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Phoenix’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check ojiut inspiring stories from Phoenix and surrounding areas below.

Malori Maeva

I have always loved exploring my creativity and throughout my life I’ve dabbled in just about every type of art you can imagine: painting, drawing, writing, performing (dance and theater), knitting, clay, jewelry work (both beading and metalsmithing), and the list goes on. Read more>>

Hessam Kermani

I started this business when I noticed a big changes in the industry! TV industry to be exact! I’ve been working in the media for over 12 years now and when I was working at one of the local TV stations I noticed differences in the new age media and let’s just call the old school media! Read more>>

Benita Sonabend, Sharon Salomon

Challahday-AZ is a relatively new on-line business, The owners, Benita Sonabend and Sharon Salomon were drawn together by their love of food, cooking and baking. Challaday-AZ sells sweet and savory filled challahs. Read more>>

Colin Tetreault

Business father, Quaker mother…you get a principled change agent that believes in the power of enterprise to help make the environment, society, our economies better. I’m a relentless change agent for our shared world. I grew up loving the outdoors – our sacred spaces – for their beauty and intrinsic value. Read more>>

Craig Matthew

Previously, I was a partner at an other independent coffee shop in Scottsdale but when I was presented with the opportunity to be part of the Smooth Brew team, I couldn’t resist! ( It’s also exciting to be a part of the revitalization of the downtown area. Read more>>

Vinny Arcadi

I’ve been involved in Arizona’s car scene since I was old enough to drive. It was a road that Lead Me on an exciting ride. With all the great car events that Arizona has to offer. It made my passion for car grow. I stared designing restoring and collecting muscle cars everything from Shelby’s first generation Camaros to vintage Bugatti and famous TV cars such as The General Lee. Read more>>

Jason Chakravarty

Jason Chakravarty began incorporating glass through the use of neon into his sculpture in 1998 while attending Arizona State University. He was employed for four years at a commercial neon sign shop where he learned technical fundamentals of the neon process. Read more>>

Kristen Akialis

Entering my senior year of college, I had everything figured out. All the late nights and early mornings flipping through flashcards of unipolar vs bipolar neurons, the hours bent over a lab bench extracting mosquito DNA, truly my entire life, had prepared me for the infamous MCAT, four additional years of grueling study, and then my dream. Read more>>

Eric Giliam

I first got started in magic when I was 13 years old. I saw a magician perform in my hometown of Anchorage Alaska. After the show I was hooked, and knew that magic was what I wanted to do. I did it as a hobby throughout middle and high school. Read more>>

Jim Alexander

Valley Women’s Ensemble started as a small choir in the middle of Phoenix around 2012. We have since grown into a viable member of the choral community here in the Valley that will be performing with the women of the Phoenix Choral and the Phoenix Girls Chorus at the upcoming 6th annual Songfest music festival in April. Read more>>

Shantae Hall-Carder

I joined the US Air Force when I was 18. After serving four years, I decided to separate from the service to complete my education. I immediately entered the corporate world after leaving the Air Force. While I worked to climb the corporate ladder, I completed three college degrees (one Bachelor and two Masters). Read more>>

Tabitha Garcia

I have been apart of the Piercing industry since I was 12 years old with already 8 piercings, Taking it into the Salon/Spa world has been a dream of mine. While opening my first Tattoo/Piercing studio in Ohio, I went to Massage therapy school and really started to see how I could make this Dream happen. Read more>>

Alisha Hopkins, Dan Allen

We used to own a bar/restaurant in Cave Creek, AZ. We always wanted to own a sports grill that incorporated a fun sense of humor…that’s why we are called The Gym Sports Bar! We really wanted an atmosphere to portray our love for sports and a fun atmosphere. Read more>>

Michelle Buckman

As a Newhouse graduate from Syracuse University, I spent over a decade working as a journalist until a meeting with an inspirational CEO changed the course of my career. I profiled MedRisk founder Shelley Boyce in 2009 for a consumer report. Read more>>

Bob “Coffee” Coffman

After 27 years in the telecommunications industry I was tiring of the day to day responsibilities and was looking for something different to focus my skill set on. Since I had received a Business Degree (BBA) with 27 years’ experience in business sales, marketing & management along with a strong background and appreciation or golf , including being on the golf team while in school, I starting looking for an opportunity to use both my business acumen and my love for golf. Read more>>

Bryan Hughes

I’ve been looking for snakes my entire life, and there’s no better place to do that than Arizona. After years spent in the desert finding and photographing rattlesnakes, I began working as a volunteer with the Arizona Herpetological Association, doing rattlesnake relocations, which I did for years before ever considering starting a business. Read more>>

Dr. Breana Prince

Dr. Prince founded Limitless Physical Therapy in 2017. She has a diverse background in sports, women’s health, chronic pain, golf performance, and neurological conditions. She began her career as a sports medicine trainer at her undergraduate program working with the University of Colorado football and track team. Read more>>

Robin Selby, Erin McNamara

Erin was doing readings at psychic fairs in Phoenix but when she got busy it was hard to keep track of the time, who was waiting and the money so she called her daughter Robin to help. This was tremendously helpful and very efficient. Read more>>

Rani G.

I’ve been fascinated with music since I was a toddler. My uncle used to play guitar and keyboards around me, which got me excited about instruments. My father is an avid fan of classical music especially Mozart and Beethoven, and owned several of their compositions on vinyl. Read more>>

Shaun McNamara

It started when I was 9, but I didn’t realize it then. The Muppets and Jim Henson were a force of nature. I would wear out VHS copies of The Muppet Movie and Fraggle Rock. I wanted to do what they did, but it’s not like we had the internet around (tell us more, grandpa) to learn more about a subject. Read more>>

Daniel Fisher

My career in graphic design started in 2010 with a healthcare company that sold products online through eBay. Amazon wasn’t the powerhouse that it is today so they focused on eBay. While employed I was attending DeVry University and enrolled in the Multimedia Design Program. Read more>>

Ivan Jacobo

I started cooking in 2009 when I started culinary school at Estrella Mountain Community College. I ended up dropping out of school but was lucky enough to have such amazing mentors around me. One of the instructors at the community college got me a job in San Francisco working for one of the most exclusive clubs in California. Read more>>

Robb Leech and Rich Harpel

We are changing the way people will see transportation in the future!! We have new types of transportation that the other big Ride Share Apps like LYFT & UBER aren’t doing now and not in the future. We also are doing a lot of things for our Drivers and Riders that UBER & LYFT aren’t doing like their own personal financial advisors, vacation conference for drivers and riders with owners, auto loans and personal loans in the future are just the start!! Read more>>

Isaiah Gomez

My best friend Aundré Wright and I were being mentored by a man who was doing essentially what we wanted to do in the future. His name is David Bennet and he planted a non-profit in South Phoenix targeted towards the marginalized youth. After interning and serving under him for years, he presented the idea of starting a transitional house for youth in Phoenix. Read more>>

Bella Vasta

I started completely on accident. I was already operating a six figure pet sitting company in Scottsdale, Az when I began coaching other pet sitting and dog walking companies. I remember how euphoric it was to get on the phone and help other business owners see the potential in their comapny. Read more>>

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