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Scottsdale 12.20.2017

Samuel Colby

I’ve been a professional fitness trainer for over 20 years (can’t believe it’s been that long already). During my career I’ve tried every kind of training modality out there. My journey began in 2007 when I was running late for a 6:30am fitness boot camp class I taught in Glendale, AZ. Read more>>

Gia Ciliento

After working in corporate America for a few years I decided that if I was going to take a leap of faith, I better do it now. I have always been a creative person, but turning it into a thriving business was something I could have never expected. Read more>>

Jeremy Scott

Played sports my entire life all the way through college (basketball) graduating Cum Laude. It wasn’t until the end of my final year of college I started to have some health issues, that is what scared me straight you could say. It was then I started to take my health, nutriton and lifestyle much more serious. Read more>>

Marek Kulesza

I have always been outdoorsy and active. Playing soccer, skiing, scuba diving, hiking, camping, I enjoy it all. Fifteen years ago, a friend introduced me to mountain biking, and I was hooked. After a while I joined a cycling club in Southern Wisconsin, called Treadhead Cycling. That led to racing. Read more>>

Jeremy McVicars

We started with the base of creating a company that excels in three areas: Design, Build, a Maintain. Passion for great design leads to amazing projects to construct. Then you need to maintain these gardens correctly to get the amazing benefits of the wonderful design and craftsmanship. Read more>>

Alexandr Li

I bought this business 4 years ago. I khew nothing about laundromat business but I liked store and location. I have never owned a business before but atfer in-depth analisys and market research, I decided to try it. I used to work as a business development manager in IT industry, it helps me a lot. Read more>>

Logan Mauldin

My mother founded a jewelry company based in South Carolina when I was young girl. I accompanied her on many buying trips to Mexico where she taught me the beauty of the Mexican culture and people and the art of jewelry design. Read more>>

John Dunatov

After self career in construction for over 33 years and working on over 100 hotels (renovated or built from ground up) and resorts in US and Internationally and building thousands of homes in Hawaii as well as Phoenix greater area, John decided to reinvent himself at the recommendation of Dr. Peter Thomas who John built Scottsdale Four Seasons resort for and renovated many more hotels for. Read more>>

Bob Stahl

I first discovered my gift when another psychic told me that I was supposed to be giving messages. I did not believe her. However, after a second psychic told me the same thing about six months later, I decided to look into it. My first step was taking a class on becoming more intuitive via angel card readings. Read more>>

Aeimee Diaz

Ms. Diaz’s background comes from a solid foundation from her parents both being healers, she being a fourth generation healer. Her mother was a medical homeopathic doctor, specializing in iridology (study of the iris/eye), herbs, food therapy, hydrotherapy (water therapy), massage, and other indigenous (folk) treatments. Read more>>

Sierra Blair-Coyle

I tried climbing for the first time at Desert Ridge mall where they had a small climbing wall. I immediately fell in love with climbing and would beg my parents to take me back everyday! After falling in love with climbing I told my parents that I wanted to become a professional rock climber. Read more>>

Mary Hadsall

My first visit to Camelot in 2002 was to tour the facility and meet with the program’s founder, Eileen Szychowski. I had been teaching therapeutic horseback riding lessons at a program in Utah and had just moved to Scottsdale with my own dreams of opening a riding program. Read more>>

Louisa Alten

What I love about life and all the interruptions in-between. Life as in mine started the second I found my passion. We hear about finding our passions all the time. We also hear about authenticity. We also want all of our desire to be passionate and authentic. Read more>>

Erin Dombey

I have been with Govig & Associates fro 2 years. Prior to joining Govig, I worked for Enterprise Holdings in Colorado and British Columbia, Canada. I began my career with Enterprise out of college and am very thankful for all that i learned while I was with that Fortune 500 company. Read more>>

Annie Vedeler

My journey into this field began over 25 years ago and like most people who come to my office for acupuncture, I was seeking relief from pain and willing to try ANYTHING! The therapies I had tried up to that point had not been successful. Read more>>

Giovanni Scorzo

As I open the doors of my new venture, Andreoli Italian Grocer, I extend my appreciation to all who have contributed to its existence. I thank my wife, Linda Scorzo, for her constant encouragement to realize this old project. I thank my mother, Adele Andreoli, who was the custodian of many of my grandmother’s recipes. Read more>>

John Roope

WIDSIX started as my side hustle. I was a nerd by day (working on servers, storage, network admin) and ran WIDSIX mornings, nights, weekends (and during the day… don’t tell anyone). After 9 years of being a thriving side business, I decided to leave the nerdery behind and focus on WIDSIX full-time. Read more>>

Linda Searles

In the early 1990s, the foundation was built for what would become one of the leading wildlife sanctuaries and rehab facilities in the southwestern United States. The story begins with Linda Searles – one woman with a passion for all living things and a life-changing encounter with an orphaned coyote pup named “Don.” Read more>>

Robin Terranella, Christy Cline

Dr. Cline and Dr. Terranella were both drawn to holistic and integrative medicine from a shared interest. They both launched their passion for this medicine with their training in naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University. This is where they met beginning their personal and professional relationship. Read more>>

Paul Binsfeld

In the mid 1990’s, I consulted with Arizona employers helping them to implement workplace safety and cost management techniques. In providing these services, I recognized an opportunity to improve service to injured employees by adding a nurse triage service to help injured employees at the time of injury. Read more>>

