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Tempe 01.04.2018

Anthony DiNatale, Tannah Pincombe

Static Motorsports launched in November of 2015, offering after market auto parts sales & installation and vinyl wrap services. Building an awesome brand that also delivers has been our number 1 priority from the beginning. Read more>>

Tanner Allen

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved being active. My mother used to lock my brothers and me outside, even in the summer. She used to make us drink water out of the hose and “play” outside because she didn’t want us to be those children who played video games all day long. Read more>>

Danny Dreyer

Dixxon was Founded in Southern California, as a garage brand catering mostly to the motorcycle industry. I was Tired of Expensive Flannels that shrunk in the wash, only to come out wrinkled and un-wearable and generally messy in appearance after the first time wearing. Read more>>

Chris Wood , Joe Cunningham

Chris: As many great adventures, Sunny Energy really got its start as an idea over drinks. One of the current partners and myself were at a Christmas party about 10 years ago and thought that solar showed great promise and wondered why we were not seeing more solar electric systems in the Valley of the Sun. Read more>>

Leo Petruzzella

I started in the automotive industry while still in high school. I worked at Sears Automotive installing batteries and tires. After a year of college I decided I wanted to further my career in the automotive industry and was extremely fortunate to work for a high line automotive dealership in Scottsdale. Read more>>

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