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Phoenix 12.01.2017

Sebastian Sandersius

I first conceived the Ezra Arthur brand and many of the pillars the brand stands for when I was visiting in Brussels, Belgium in 2010.  The fashion and culture of the city inspired me greatly and I penciled out many of my ideas for the company while drinking beer out of what most people would consider a wine glass and listening to jazz at Les Gens Que J’aime. Read more>>

Rachael Cerreta

I used to be an Elementary school teacher. When I had my first daughter, I wanted to do something on the side and thought that making children’s tees would be a fun side job. I stopped teaching when I was pregnant with my second daughter and decided to go all in with my business. Read more>>

Tim Pepper

Since 2003 I have owned a digital marketing and media company, Pepper Blue, based here in Phoenix. During this time I have created strategies and programs for businesses of all sizes that help them sell their products and services and create effective on-going marketing communications channels with their customers and prospects. Read more>>

Ashley Beckman

Urban Fabric Builders began with three partners who share a common vision of weaving the timeless fabric of community. In practical terms: this means building spaces and places where people can live, work, socialize and form lifelong bonds versus pulling into their garage, shutting the door, and hunkering down. Read more>>

Nicolee Thompson

Harvest Compassion Center Phoenix, a local food, and clothing bank was started 6 years ago in the memory of Mitch Swaback, a 23-year-old, whose life was cut short in a drowning accident. My family immediately started a private foundation 13 years ago (which has grown into a public charity) to continue Mitch’s legacy of serving others. Read more>>

Farhan Taghizadeh

I have been working on aesthetics for 14 years. I got my start in Albuquerque New Mexico after completing a facial plastics fellowship in Bern Switzerland. New Mexico was an amazing training ground for me. I had a very high volume practice working with a national company doing facelifts. Read more>>

Katy & Mike Romley

It all started on our front patio of our home in North Central Phoenix/Biltmore area in 2011. On many a Friday nights, we sit out on our front patio with red cups in hand. It is a sign to our neighbors and friends that we are open for people to stop by and hang out! Read more>>

Elizabeth Alsbrook

Becoming an esthetician also known as a licensed skin care specialist was a dream that was realized 14 years ago. I began my journey as an entrepreneur 4 years after being licensed and obtaining my instructor’s license. Read more>>

Kevin Hass

I have always been a lover of art in all forms and I have been a passionate photographer most of my life but never looked at it as a way to make a living until a little while ago when my doctor told me I had some medical issues that made working my normal jobs impossible to do. Read more>>

Martha Walker

I have been creative all of my life, and couldn’t wait to major in art in college! I particularly love to draw and sew, and in 1992 decided to combine the two, and design quilts. I began exhibiting my quilts in several international juried quilt competitions, and in my ten years of exhibitions, was fortunate to win several cash awards and ribbons. Read more>>

Jordan and Danielle Trask

Marketing with intention and integrity has always intrigued me. As a teenager, during the “dial-up” age, I became bothered by misleading ads and click-bait tactics. I don’t know how many times my brother clicked on website banners claiming to ship him a “free Playstation.” Read more>>

Dane Palmero

I moved to Arizona in 1978 from Van Nuys California and I was working retail in a grocery store in the produce department named Alpha Beta, and through years of acquisitions, it is named today as Albertsons. My hobby in California was Scuba Diving. Read more>>

Gary Lasko

I have been working in the restaurant business for 50 years. I have worked most positions in both the front of the house and back of the house. I have both managed and owned restaurants for the past 35 years. Read more>>

Olga Zelek

My eyebrow journey started over 17 years ago in Nordstrom Oakbrook, Il when I was hired to manage the new back then cosmetic counter specializing in eyebrows -” Anastasia Beverly Hills” I was new to this type of job and the cosmetic line was a very new too, pretty much not known yet. Read more>>

Michèle Ceballos Michot

I started ballet training at 6 in Bogota, Colombia and continued in NYC from 11-14 at Thalia Mara’s National Academy of Ballet & Theatre Arts, the Professional Children’s School, and the American Ballet Theatre school. At 16 I was accepted to the Royal Ballet School in London. Read more>>

Dustin Christofolo

Chef Dustin Christofolo – Co-Owner of Quiessence and Morning Glory Cafe Executive Chef Dustin Christofolo is a graduate of The Italian Culinary Academy, Manhattan, New York, and the culinary program at La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana in Parma, Italy. Read more>>

Saja Lynn

My journey to Acupuncture began in 2004 shortly after I graduated from college. I was working as a scheduler at a spa when I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. after a few weeks of traditional treatment, the acupuncturist on staff mentioned that she had success treating carpal tunnel and I should give it a go. Read more>>

Brannon Kleinlein

I opened the original Last Exit Live in 2003 in a small shopping center in Tempe, AZ. The venue quickly became a hot spot for showcasing great local and touring acts and continued successfully until I sold it in 2009 to pursue other opportunities. Read more>>

Jeffrey Pruitt

I started my professional career as an accountant for Arthur Andersen but had a long-standing passion for leveraging technology to solve real business challenges. Deciding to pursue it, I went on to serve as president of digital marketing agency iCrossing. Read more>>

