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Phoenix’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Phoenix and surrounding areas below.

John and Dan K

Dan and I met in the early 2000’s while playing basketball at North Canyon High School. Since then we have stayed in contact and have become better friends in recent years. I am the type that always has a business idea and enjoys being creative. Read more>>

Danielle Culver

I moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to attend Grand Canyon University, during my first two years I studied business management not having any idea of what I want to do for a career. After researching more about the beauty industry and learning what an aesthetician was I knew I had to find out more. Read more>>

Linda Retes

I’ve always had an interest in photography, even before I knew it was a thing. Growing up, my mom had a polaroid that I thought was super fun so I guess that’s where my love of photography began. Later on, I asked for a little purple point and shoot camera for Christmas and I remember taking pictures of everything everywhere I went. Read more>>

Natalie Fischer

I had wanted to start a blog for years but was too insecure to do it. After becoming a new mom, I found myself not making the time to do the things I loved doing. I asked myself “How can I change this?” That’s when the idea of starting a blog came back up and I couldn’t have been more excited. Read more>>

Morgan M. Lange

I grew up in Northern Virginia and was friends with people from all over the world. Diversity was the norm I grew up with and expected. I started studying Spanish in a public school as a child. I struggled in the beginning, but after a few years realized I had a knack for it. Read more>>

Jennifer Swanton

My story begins at the age of 15 when I went to the Doctor for a routine sports physical- and was diagnosed with cancer. On that day, cancer was almost unheard of, reserved for the elderly, and a death sentence. My family took it hard, and at that point, I knew that I had to be the strong and courageous one. Read more>>

Dominic Armstrong

Yeah, absolutely. So, as a teenager, I was really into the idea of playing music professionally. You know, started a band, joined other bands, etc. etc. but there was always something that didn’t quite fit the bill for me. Anyway, I continued playing music throughout high school and into college. Read more>>

Jenna Pierides

My idea to start a Community Garden began in July of this year. It was a part of a leadership course I was attending through a company called Landmark Worldwide. The goal was to do a project that involved the community in some capacity and complete it by September 27th, 2019. Read more>>

Ashley and Connor

AZsipsters started our love for trying new things together and supporting new businesses, especially local entrepreneurs. We just love food and I guess I’ve always been a “foodie” at heart before the term was ever coined. I have taken pictures of my meals & experiences before it was even considered cool. Read more>>

Elley Ringo

As a young girl, Elley found herself looking at the pages of Vogue and Elle, not the article the ads! She would practice the ads in the mirror, going from pose to pose. With great determination, Elley dreamed that this would be her life. But as fast a dreams come do they also fade. Read more>>

Jerred Williamson

My musical journey started as far back as I can remember, in Illinois. My dad started teaching me drums on a little First Act kit when I was 18 months old, and I kept at it for a few years. When I turned five I started piano lessons and that instrument became my primary focus, though I picked up the guitar a few years later and still play it now. Read more>>

Stephon Pamilton Sr.

I began as a young kid sitting in the middle seat of my dad’s Acura listening to Tupac and rapping every word as if I wrote it ^_^. Seriously though I had an awkward beginning. I started as a track star, rose from the concrete streets of Jacksonville, FL just trying to find a way out of the bottom. Read more>>

Ronnie Dijon

Honestly, I’ve been making music since I was 16 back in Forth Worth Texas, with an old friend of mines by the name of Randell. We made about five to six songs and remixed T-pain and Lil Wayne songs and played those songs to our peers in high school. That was the birth of my recording. Read more>>

Kylie Brown and Bobby Miller

Bobby and I have known each other since grade school both grew up in Avondale, AZ, both come from backgrounds that don’t always offer the greatest opportunities to provide for a family. We rekindle getting our lives back on track in 2016. We found that we shared a lot of the same interests. Read more>>

Peter Sanchez

When I was 13 years old and growing up in a low income household, I wanted to get a job to help my single mom with the house expenses. But sadly, I was too young for anyone to employ me. I knew that I had to do something unique and innovative to get out of my unfortunate circumstances. Read more>>

