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Phoenix’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Phoenix and surrounding areas below.

Siri Chand Khalsa

I had been working in clinical medicine for over 20 years. In 2018, after my father passed away from heart disease, I decided that I wanted to take a break from medicine to figure out how to share the lifestyle principles that I am really excited about with larger groups of people. My medical training includes board certification in lifestyle medicine, internal medicine and integrative medicine. Through my years of practice, I learned that the small, seemingly insignificant choices that we make on a daily basis were creating the foundation for healing and vitality. However, it was too hard to talk about this AND address current medical needs in an office visit. So I decided to step away for a while and find a new model to deliver information. Read more>>

Rossie Blosser

I moved from Oklahoma to Burbank, California, in 2014 with my husband and two dogs. I had lived in Oklahoma my entire life and was ready to chase my dreams as a dancer and actor. The crazy thing about LA is that you seem to blink and years go by! I had this idea that within a year, I had to achieve all my goals and “make it.” I laugh to myself as I think back to those goals because it really is a marathon and you never know what path you will venture down along the way. I was training at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and taking improv classes at Groundlings. It was such an exciting thing to pursue advanced arts past high school and college because there really weren’t many opportunities for that in OK. I had always loved the arts but never had the chance to do it as my career. I would work in an office or business settings doing payroll or banking and used the arts as my escape. Read more>>

MariaLaura Boldini Creal

After graduating in Travel and Tourism Management in Italy, I came to the US as an intern in tour operator and I discovered my innate passion to show Italy to the American travelers through my own eyes, showing them my favorite parts of the country, sending them to eat at my favorite restaurants and guiding them through my country as if I was there with them! This is the thought which made Fantastica Italia come to life, and after 14 years, we are still successful in showing our beautiful Italy to all of our customers, who now can enjoy also our first hand knowledge of Greece, Spain, Portugal and France. Read more>>

Yolanda Robinson

Born and raised on the east side of Detroit, MI. Just a city girl who always dreamed of being more than just a girl from Detroit. I graduated from one of the top 3 schools in Detroit, Cass Technical High School. Later attending Wayne State University. I wanted to get out of Detroit and see more, I transferred to Saginaw Valley State University to major in Electronic Media Broadcasting. Until Health issues occurred that forced me to have to move back home. After being healed, I decided to move out of MI and move to OH where I didn’t think I would call home for ten years. Had my beautiful baby girl and began working for different companies, I landed a job at Ventra Plastics (Ford Motor Company), worked there for the last seven years of living in OH and I just remember saying to myself “this can not be my life.” Read more>>

Chelsea Beyerman

I’m originally from Portland, OR and Boise, ID, and ended up at Loyola University Chicago for my undergraduate. I graduated with a Bachelors in Advertising/PR, and from there worked in various advertising agencies in advertising agencies in Chicago and Austin, before settling in Phoenix with my (now) husband. In Phoenix, I took a position as a traditional and experiential media planner/buyer at a small local agency, later transitioning into a data analyst position within an international digital media network. Within a year, I was internally recruited to join and help develop and grow their influencer marketing team, where I stayed and helped grow the team over the next 2.5 years. Read more>>

Johnny Black

My passion for recording music and performance started at an early age culminating in my first professional publishing contract and licensing agreements in the late 1990s. Though I was in another professional discipline, I always closely held onto my art and developed my music passionately. As a product of The Cleveland Institute of Music, I studied theory and composition and arrangement on piano at an early age and developed my skills very tenaciously. Having a keen interest in jazz prompted me to also learn the trumpet. Everything came together when my parents bought me my first guitar at age 11. Then rock music permeated my existence! Read more>>

Rasheida Payne

Well, my story begins as a little girl in Brooklyn, NY, born to ambitious parents from the West Indies and Samoa. My father had always wanted me to be in the healthcare field and after being in college for Nursing, I decided that wasn’t the path I was going to take and started focusing on Business Management. I had been in Property Management for years as a Community Director at one of the top fee managed property management companies in Arizona and wanted to own my very own property management company so I decided to pursue my real estate license. Since being a Realtor, I am elated that my clients entrust me with the most important choice of finding a home for them and their family. I take pride in finding a hidden gem that you feel comfortable living and raising a family at. Read more>>