Sabina Krasnov

I have been an optician since 1993 .in the years of my experience i worked at 2 places. One a box store and the other a private practice for a doctor who really appreciated my talent as he stated this was all in NYC , i moved to AZ 5 years ago and realized that it’s time to open my own Optical, i went to many interviews but not one job in the valley was a perfect fit for me . Read more>>

Donna Hill

I am originally from the Philadelphia area & I moved to Arizona the end of 2001. I am a licensed nail tech and began working in a day spa here in Old Town doing nails, It was there that I was introduced to this new thing called airbrush tanning. Read more>>

Bo Patrick

Rooting from a family who has spent 32 years in the business, I started acting as an intern for my fathers auction firm at 5 years of age. Starting my own professional career at 19, now 31. I’ve always had a passion for passing on the finer items that we live with on a daily basis. Brokering and auctioning off fine antiques, art, jewelry, coins and so on allows me to keep me passion going. Read more>>

Eytan Sebag

I used to own kiosks in a mall and would constantly receiving incoming shipments from my supplier. Every so often there were late deliveries and I figured it couldn’t hurt to call up Fedex and try to get my money back. Well, it worked the first time, second, third, and so on… Read more>>

Shaun Robertson

I have been in the Metal Fabrication Business since 1998. I gained my knowledge and expertise while working for my family owned company Custom Metal Company for over 10 years. Since Custom Metal Cutting was acquired, I have expanded on my knowledge and experience by opening my own company, Kent Metal Fabrications. Read more>>

Laura Myers

I was raising small children back in 2000 and my friend had his children on the same baseball team as mine. At the time, he was looking for “help.” and I was looking for work. He invited me to “interview” . I showed up in my suit, my resume and he simply said ” I just need help can you start now” . Read more>>

Kevin Kramer

US Cryotherapy is privately owned and operated by the Kramer Family. The business idea was brought by Linzie Kramer to his three sons (Kevin – CEO, Rob CFO, and Todd – Director of Operations) in 2010 after experiencing a treatment center in Europe. The Family began the business as an importer of German manufactured equipment by opening the first US retail center in April, 2011 in Roseville CA. Read more>>

Al Levi

I was in my family plumbing, heating and cooling business in New York City. I along with my brothers were the 3rd generation and today my older brother still operates our company on Long Island, NY with his son, the 4th generation, and his son-in-law. Read more>>

Ben Holland

It all started back in 2005 when I started interning in the reptile lab at Arizona State University. There we would catch scorpions in the alleys of Tempe to support the lab. The month after I graduated I started Scorpion Sweepers, using our methods to help families prevent scorpions on their properties. Read more>>

Chris Sweeney

I started SCUBA diving in 2002 because my wife (and business partner) Nichole wanted to learn to dive so she could dive with sharks. I did some research and found out it was a “buddy sport” and so I signed up with her to be a good husband. I never imagined then that our life would be changed forever by a two weekend class. Read more>>

Kirk Nicodemus, Monica Nicodemus

We started our company with one golf cart over 4 years ago.. We saw other golf carts in the Scottsdale area and thought to ourselves we could offer something the other carts did not offer….Extraordinary Customer service in clean commercially insured golf carts… Read more>>

Sean Dowdell

Sean Dowdell was born in 1973 to a lower middle class family in Phoenix, Az. At the age of 18 he entered into the music industry as a drummer and worked his way up eventually signing 3 record deals. The singer Chester Bennington, eventually became part of one of the biggest rock bands of all time, Linkin Park. Read more>>

Megan Hall

Back in 2010, I had just given birth to my son and was trying to find my way back into the workplace, when a friend who I had worked with before sent me a message asking if I wanted to share her work space since her current person was moving on. The rent was a once in a lifetime opportunity and so I said Yes! Read more>>

Ronald Peters MD, MPH

Like all doctors in our society, Dr. Peters was trained in the “medical model,” which means that “the physician is responsible for making a diagnosis and finding the right medication to treat the disease.”However, after three years of traditional family practice, Dr. Peters realized the limitations of this approach. For common chronic disease, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, digestive problems, fatigue and many more, the “model” did not work. Read more>>

Troy Smith

Currently I am General Manager of Opticard. I started as a help desk analyst in 2003 and over the years I worked in multiple departments including tech support, quality assurance, account management, and sales. When I started at Opticard we serviced 34 merchants and today we service over 30,000 merchants. Read more>>

Dyane Janney, Phyllis Barbee

This relationship began as a teacher/ student art class, experience, and developed into a passionate small business. We two artists create of one of a kind, Forever Memory Boxes, for any occasion. Special treasures are often passed down to us loosely, one at a time. Read more>>

Tori Levitt

Doolittle’s Doghouse started in 2008 as a part-time “hobby” in my home. Despite my years as a seasoned mortgage banker, the real estate crash gave me cause to paws (intentional pun). Doolittle’s Doghouse started in 2008 as a part-time “hobby” in my home. Despite my years as a seasoned mortgage banker, the real estate crash gave me cause to paws (intentional pun). Read more>>

Dana Dumas

I started as a home based baker at the end of 2011, licensed through the Arizona Cottage Law. I sold my Gourmet SugarJam Cookie Sandwiches at the Phoenix Public Market, at the beginning of December 2011. Within about 3 or 4 months I was in several Farmer’s Markets throughout the valley, I also participated in First Friday, Craft Shows and other events around the valley. Read more>>

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