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Tempe 11.9.2017

Lance Muzslay

Sole Sports started in 2007. I had previously co-owned another running store for 5 years but the relationship with my previous business partner went bad. I then connected with Karen Seymour in a new partnership and Sole Sports was born. Read more>>

Brandon Cook and Kelly Sarratt

I decided to create a business that would allow me, and the passionate people surrounding me, to create remarkable things. All day. Every day. Great design work is an exercise in making the complicated simple. I’ve always enjoyed problem solving and have always had an affinity for the visual communications industry. Design is a great blend of both. Read more>>

Mark, Courtney, and Anthony Newell

Life Startup Essentials LLC is a family owned business located in Tempe, AZ. Prior to founding the company, Courtney, Mark, and Anthony Newell spent a combined 35+ years working in the housing industry and serving homeless and disabled individuals. As former social service professionals, we oftentimes would find housing program recipients sleeping on the floors of their newly obtained apartments. Read more>>

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