Rachel Greenland

I first got introduced to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) because of my high school physics class teacher. I really struggled in that class, but she made it really simple and gave me extra help, which motivated me not only to try at this subject but to enjoy it. Overcoming this challenge, even though it was difficult, inspired me to go into engineering when I got to college. I was looking for opportunities to reach out to students and inspire them the same way my teacher did for me. I wanted to make an impact on my community and encourage students to try something they might find difficult. This is why I started volunteering for S.Y.STEM Coalition. I have loved helping teach kids in hands-on ways that I never got when I was younger. Read more>>

Emily and Alejandra Gonzalez

Ems & Alej Boutique is an online only store that was initiated by us, two sisters (Emily & Alejandra), who love and are passionate about beauty, fashion and business. Ems & Alej Boutique was born in October of 2019. After a lot of research, business trips, choosing our unique style and shooting our own merchandise we finally went live January 1st, 2020. We did not start with thousands of dollars, and everything is packaged from one of the living rooms at our parents house in El Mirage, Arizona. It is not always pretty and perfect but the love we have for uplifting women and being able to create makes up for it all. Almost a year later, we continue to invest in high-end finishes to make your purchase a true representation of affordable luxury. Read more>>

Elora Diaz

Growing up, my teenage mother worked several jobs at a time to provide for my siblings and I. One day my grandparents took us to visit my mom at work, and I remember telling my mom that I wanted to be just like her – I wanted to work at a shoe too when I grew up. She smiled and said, “Mija, I work this hard, so you never have to. One day, you’ll graduate from college, and you’ll be able to help so many people just like us”. My mom taught me that education was my key to a better future, and she was right. I was the first in my family to graduate from college, earning my bachelors and masters and doctorate in education. Read more>>

Alvin Moyer

During the early days of my career, when living in the Philippines I always had a love for beauty and makeup. While watching my favorite TV Actress Maricel Soriano on television, and thinking I want to create beauty just like her. With practicing and perfecting my makeup skills, I got my first chance to showcase my makeup talents in 2001 at the Miss Beauty Pageant. After the pageant, I was discovered and hired as a makeup artist for a television game show. The word spread that I can create beauty through the art of makeup and I became a favorite to do weddings and pageants. Read more>>

Lacey Elliot

I always had a curiosity for skincare and makeup but truly learned how to apply makeup when I was a professional performer in Gatlinburg, TN. After college, I was a flight attendant for two years and based in Washington DC. I was doing makeup for friends as a hobby and then learned about the world of freelancing from my then boyfriend at the time. After building an initial website, I paid for my LLC and started marketing my services in the DC metro area. I worked at MAC and knew I wanted to move to New York to attend the Make Up For Ever Academy. So in 2013, I was accepted and completed the six month masters certification with top honors. I started assisting artists like Anastasia Durasova, David Tibolla and even landed on a set with Hung Vanngo. I had no idea who he was at the time because I was so green. Eventually I landed working at MAC on 5th Avenue and won London IMATS in 2014, an international makeup competition. Read more>>

Anjeanette Ridner Hoer

I have had a camera nearby since I was a little kid, my parents were avid photographers, and I was happy to be one of the photographers for my high school yearbook back in the film only days. It was fun, it gave me access to wander around school documenting classes, and hanging out in the darkroom with friends. Our teacher Mrs. Zauner, introduced us to the wonders of Pagemaker on one of our schools only computers, and certainly one of the only Macs. I was in love with the whole class. In college, I pursued fine art painting and illustration, but struggle to find photographers in my budget to document my work for portfolios and submissions- so I started photographing again in earnest adding photography as my minor and dropping painting by my junior year. Read more>>

Bailey Boettcher

Bailey Boe Photos all started with one of my closest friends, Kali M Photos. Kali needed a last minute second photographer for one of her weddings. I had never picked up a camera, and really had no clue what I was doing. Second shooting that wedding forced me to learn how to use a camera FAST. Luckily, I didn’t just catch on, I LOVED it. I then started tagging along with Kali M Photos to some of her shoots to gain more practice. At that time, I was still working a typical, 9-5 job as a salesman…not exactly my calling. With the help of friends and family I was encouraged to quit my sales job and focus solely on photography and I haven’t looked back since! Read more>>

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