contemplating a career change shortly after I started doing acupuncture. I was constantly hearing from people “it is helping a lot but I just can’t afford it.” I was struggling to find a way to cover my business expenses while still providing prices that allowed people to come in as often is needed for optimal benefits. Read more>>

Dr. Kristine Quade

I met the founder of ATHENA International, Martha Mertz about 4 yrs ago. Hearing her story of how she started her service on a Chamber Board of Directors as the first women 35 yrs ago and became aware that there needed to be more recognition of the contributions of women in business. Read more>>

Grant Andrews

Grant was born and raised in Birmingham, England. Upon finishing school at the age 16, Grant attended a trade school, Wimpey Training Center. There he was taught traditional skills of woodworking. In 1998, Grant immigrated to the US. Read more>>

Tammy Tran

Currently, I am a Sophomore at Arizona State University. As a first generation student attending a huge college, it was important for me to push beyond the “limitations” that discourage many other students from seeking higher education. I found myself at one of the greatest Business Schools in the nation, studying Finance and Data Analytics at W. P. Carey. Read more>>

Carol Hageman

Wildlife always fascinated me. I grew up playing outdoors and doing chores on the family farm in Vincennes, Indiana, an area rich in flora and fauna. Also as an adult in Henderson, Kentucky, I became interested in birds, for it was home to John James Audubon in his young career. Read more>>

Mickey Meulenbeek

What began as a community flea market 8 years ago in the dusty cowboy town of Cave Creek AZ has morphed into an outdoor old school antique, vintage and handmade flea market now in the lot of historic Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe AZ. Over the years Thieves Market has become a local staple for loads of sellers, from pickers and junkers, creative types and inventors to local folk looking to unload Aunt Mildred’s house full of antiques and collectables. Read more>>

Cathy Wright

I held roles as economist, technical support representative, account manager, and sales executive before I made my move about 20 years ago into Product Management. I learned about how to be a product manager when I was part of Lotus Development Corporation (does anyone remember Lotus 1-2-3?), but I was motivated to being a great product manager because of my years working with customers. Read more>>

John Garberson

Story pretty much starts back in high school with my first concert I ever went to which is David Lee Roth, this tour at the time had the most lighting for a tour, so during the concert I was in awe of the production and really not the band, As I went to more and more concerts I kept looking at the gear and thinking how cool it would be to do thing like that. Read more>>

Jacqueline Destremps

I started my journey as a business owner when I was 18, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I founded Another Hand Advantage. My main purpose behind starting Another Hand Advantage was to help small businesses and nonprofits with their website needs. Read more>>

Joshua Farley

My father was an electrician and I went to work with him one summer and never looked back! I was a natural. I started to make more money than my friends and was stuck. I did leave the company he worked for and found my own way. I worked for a number of outfits until I thought it was time to start my own business. Read more>>

Jarrett Dahlberg

Phoenix Hot Tubs and Swim Spas is the culmination of years of experience in the pool and spa industry. We have a 12k square foot showroom and display more swim spas and hot tubs than anyone in the valley. Our partnership with Master Spas and the Michael Phelps lineup of products is paramount to our success. Read more>>

Christina MCarty

The owner of Massage Therapy Fusion, Christina has been licensed, insured, providing travel service and practicing Massage Therapy since 2007. Through much passion and persistence, she has grown her personal practice to full capacity making it difficult for new clients to schedule with her and within a timely fashion. Read more>>

Angela Johnson

Angela is an award winning, eco-friendly clothing designer and champion for the Arizona fashion industry. She is best known for creating tailored ball gowns and other keepsake garments from “thrifted” and recycled T-shirts under Angela Johnson Design and for being the co-founder of AZ’s fashion incubator F.A.B.R.IC. Read more>>

Harlan Sparer

I got my first stethoscope in 3rd grade from my pediatrician. I later disappointed him when I decided to be a Chiropractor. I decided on this career in the career development office in SUNY at Stony Brook. I was reading a book of professions and loved the idea of laying on my hands and healing people. Read more>>

Ryan Wells

As a kid from Phoenix in the 80’s, I was definitely caught-up in the ‘Ninja Craze;’ but my interests started even before that. I have really been interested in Japanese culture and martial arts all my life. In elementary school, while other kids were mostly interested in playing video games, I would walk to the library by myself (which we could do in those days) and consumed any material I could find about east Asia. Read more>>

Emmanuel Onate

Campus Cleaners started in 2016 at Arizona State University, as a company for the students, by the students. Our vision was to provide a service that gave back some of that valuable time nobody ever has enough of in college. We chose to focus on home cleaning, on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning simply because just like most everyone else, we dreaded all three. Read more>>

Timmie Barc

I have always had a passion for Chiropractic, coming from a family where my dad is a Chiropractor. I was able to get routine adjustments and see my siblings and family be mindful of their health. As I started working in the Valley I really found my passion in providing care for mothers and their kiddos – something that I feel is lacking in the Valley. Read more>>