Sarah Crawford, PhD, LPC

After college, I was trying to find a career in a profession where I felt I could make a positive difference in the world. Having experienced a lot of challenges in my childhood, I decided I wanted to be a school counselor to hopefully help children who required extra support. Read more>>

Julie Espinoza

My partner and I began Psychotherapy Innovations in 2011 after working in private practice for five years. We wanted to build a group practice because it was important to us to create a community of like minded, similarly trained clinicians. Most private practice therapists are independent. Read more>>

Erica Maronie

I’m not sure if I was supposed to be a visual artist. There were a few other things I decided to be when I grew up as a kid, an artist wasn’t necessarily one of them, not right away anyhow. I’ve always had a very robust imagination, however. I read so much as a kid, that whole thing developed early on and I soon started writing my own stories. Read more>>

Dr. Cristy Lopez

I always found human behavior fascinating and am naturally good at helping others with challenges so they could achieve their goals. I spent several years getting the education and training I needed to become a psychologist. I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. Read more>>

Cindy May

I think that what it takes to be an entrepreneur is often something that’s just in a person’s DNA. I know that there are “accidental” entrepreneurs – people who have never thought about owning their own business until circumstances force them in that direction – but for me, it’s been a dream before I knew what the word meant. Read more>>

Moriah Boone

When I was seventeen years old, I auditioned for an acting and modeling agency called “AMTC”…or Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ (my parents were VERY religious). It was my first audition ever and I was a nervous wreck! It didn’t help that my parents were only permitting me to audition in hopes that I would “get it out my system. Read more>>

Cynthia and James Scott

I am Cynthia Scott, my husband and I are both writers. We met online in a book club for authors. He also owned a publishing company called Nickel city publications. We exchanged books and after reading each other’s books we started to communicate. He lived in Georgia at the time and I lived in Phoenix. Read more>>

Chloe Diaz

As the eldest child, I was limited in my means to make income because I was responsible for watching my siblings since both of my parents worked two jobs. I was set to start undergrad in August 2015, so I needed to find a way to create an income for myself. I soon learned there was a demand for honest reviews from both companies and the general public. Read more>>

Shea Stanfield

The Arizona Corporation Commission’s Mission, quite simply, is to power Arizona’s future. This involves oversight of utility services, growing Arizona’s economy through attracting and encouraging new business, and protecting Arizona citizens in enforcing an ethical securities marketplace. Read more>>

Avianna and Chelsea Estrada

In 2017 my sister (Chelsea) approached me with the idea of starting a business off selling leggings via Facebook Live videos. Our own personal QVC, if you will. My initial response was live videos?! No way, I wasn’t interested. She approached me again a few weeks later and ran some more details by me. Read more>>

Cindy Harsha

I’ve always been pretty crafty but I started my journey of hand stamped jewelry right after my husband and I got married in 2010. Working with metal was so different from the other crafty things I was used to but it was so much fun. I loved that the jewelry could be personalized. Read more>>

Brandi Kvetko Reinauer

Rise got started when I was running my vintage store, Go-Kat-Go (1996-2013). Everyone in my life knows how much I love animals so basically it was born when more and more people started asking me to watch their babes. It came so easy and I loved doing it so much that I thought to myself. Read more>>

Sincerely Collins

My start: When I was 13 my cousin had one of Exhibit’s main producers fly out and set up a studio in his Apt for a weekend. He had me come over and watch them through a process of producing and recording nonstop for three days. I picked up the pen that weekend and never put it down. Read more>>

Erika Flores

Periodista Fashionista is Spanish for the fashionable journalist, but there’s a deeper meaning to the name for me. My father inspired me to become a journalist, and my mom inspired my fashion sense. Both my parents passed away around ten years ago. Periodista Fashionista is a blog. Read more>>

Cory Yates

Originally, my “restaurant career” began in Colorado, selling cleaning products and dish machine products over a large geographical area. Eventually, I sold that company to my manufacturer and moved to Arizona. I started a new, but very similar, business here in 1997, Accurate Chemical. Read more>>