Linda Scrofano

I worked in Corporate America as a Human Resources professional before I discovered that there was an entirely new chapter or two in my life. I was striving to find something meaningful that would allow me to help people without being tied to the 9 – 5 existence of a corporate job. Read more>>

Sandra Marshall

I have been an artist/entrepreneur my entire life. I love the idea of creating something from nothing. As a child growing up in New York, my parents fostered my creativity. They didn’t buy me everything I wanted instead  I would make it, or raise my own funds to buy it. They were genius! Read more>>

Al Jones

During my childhood in the 1970s and 1980s, I spent a significant amount of time alone in my bedroom listening to music on the local radio stations. During this time, I would record songs on cassette or 8-track to generate a catalog of themed mix-tapes for future playback. Read more>>

Brian Stearns

I started and spent several decades of my career as a roofer, and installed many roofs and various products on roofs. From that experience, we created Vermont Slate and Copper Services, which became Alpine Snow Guards. It became, and remains, a leading manufacturer and seller of devices that allow snow to melt or drop off in small amounts before falling to the ground. Read more>>

Michael Baxter

I was on the road to becoming a cinematographer until a chance encounter with someone in the industry derailed my plan. He shared his experience in the entertainment industry and gave me my first reality check on the lifestyle it demanded. Read more>>

Maria DeNicola

Maria DeNicola is a leader in the Electrologist community. Throughout her career, she had devoted her life to serving others through her work in electrology. As a result, Maria has been recognized with many awards and honors including The Gold Probe Award. Read more>>

Brenda Schmidt

My education was science focused – I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology and a Master’s Degree in Immunology. I have been in healthcare services and technology for over 25 years. I worked for Baxter Healthcare for 15 years in a variety of business development, product management, product development and global marketing roles. Read more>>

Bill Corwin

Back in 1974, I began working at an aircraft windshield manufacturing company in San Fernando Valley, CA. There I learned the process of working with polycarbonate and acrylic plastics, which involved stretching, forming, trimming, and optics for commercial airliners and the F-15 fighter jet. Read more>>

Brennan Williams

As an undergraduate student, I was able to gain valuable experience with the University. First, I was part of a group that early on simply loved to support GCU Athletics. What we did not know, is this would eventually be fostered into the GCU Havocs. Read more>>

Karin Johnson

I believe this is my calling. I just had to learn how to take my own “medicine” & “advise” and learn how to be present with myself in order to create a safe “container” for women & “others” to heal. My focus is women. I have been a “rescuer & fixer” all my life… Read more>>

Lorraine Robledo and Sarah Ennsour

In 2011, Lorraine Robledo a former General Manager from Armorworks ( A major Defense Manufacturer) with Expertise in Lean Manufacturing and Process Control along with Sarah Ennsour a Sales Manager from Aerotek
( A major Recruitment firm) with a background in Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, and Human Resources formed LCR Services. Read more>>

Pour Masters Bar Services

I was in sales for a blueprinting company in 1992 when I heard a radio ad for bartending school. I happen to be on the corner of the school and decided to pull in and speak to the owner. I ended up taking the 2-week course and becoming a certified bartender. Read more>>

Bob Bittner

Almost 20 years ago, my wife took my daughter to our local fish store to purchase a 10-gallon aquarium with a few freshwater angle fish. They began to breed and we developed a found liking for the hobby. We moved into a 55-gallon saltwater tank, which then grew into a 240-gallon saltwater reef tank that is still up and running to this day! Read more>>

Cher Lindsey

I had a relaxation center for 18 years and closed during the recession in 2009 to reinvent myself to do mobile pampering for those clients with special needs. My services include massage, manicures, and pedicures. Read more>>

Carlos Rodriguez

We started back in Los Angeles in 1985 and moved to Sedona AZ becoming the first full service IT CAD provider servicing Architects, Builders, and Developers. We were invited to participate in the Sedona Film Festival for two yearly events as the IT in partnership with the festival. Read more>>

Sharon Winningham ULLC

Sharon A Winningham is an Unconditional Loving Life Coach who has a private practice teaching and coaching people from all over the world applying the life-changing principles of Unconditional Love. Sharon does private one on one coaching, interventions, and retreats. Read more>>

Allison Gee

I earned a Master of Arts in Art History from Arizona State University, and I began working for another art appraiser in Phoenix. I then started taking courses through the American Society of Appraisers and became an Accredited Senior Appraiser with a designation in Fine Art through the American Society of Appraisers. Read more>>

Bryan Lifshitz

Bryan Lifshitz is a Business Professional, Dad Inventor, Graphic Artist, Speaker, and Creative Project Manager with a proven ability to help businesses and organizations with his “big picture” thinking. That thinking that never shuts-off. He thrives on bright and creative ideas—and having fun while getting it all done! Read more>>

Tochukwu Okafor

A first-generation immigrant from Africa, who came to the US at 23 in the late 90’s looking for greener pastures. Went through a lot of ups and downs trying to work two jobs and go to college at the same time. Graduated from New Jersey City University (NJCU) with a bachelor of science degree. Read more>>

Eric Cheroske

Got You Covered was stared in 2003 and was originally 2 record industry friends booking cover bands at bars in the Scottsdale/ Phoenix area. In 2005 we saw the opportunity to provide quality entertainment services for private events and began with corporate events and weddings.  Read more>>

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