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Rising Stars: Meet Kaia Ra

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kaia Ra.

Hi Kaia, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
Like most entrepreneurs, I got to where I am today, one self-loving step at a time. My professional journey began when I graduated with honors from Emerson College with a major in design, animation, and branding. After graduation, I landed contracts and positions with top ad agencies and brands that I thought would inspire me, yet I always felt an inner call to serve a higher purpose.

Although immersed in a high-performance corporate career path, I began to study energy healing, metaphysics, and the science of yoga in my free time, I made the most of my income by investing in my interests outside of corporate to explore alternative paths of service and professional training that brought me into greater alignment with my soul’s calling.

What I wasn’t sharing with my colleagues was that I was born psychic, with the ability to see the spirit world and to receive healing messages for others that could change their lives. Both at work and in my personal life, I kept this information private because I did not want to be judged or used for these gifts. It was enough to manage my inner reality and what I could see, without including the complication of others in the mix.

Also, unlike the world at this time, in which many more people are open-minded, the world then was not accepting of intuitive and psychic individuals. People like me were considered an anomaly and even something to fear. After several years of intense training in both yoga and the healing arts, I began to open up and share my gifts with others in a part-time job outside of my corporate career.

I choose a conservative and quiet approach to my next step by renting a practitioner’s office space for Saturdays only in my local yoga studio. All week long I would be in design and business meetings working on ad campaigns and on the weekend I would help my new clients open their hearts.

Professionally, it was such a wide spectrum to navigate, yet I loved the safety of exploring this soul calling with the familiarity and security of my corporate job. Within several months, my part-time Saturdays turned into evenings throughout the week as well. Word spread fast and the most unexpected clients found their way to my office. Lawyers, doctors, nurses, and business owners, all wanted to touch the divine and heal their hearts.

The intuitive message and psychic healing that my clients experienced were so transformational that my part-time job began to significantly compete with the compensation of my corporate job. Within a short amount of time, I discovered that my inner soul call was correct, the calling wasn’t going away, and it was actually leading me to a new life if I was courageous enough to follow that calling.

It was at this time that I received the psychic message to move to San Francisco from Boston. Nothing could have prepared me for the culture shock that I experienced in that move. The fluidity and relaxed, intuitive spirit of the west coast was completely foreign to my east coast work ethic and frenetic lifestyle. The success I experienced as an entrepreneur seemed elusive in my location. It was an exciting, confusing, and wildly creative time in my life for self-discovery.

As San Francisco had its way with me, opening my heart back up to suppressed creative talents and a deep need for inner freedom, I also began an intense healing journey to face the trauma of my childhood. I actually returned to corporate full-time and let my part-time healing practice go for several years. Letting this go was an important next step because it created the space in my life to identify a new chapter with a conscious spiritual community that I was supposed to immerse myself within. This community was made up of many circles of community connected to the vegan raw food movement, electronic music, burning man, visionary art, and conscious event production.

The electronic music and festival scene was unparalleled in San Francisco, it blasted my east coast inhibitions and unleashed a creative fire within me. I began offering my talents for channeling and psychic healing in a more public way to large audiences without charging for it at festivals, clubs, and underground music events that were focused on raising spiritual consciousness. Over time I became close with a small group of friends and we began to produce our own events in northern California that allowed for me to create channeled community ceremonies that were site specific to each event.

Being curious and following the uncharted path of my heart led me to discover that I could shift collective consciousness the same way I could help individuals transform their lives in private sessions. Choosing to be curious, willing, exploratory, and inventive opened up an inner world of potential and unknown gifts that I would start to configure into a truly unique professional ministry.

After several years of creating channeled ceremonies across California, my life took another major turn when I was intuitively guided to move to Mount Shasta, CA for a winter writing sabbatical. It was on this famously mystic mountain that my reality was split open in a life-changing event when a collective of enlightened beings that I call “Ascended Masters” appeared to me. Ascended Masters are spiritual guides that have accomplished legacies of divine service in their earthly lifetimes and go on to guide humanity with their wisdom from the highest realms of the universe.

This collective asked for me to use my psychic gifts to channel and write down their direct teachings in a book that they wanted to give as their love letter to humanity. Although extremely taken aback by their request, I promised that I would write their book and dedicate myself to embodying their teachings.

