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Tempe 11.17.2017

Nidelka Mayers

It all started when I was about 6-yrs old and my grandmother took me to a seamstress to have an Easter Sunday dress made. when the dress was ready and I brought it home I decided to make the same outfit for my doll with the scraps of fabric. It turned out pretty good for my first one and I continued to dress my dolls, By the age of 12 I attended couple sewing lessons and was able to make my own clothes. Read more>>

Amanda Mendoza and Selvin Cardona

From fountain machines at Circle K to ice machines at Chili’s, our technicians help keep our customers up and running. With all of Phoenix’s growth in grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores, a shortage of qualified service companies became apparent. Kore Refrigeration looked to help fill that void. Amanda Mendoza and Selvin Cardona were two locals that were willing to take a shot on a young company in a new location. Read more>>

Reed Chappell

I started drawing when I was 3 because of my father’s encouragement. My father, Ellis, was a commercial illustrator at the time and would do drawings of superheroes but leave them half finished and tell me to draw the rest of the drawings myself. This got me hooked. I diligently continued drawing any spare second I had until getting a scholarship to go to the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in the early 90s. Read more>>

Brian Tate

I began playing poker online in high-school around the age of 17. A couple years into college, I decided to focus on playing professional poker full time. This brought me from Michigan to AZ, and eventually LA, where I regularly played in the biggest mixed cash games in the world. After 12 years of poker, I decided to move into business with Oats Overnight. Read more>>

Shalis Stinson

Dr. Pacheco and I were working together at a medical center in the spring of 2013 while I was working on my doctoral study regarding weight loss, depression, and biometrics, He and I decided to apply the preliminary study results and make a weight loss competition out of it to engage all staff into making positive health changes and in effort to improve their well being. Read more>>

Melissa Howard

Hi! I’m Melissa Howard. My ‘story’ starts in Billings, Montana. My 1st real job was with a Montana artist named Don Eggen when I was about 15 years old. He owned Eggen Signs. He taught me how to use the signmaker 4 program when it still had the x and y moves to space out lettering. We hand cut the vinyl for the great big pepsi – cola trucks back then. Read more>>

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