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Tempe 12.20.2017

Ryan Sieker

When I was very young I would shovel snow from driveways in the winter, mow lawns in the summer, and rake leaves in the fall. I sold candy after lunch in Junior High, and in High School, I worked several job, one of which was IT support for local small businesses. Read more>>

Andre Abreu

June of 2015 was when Kingdom was started. It was started by me, at the time, a 20 year old college student looking to “create something” during his summer holiday. My professional goals have always been related to creating new things, that’s why I enrolled college (ASU) as an Industrial Designer to be. Read more>>

Joe Ritz

My brother Pat and I are native Arizonans having grown up in downtown Phoenix. Our older brother introduced us to the world of cars. After working with our brother for many years we decided to open our own facility still focusing on European, Sports, Exotics and Classic Muscle cars. Read more>>

Machelle Glassburn

We started our business in May of 2013. My friend and now business partner had taken me to Santa Barbra CA for my birthday. We were both into energy healing and we found a salt store with these wonderful Himalayan salt caves you could sit in. Read more>>

Dave Nash

Was initially an investor in the clinic. I was a commercial real estate agent and I was looking for a client who was a friend who was starting the clinic in the Phoenix area. While looking for a home for the business the founder realized the cost for opening the clinic was substantial and wondered if I would like to buy in as a partner. Read more>>

Barbara Blalock

In 2004, I was visiting a 2nd grade classroom. The teacher asked her students to get out a piece of paper and pencil. I watched as a little 7 year old student named Sandy walked up to the teacher and gave her a shoe. The teacher quickly gave Sandy a pencil. Read more>>

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