It took me seven years to complete their project, which became the introductory volume titled The Sophia Code, which is also a forthcoming book series. I poured my life force, savings, and total focus into fulfilling my promise to the Ascended Masters and to becoming the person that I needed to be for this level of service. As the teaching material poured out of me, writing the book transformed me first. It was a multidimensional creative process that revealed to me the transformational journey that my future clients and spiritual community would also experience by reading The Sophia Code.

When I self-published The Sophia Code it became an international bestseller within 5 days and has remained so ever since on Amazon in all of its categories. To date, there are over 400,000 copies of the book published worldwide and now translated into French. Nothing could have prepared me for such a monumental life-changing shift. I always had an inner knowing that The Sophia Code could become a phenomenon, yet witnessing that the inner knowing was true was absolutely surreal.

It took me several years to stabilize from the book’s success, for there was an outpouring of overwhelming requests for me to immediately create an educational platform that could serve a global community’s interest in the teachings – overnight. Within the first year, I exponentially expanded my business, built a team, and started a spiritual school to address these pressing requests. I am an innately private person and I had to quickly learn how to navigate being a public figure. I had no idea what I was doing, but I kept praying and following my inner guidance to discover all of the resources, consultants, and tools that I needed to support the rapid expansion of The Sophia Code, which quickly spread as a wildfire of a spiritual movement across the globe.

Seven years later The Sophia Code Mystery School now offers 8 life-changing curriculums that were also channeled from the Ascended Masters, including a certification program for our community of leaders. We’ve produced over 20 major events worldwide, launched a spiritual jewelry line that I have personally designed, and founded The Sophia Code Foundation.

We call The Sophia Code a living transmission from the Ascended Masters because these are living teachings on sovereignty and humanity’s divinity that are actively transforming hearts and minds all over the world.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?
There are many ways that intuitively living your life with the loving support and guidance of the Ascended Masters brings greater healing, ease, opportunities, and even magic into your life. However, there is no getting out of your own personal growth when choosing to answer the inner calling of your heart. There have been countless times when I wanted to give up and walk away from my soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Running a transformational business is uniquely challenging because so many people are navigating their religious programming that disassociates money and spirituality. This professional calling to serve humanity with my intuitive gifts, talents, and creativity requires an enormous amount of patience and self-acceptance.

Many people do not understand what I am doing, have no idea how much they need their sovereignty, and also unconsciously fear powerful women. Everything about what I am doing triggers most people until they discover for themselves that I have dedicated my entire life and business to awakening others. The greatest struggle is to always keep trusting my own heart regardless of how big this movement gets and to love this journey for how it’s transforming me first. I am becoming who I have always wanted to be, regardless of the creation of social struggles along the way, and that is the whole point of any professional calling or business. We are here to become our most authentic selves and to help others with that same journey.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
Everything that I create comes from channeling the messages, teachings, and healing light of the Ascended Masters and angelic orders. Over the past 7 years, The Sophia Code remains an international bestselling sacred text that inspires the many spiritual curriculums and artistry that I offer in addition to teaching. I’ve designed a hand-carved jewelry collection that helps readers connect with their favorite Ascended Masters and I am currently illustrating my first Oracle Deck with charcoal.

The Sophia Code is actually a modern codex that will include 13 volumes and I am currently writing the next book in this series, which is called: “Mother Mary Speaks”. Our platform offers an exceptional amount of genuine community support and professional development for our certified Sophia Circle Leaders®. We also provide a multitude of free resources, including our live monthly Prayer Collective gatherings for the past 7 years. We provide a wide range of educational tools that offer life-changing teachings for beginners to advanced spiritual seekers alike. In addition, we produce multiple live events and travel adventures every year both in the US and around the world.

Do you have any advice for those looking to network or find a mentor?
I believe that you are destined to meet the individuals and resources that can help you professionally expand if you are listening to your heart and taking action on the intuitive prompts that you receive along your journey. Every mentor that I have worked with represents a chapter in my life that helped me become the businesswoman that I am today.

It’s important to not be attached to one person or one style of networking because your business and your needs change as you grow. The mentors or coaches that I continue to resource over time have a strong personal practice of being committed to transformational growth. That’s what you want to look for: is the mentor or coach doing their best to live their own teachings? If so, chances are good that you’ll have a long working relationship with them as a resource.

Networking is important but not nearly as important as genuinely investing in the clients and community members that easily find you and want to journey with you. Invest in your clients that inspire you – your time and energy will return to you in their joy and loyalty to keep growing with you.

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