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Surprise 01.04.2018

Benjamin Smith, Marina Portillo

Fine Fittings is a family company which started with Benjamin Smith and his 1st wife, Ilana Smith, and Ilana’s mother Pamela Brown. Its humble beginnings started as an effort to provide breast prosthetics to patients at the Mayo Clinic Breast cancer center who were not a candidate for breast reconstruction. Read more>>

Avina Pham, Kevin Nguyen

Hello. My name is Avina and my family and I have been in the restaurant industry in the Valley of the Sun since 1990. My parents started Avina’s Vietnamese Cuisine in 1990, located on 43d Ave & Bell Rd, and they specialized in southern Vietnamese cuisine. We operated Avina’s Vietnamese Cuisine from 1990-2006, when we sold the store. Read more>>

Alfredo and Angel Barajas

Alfredo started to work at the age of 10 in Michoacan, Mexico, where he and his 7 younger brothers and sisters were born. Driven by his love of soccer and his dream to rebuild his family’s home, he decided to leave behind his birthplace to go into the unknown, aware that it would be the only way to better his life and that of his loved ones. Read more>>

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