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Phoenix’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Phoenix and surrounding areas below.

Genevieve Martin Del Campo

I became a mom to a rambunctious little boy. As a new mom, I was constantly questioning every decision I made. Was I doing a good job? Am I “bad” mom because I let him watch cartoons on my phone? Are my choices in discipline the right choices? What I learned along the way was that there is no right way to parent. Every family is different and every parent has their own way of doing things. Read more>>

Connie Tsang

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona to Chinese immigrant parents who had the desire to move here in order to chase the “American dream” for a life of better opportunities. Not only for them but for their future children as well. Because of my upbringing and my family beliefs, I have always valued education. I attended Arizona State University to receive my Bachelor’s in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Read more>>

Brad Towsley

The only focus I had was this recurring theme that I was “creative”. The real trigger was when I started exploring graphic design. Specifically, Kit Hinrichs work. There was something fascinating about how a professional graphic designer could take all these pieces of information and turn them into something that was visually stunning, while also communicative. It seemed both challenging and rewarding. Read more>>

Diane Quan

My earliest memory of having fun in a bar I think I was 5 or 6. My dad & my uncle owned a liquor store with a bar attached to it. He would go there early in the morning before the store or the bar were open and my sisters and I would go along so we could play in the bar. I remember enjoying the smell of bar and the glow from the neon beer signs. Read more>>

Henry Bosak

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an artist. I have been drawing and painting since I was around six years old. My parents said that they saw talent and encouraged me. I grew up a few houses down from a professional artist. Bee Miller was from New York and was a wonderful sculptor and painter. I would go over and watch her work and be inspired. Read more>>

Hillary Hutson

I was having some health issues and was in desperate need of something to occupy my mind. When Jack asked me to help him with his social media, I jumped at the chance. I read every book I could get my hands on about social media, stand up comedy, and the entertainment industry. After that things in comedy moved pretty quickly. A friend of a friend reached out and asked me to book some comedians for an event in Tempe. Read more>>

Marquise Echeverria

This company was inspired by Streetlight USA. Streetlight USA is an organization that provides housing and services for young girls in Phoenix, Arizona who have been sex trafficked or sexually abused. Kill Today’s Giant birthed shortly after our founder went on a week-long retreat with girls from Streetlight. The founder realized that there are so many people who do not know that sex trafficking exists today. Read more>>

Moises Godoy

I think about this question a lot and I can never really put my finger on an exact moment but I do remember the day that changed everything for me. It all started in 2009. Me and my good friend at the time we’re hanging out at his house after soccer practice when he showed me this music video titled “Warp 1977” by The Bloody Beetroots. Everything about the video, the sound, captivated me in a way I couldn’t explain. Read more>>

Holly Knudsen

I have always had a passion for food! They call me Knoodie The Foodie! I was in the doldrums of flipping houses when a conversation started about opening a craft beer bar + kitchen. And then we saw the coolest 1963 Benny Gonzales mid-century modern building on the corner of 12th St and Highland and thought it was an underserved area, so we decided to take the plunge. Read more>>

Joy Matsushita-Saul and Jon Linton

I Have A Name to honor those on the streets. He had a good friend and work associate that had gotten clean of a horrible heroin addiction. Was clean for several years and had family, home and a good job. Bob, his friend, was in a terrible car accident and was put on opioids for his pain. That led him back to heroin and a downward spiral from there. He lost his job, home and finally his family. He died on the streets. Jon took action. Read more>>

Paul Ford and Tasia Ford

We got into the hot sauce business by accident. Prior to getting into the hot sauce business, we probably enjoyed hot sauce four times out of the year. Paul is a great cook and enjoys gardening and one evening when a neighbor tried Paul’s food, he invited us over. We were surprised to find hot sauce where furniture should be in his home. Read more>>

Greg Wave

I’m an actor, producer, writer, oh and I’m a canvassing manager for an energy company, and that’s what actually pays the bills 😉 My start in the film industry was very different from most. I didn’t think I wanted to be an actor when I was three years old, I wasn’t a theater standout, in fact before age 21, I never had any true involvement in anything film-related. I stumbled into a film career one day in Savannah, GA. Read more>>

Barbara Regis

I found my way west on a full music performance scholarship to Arizona State. As an ASU graduate in 1986, Arizona has always been my home. I was a music educator and performer who down deep knew medicine was my calling, so I decided to leave a successful teaching career and follow in the footsteps of my father. After working through the Physical therapy Dept at Maricopa Medical Center, gaining amazing experiences. Read more>>

Tiauna Denman

I was born and raised in South Phoenix Arizona. I was raised by my mother who was a single mother raising myself and two older brothers. Growing up, I had a really good childhood, but I always knew something was missing, that something missing was my father. I was a really outspoken child, but I was also really insecure about areas in my life that weren’t “normal. Read more>>

Echo Breen

I believe that everything about me is a little rough around the edges, some people embrace that and some people are either afraid or intimidated by it. I never fit in anywhere as a kid so, I stayed home a lot and that’s when I jumped into my love for music. I would learn several instruments at a time. I never took any lessons and at the time, YouTube tutorials weren’t a thing yet. Read more>>

Natalie Meszaros

I have been collecting stationery, notebooks, stickers, confetti, pens, planners…for years. The digital age did not steal away my love for pen and paper. My best friend, Julie, was the most amazing pen pal. She shared the love of all things paper. Julie started our tradition of adding CONFETTI to every letter we sent. The explosion of CONFETTI would make our handwritten letters even sweeter. We grew up in the military so we both moved frequently. Read more>>

Diane Aiello

It wasn’t uncommon for me to be found playing in my Mom’s “Avon lady” makeup kit or burying my head in magazines for hours. Being a makeup artist for editorials, ad campaigns or commercials, etc wasn’t as common back then, so I went to college and studied my other interest Criminology. Simultaneously, I worked in a salon and eventually decided to go to beauty school. Read more>>

CJ Neal

I fell in love with the changes she helped me achieve, and I became obsessed with all the new technologies in skincare. As I ventured out into the bigger salons and spas, I felt dissatisfied with “spa culture”. I found that there were very few Estheticians who were familiar with best practices for black and brown skin. Often times I’d decide on a certain treatment I wanted, and be told. Read more>>

Brandon Sims

Music and business and had always been a passion of mine, it’s something that makes me genuinely happy. I got started in artist management freshman year of college 2010 I was given my first opportunity by one of my close friends, Memphis rapper KVO, who at the time had a local hit record “Hard Head”. The process of recording music, shooting videos, booking live shows. Read more>>

Lydia Beaulieu

My love of paper started when I was very young, maybe age 4. My mother used to plop me down in front of the sparse office supply section of the grocery store while she shopped (it was the 1960’s, the world was different then). It kept me entertained. Many years later, I followed that love of paper and got a part-time job at Crane Stationers in Scottsdale Fashion Square. Crane’s is the stationery industry’s gold standard of paper, printing, and etiquette. Read more>>

Matt Walker

I started performing stand up comedy just over two years ago. Stand up has always been a place in which I found relief from life’s trials and tribulations as a consumer, but I never envisioned a world in which I would become a performer. I spent 25 years in a cult, where I had three children at a young age. I never thought that I could have my own dreams, let alone chase after them. After exiting the cult. Read more>>

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