Shawn Wilken

Born and raised in Arizona I spent my whole life creating, drawing, perfecting my skills. Formal Education started during high school when I started taking night school classes. taking figure drawing classes at the local community college, perplexed by the complexity of the human body. Read more>>

Chef Steven Ferneding

Over the last twelve years, my culinary journey has taken me on cooking adventures to over 49 countries. My career has provided me with the opportunity to circumnavigate the world three times and truly experience the delicacies in every culture I visit. After receiving my degree in International Business from Arizona State University. Read more>>


I’m Pima aka karmello drip from Maryvale baby I guess it started when I was young not knowing what I wanted to do. I’m from a struggling family, grew up around bad influences I’ve seen what the streets, alcohol and drug life does around me at a young age but made the best of what we had and taught to stay humble. Read more>>

Hyacinth Powell

My story began as a child when I discovered writing. I lost my older first cousin to gun violence when I was 12 years old. It was the first death that truly impacted my life and I wasn’t sure how to handle it. It was then I discovered writing. Initially writing was something I could only do when I was sad or upset. Read more>>

Christian Nick

Phoenix Dimes is a registered marketing and promotion agency uniquely for Arizona models. We also assist companies in finding models for their events etc. I created Phoenix Dimes in 2014, with the goal to manage model’s media relations, building models media contacts, and assisting company’s communication efforts to coordinate the selection. Read more>>

Joshua (Rashenal) Bolick

I started rapping when I was 15 years old and making music has always been a huge part of my life. I fell in love with it once I started recording my own music and have always had a natural ability with words/lyrics/ songwriting. Over the years I have performed at many live shows and worked with many artists/groups/ promoters. Read more>>

5280 Mystic

I’m from Denver, CO but lived in Phoenix, AZ for a few years. I’ve been doing music (producing, rapping, engineering) for over ten years. I’ve produced songs for Trae Da Truth, Blueface, Nipsey Hussle, Mozzy, Boosie, OMB Peezy, and so many more. I’ve done four tours and have racked up a nice sized fan base. Read more>>

Lauren Gooding

Before getting into this industry, I worked at a local hospital where I started as a Medical/Surgical nurse. After the first year on the floor, I became interested in specializing in Medical Oncology and later became certified as a chemotherapy infusion nurse in 2007. In the four years of working at the hospital. Read more>>

Nadeem Al-Hasan and Thomas Rimbach

Thomas and I come from broken families. Thomas’s mother had passed away just before I met him from a pharmaceutical drug overdose and I grew up in a household of drug abuse and an abusive alcoholic stepfather. Thomas having gone through such a loss made it his mission to combat the abuse of pharmaceuticals. Read more>>

Moabi Kotu

South African International recording artist Moabi Kotu, Born in the Northwest of South Africa, Mahikeng but grew up in Soweto (Mapetla EXT). The young Kotu has seen his dream materialize from his origins in the inner city township of Soweto to the city of Johannesburg to Louisiana and Arizona. Read more>>

Damian Gomes

My name is Damian Gomes and I’m an artist/painter. I enjoyed drawing as a kid but I didn’t understand the figure until much later. A few years of life drawing got me acquainted with the human form and anatomy. After I had that foundation it was easy to see the figure doing whatever I wished them to do, model or no. Read more>>

Shanaya Knotts

I am currently the Founder and CEO of Yolo Girls Tucson, LLC. My professional journey has allowed for many incredible opportunities and experiences and as a young leader, I had no idea that my path would lead me here. I think the most dream of landing that ideal gig or career ambition straight out of college. Read more>>

Elizabeth Burk

It’s changed who I am. My family provided that for me from the time I was a small child, and I whole heartedly believe that is why I am being recognized by VoyagePhoenix and referred by business owners throughout Phoenix (and across the country) at the ripe old age of 27. Read more>>


Renae Moomjian

Our mission is to enhance your authentic beauty by combing nature’s cues (your nipples) with technology (an app) in a cosmetic line that is good for you, our environment and our communities. My career for close to 30 years has been in med-tech. Read more>>

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