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Phoenix 12.14.2017

Pam Miller-Fitzgibbons

As far back as I can recall, I’ve always needed to have things neat and organized around me. As a child in school, my binders had all my classes neatly categorized with color-coded tabs and folders. I was so thrilled when I received my first old-fashioned “click” label maker for Christmas. Read more>>

Marilee and Patrick Dose

I was born and raised in Phoenix. I had moved to Oklahoma where I met my husband. We came out for a spring training game and he loved it here so much that we moved here two weeks later! My background is interior design so I started doing staging. Read more>>

David Haddad

People often ask me “How did you get in the cigar business”? My answer is always the same: I couldn’t afford my Golf Habit! The story actually begins over 40 years ago when I was a theater and music junky in High School in Medina, Ohio, performing and starring in many shows and programs. Read more>>

Sharon Bates

Anthony Bates was 20 years old when he died from undiagnosed Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, HCM. Anthony, an only child, was an honor student, an Eagle Scout, and a Division I college football player at Kansas State University. Anthony starting playing football when he was nine years old. Read more>>

Soraya and Daniel Medina

My husband and I are big foodies and we love desserts. I love desserts so much that I went to culinary school back home in NY. We started an online shop but soon realized NY was too expensive to open a bakery. The following year we visited AZ because our friends move there. Read more>>

Robert Howard

Amalfi Living began in 1955 by artisan craftsmen dedicated to a by-gone era when it meant something to be a “Master Craftsman”. Since our founding, we have stayed true to our dedication to create heirloom quality furniture. Through the 1950’s and 1960’s, we imported all of our furniture from Italy. Read more>>

Heather and Damian Dubé

I (Heather) lived in a human body prison from 2006-2008. I was only in my early 30s but was suffering from painful, debilitating symptoms and every day served up a new issue. My symptoms ranged from weight gain and extreme hair loss to dermatitis, loss of libido, mind fog and an inability to focus. Read more>>

Patrick Ortman

Founders Patrick Ortman and Adam Morris met many years ago as salesmen for a major national telecom company and both quickly distinguished themselves as top producers and were fast-tracked into leadership roles. As people leaders, one of the biggest challenges both Patrick and Adam faced was finding and attracting top sales talent for their sales teams – This challenge was the seed for SalesFirst Recruiting. Read more>>

Lauren Hart

As local Phoenix resident my journey as a highly trained hair colorist began with humble roots of self independence and the need to give my assistant my long wait list of clients. I opened my first studio half a mile from my current location which is now a very trendy hot spot in the Phoenix area. Read more>>

Paul Pingitore

We grew up in the business with the families Green Spot Garden Center that started in 1973.  Our father always wanted to open a Garden City. A diverse shopping center that capitalized on outdoor and around the home items. His ultimate goal was to have it right next to the freeway. Read more>>

Jeff Gulino and Luke Goodell

Me (Jeff Gulino), Luke Goodell and Mikey Sarratt have all worked together at Highnoon tattoo for about 10 yrs now and we thought that expanding by creating a private studio. Between the 3 of us we have been tattooing in the vallay a combined 40+ years. Read more>>

Jason Peterson

Meet Chef Jason Peterson. His culinary story started years ago on the East Coast. Picture this. A young boy helping out in the kitchen with his mom, licking the frosting off egg beaters and learning the tricks of the trade; summers spent shucking corn and snapping green beans, listening to his grandmother tell stories of her life. Read more>>

Wendy Eccles

I started my business as a single-mom of a 2 year old daughter. I chose to utilizing my strong technical and marketing skills in providing exceptional resumes for clients. I pride myself in helping others with their career goals and dreams. Read more>>

Brad and Kat Moore

Our business is Short Leash Hotdogs and Rollover Doughnuts. We are a husband and wife team who wanted to try something different and so we quit our jobs in Banking and Design and started a gourmet mobile food truck. We started this business because we believe in doing the things you love in life, eating well and surrounding yourself with people who make you happy. Read more>>

Laura Bennett

I got tired of seeing clients been taking advantage of by service providers, hardware providers, and technology companies. We noticed that especially in small businesses the people that are making the technology decisions are not knowledgeable or ill-informed. Read more>>

Maximilian Biberger

I started the company in the early 2000’s when I moved from the San Francisco, CA Bay Area to Arizona. After settling in and buying a house with a swimming pool I realized that pool maintenance in Arizona is crucial and a necessity due to the high temperatures. Read more>>

April and Chad Olshavsky

We are a husband and wife team started as licensed dispensary agents working at a premier medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona. We saw a need in the industry and created Staff MMJ. There were more applicants than jobs and applicants. Read more>>

Brandon Haber

After graduating from the University of Arizona, I went to work in sales for a fortune 300 textile manufacturer, which ironically now is my largest supplier to my company. My territory was Phoenix, and I spent several years there and then one of their competitors hired me. About 6 years after college, my mother died tragically. Read more>>

Frank Saputo

I taught myself how to juggle from a book at the age of 16. I would frequent a Presto’s Magic in my neighborhood to buy more books and juggling props. After a while, I quit buying juggling stuff and just start loitering in the store. Always looking to make a sale, Presto suggested I learn how to make balloon animals and sold me a book and bag of balloons. Read more>>

Steve Taddie

I got started in Phoenix in 1985, like many of the 70-90,000 people that move here each year…looking for opportunity. For a kid that grew up in a town of about 1,500, with an interest in the investment business, the demographics of Phoenix were about the best in the country. Read more>>

Jonathan Pring

Born and raised in London England. A dual citizen of US and UK. My mum was the Girl from Baltimore. Moved to Phoenix in 2008 to catch up with an old school friend. 10 years later I’m still here + wife, child, house and a small business. Read more>>

Karen Jayne

I started my career focused on corporate retail purchasing and inventory management working for several public and private corporations both big and small. About 20 years ago I moved into the non-profit sector filling controller and director of finance roles before becoming the executive director for a nonprofit organization focused on helping children with developmental disabilities and their families. Read more>>

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