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Tempe 12.14.2017

Alexis Borja

I danced for a team that allowed me to practice costume design. I experimented with sewing and theatrical makeup while go-go dancing for various events, including large-scale festivals! I eventually grew bigger and started my own gogo dancing team! Read more>>

Chris Cardinal

My partner Bob Eagan and I started our custom software company 14 years ago, after meeting at ASU. We had both worked as software freelancers already by that time and realized we’d do well to join forces, so we formally started a software development company together. Read more>>

Stormy Nesbit

Since I was young I was always into art. As I progressed through life I always found myself back to my first love, art. I went to college to get my Bachelors in Kinesiology but quickly found myself studying art and completed my degree with a Bachelor of Fine art with an emphasis in Graphic Design, I am currently studying Visual Communication Design at ASU and have one more semester until I finish my Masters. Read more>>

Ken and Linda Chan

Our story began with a question. We were approached by the parents of some of our FutureKiddie* graduates asking us, “Do you sell or have any recommendations for a durable computer my child can use at school?” At the time, since we already had and were utilizing a great resource for repurposed computers, we thought “Why not?”. Read more>>

Matthew Peltz

From a very young age, I was very interested in looking like the comic book heroes that I idolized as a child. I tried to teach myself how to lift when I was 9 years old. I was using my dad’s old 1960 Weider plates and a rickety old bench in the basement. Read more>>

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