Spencer Golish

It’s a pretty funny story actually. The place on Mill that I was hosting karaoke at closed without telling me. So I showed up for work and the doors were locked. I walked up and down Mill looking for a karaoke night possibility. Read more>>

Patricia Poto-Eastwood

My interest in flowers and horticulture first began to bloom back in high school, when I signed on to work alongside Phil Rulloda, who now operates the Southern California School of Floral Design. At the time, he headed up some of Arizona’s premier floral shops, and I began working under his wing as he attended trade shows and association events, ultimately earning a “Designer of the Year” nod for his efforts. Read more>>

Melissa Balkon

I’m originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In 2004, I moved out to Arizona with a couple friends. At that time, I only had a couple years of experience, so I didn’t really have much in the way of job leads when I arrived. Read more>>

David Goodison and Dan Coker

In 1997, my business partner and I got together and realized there was a need in the auto industry for a diligent, professional sales and prospect follow up system. Dan handled the programming and I handled sales and marketing. In the basement of my house I developed the first training/marketing manual and had to put it together by hand. Read more>>

Emani Landry, Wes Raoofi, and Rasheed Mitchell

Wes and I (Emani) are the founders of Mividz. After having some short lived success with a TV show on ABC 15 called Destination TV, someone we partnered with decided to go a different direction and we then decided to come up with our own TV show. We wanted something that represented more of ourselves. Read more>>

Kate Engard

Medical School or Bust… I graduated just in time for the recession of 2008 which definitely was a “bust.” Med school wasn’t looking like an option anymore, so I turned to the next best thing I knew and loved – human performance. As a scholarship collegiate athlete, I knew first-hand how influential and life-changing physical activity can be. Read more>>

Casey Erickson and Josie Harding

Josie and Casey were both graduate students in Mesa and were covering random events when they realized there was a lack of follow up care and appropriate medical coverage for sporting events throughout the valley. Since August 2017 when the LLC was officially formed, AT Direct has more than 10 customers and has provided care for over 200,000 athletes. Read more>>

Kevin Keegan

I became interested in the subject of astrology when I was a teenager. One of my friends had a copy of ‘The Birthday Book”. I remember paging through the hardcover and being fascinated by the accuracy of the descriptions in the book. I got into the study of Kriya Yoga throughout the Self Realization Fellowship. Read more>>

Karen Nowicki

In everything I’ve ever done professionally, I’m always about helping others. From my early days in the Kyrene School District as a Third Grade Teacher and Assistant Principal; to my work as an Integrative Coach Professional in private practice for the past 10 years; to now, owning & operating Phoenix Business RadioX ®, the greatest gift I have to offer is to be still and listen. Read more>>

Todd Batt

My story in the golf business world started at Shalimar Golf Course when I was about 10 year’s old. My Dad was a great player and I took to golf as a kid. I worked at the course for mostly the free and practice balls. While at Shalimar I made friends for life. Read more>>

Sabeur Rouin

Born and raised in a family that loves the kitchen, Sabeur Rouin decided that hummus and dips didn’t need to be very salty to taste good. He decided to create a variety of dips that are healthy and tasty using natural non-GMO and organic ingredients of which about 90% of are locally made to keep the products fresh. Read more>>

Dallas Shewmaker

LowerGear Outdoors started as an online rental company in 2002 shipping camping and backpacking gear nationwide. LowerGear eventually moved into local retail with a shop specializing in backpacking gear and added Hobie kayaks shortly afterwards. Read more>>

Dr. Sarah Stone-Maymon, Dr. Scott Maymon

Dr. Scott Maymon and Dr. Sarah Stone-Maymon have always enjoyed helping others and have been involved in health and fitness most all their lives. Dr. Maymon is originally from Indiana and Dr. Stone-Maymon is from Florida. Read more>>

Corey Deasy

Over the last few years, I have been focused on new, innovative forms of entertainment in the Pittsburgh area. I opened the first escape room in Pittsburgh in 2014, followed by the first axe throwing venue in September of 2017. Read more>>

Jim Johnson

We opened the Tempe studio 7 years ago to fill a need for an affordable space. We have space for 10 members to use the studio. We have 24/7 access for the photographers that work nights. When the studio is available we allow nonmembers to use the space in 3 hour blocks. Read more>>

Mike Jones

What do you do when you and two friends have a simple desire to do creative work together (like writing and graphic design) and get paid for it? Start a brand agency, of course! That’s exactly what I did in 2009 with my two business partners, David and Jeff. Read more>>

Amy Lamp

Art and design have always inspired me. In 2014, during a sabbatical from my graphic design career, I discovered a way to blend my lifelong love of animals with art and design. With Oxford Dogma I help pet parents express their love for their dogs through custom pet portraits and handcrafted accessories. Read more>>

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