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Phoenix 11.9.2017

Tony Chanthavong

Phoenix is known to be the hottest cities in the U.S. during summers. Temps can hit 120 degrees and with that type of weather, people here are always looking for ways to stay cool. Shaved snow ice concept is from the streets of Taiwan. Read more>>

Angelic Garza

I graduated cosmetology school in 2005. During my last month of my education, a representative from a local hair replacement facility had visited our school and gave a presentation. That was my first time ever hearing about the hair loss industry. Read more>>

Ryan Vowell and Sara Wilhelm

I am a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and have been training clients of all fitness levels for over 6 years. I believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness by encompassing cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance training. Read more>>

Emily Hughes

I started doing hair when I was in high school as a hobby and loved it! I tried doing other things and nothing stuck like doing hair did. I knew it was a profession that I could take anywhere with my love of travel! I finally went to beauty school and got my license. Read more>>

George Cunningham

My family got started in the auction business in northeast Arkansas in 1947 with my grandfather, George Y. Cunningham. My father brought the family auction business to Arizona in the 70’s. I started working with my father when I was 16 as soon as I got my driver’s license. Read more>>

Eric Potvin and Kristine Wolfe

Kristine told Eric, “you ruined my career, buy me a wine bar” and the rest is history. We started with the idea to offer a cool place to hang out for a while and enjoy wine and beer. We provide this throughout our cozy lounge-style bar. We offer daily wine tastings, wines and beers by the glass, and bottles to go.  Read more>>

Erin Nurss Raczynski, Adrienne Nurss Robertson, Terry and Mike Nurss

Arizona Cinderella began in 1977. Bob and Denise Swartzman were the directors from 1983 and continued producing the state pageant until 2012, when we lost our beloved Denise to Pancreatic Cancer. Denise was an avid supporter of youth development in her city of Bullhead and throughout the state through Cinderella. Read more>>

Jay Valdez

Renowned for his distinctive turntable skills, Jay Valdez, better known as Akshen, is one of the best in the business. His love for the “Perfect Beat” has helped him develop his very own, versatile style. Akshen has been a music enthusiast since his teen-age years and mastered the art of musical fusion. Read more>>

Dameon Blair

My educator journey started as a camp counselor at an Outdoor Science School in La Canada California. The camp was owned and operated by the Long Beach Unified School District. Long Beach Unified owned the camp for 50+ years and all 5th grade students in the district received a week long camp experience. Read more>>

Renie Cavallari

I grew up in Philly. I’ve always had wanderlust and it is no surprise that I ended up in the hospitality and travel business. I grew up camping so the hotel business ensured I would never again have to pitch and sleep in a tent! Read more>>

Apryl and Anthony Triana

27 Tattoo Studio started as an idea for a custom high end tattoo Studio that would be geared towards the comfort and experience for the client. After being in the industry for 10+years combined, Anthony and I wanted to put something together that was different than the standard street shop. Read more>>

Dr. Darrell Kilcup

The saying, “God works in mysterious ways,” comes to my mind when I think about my journey. I was a very sickly child. From the time I was born until I was seven I was often sick. My main problem was my respiratory tract. I either had croup, asthma, bronchitis, or all three. Read more>>

Laura Larkin

As a City employee working in cube life, I became friends with my cube neighbor. As we talked about cube life and how it would be to be on the outside, we formed a side hustle called Sweet New Baby. It just so happened that our new photo sharing site that we were sure was going to help us escape was formed right before Facebook. Our dreams had been shattered as you can imagine. Read more>>

Andrew Fritz

My first job at age 15 was in a restaurant. I was fortunate to work for a talented operator, and I knew right then and there that I wanted to be a restaurateur. I worked in restaurants all through school, and graduated from Arizona State University. Read more>>

Daniel Brown

I got my real estate license in August of 2007, which was a very unfortunate time to become a Realtor. The housing market was collapsing, and we were on our way to one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. I witnessed many people lose their jobs, their homes, and some even their families. Read more>>

Kim Brush

After the economic crisis occurred in 2008, my husband and I decided to start our own business. The next and most important decision was “what kind of business?” We looked at the Phoenix metro area and saw that there weren’t many popcorn stores. We could establish a unique niche offering fresh, made-from-scratch gourmet popcorn. Read more>>

Laura Busby

When I was 21, I learned that I was dyslexic. This came after years of struggling in school and at a point when I was thinking about dropping out of college. Instead of continuing to fail, I went through a dyslexia reading and spelling remediation program. Read more>>

Kelly Aubey

Well, I saw no other cinema in this city that was truly built for film lovers. Film is about, well, everything and I became increasingly disappointed to see that other cinemas did very little to tap into the power film has to bring people together, to build community, and even to educate. Read more>>

Stephen Chilton

I began booking and promoting concerts while still in High School back in the year 2000. At first it was all just working with local bands and friends. Over time that just grew from a few shows a month too now at Rebel Lounge we are doing shows at least 7 nights a week and some days multiple shows in a day. Read more>>

Diana Ferguson

I credit my “creative gene” to my birth mom, a fiber artist who owned a boutique on the island of Mykonos, Greece. Growing up with my family in the west suburbs of Chicago, I remember being the ‘different one.’ I felt I was meant to do something creative but I didn’t grow up doing anything especially artistic. I just always loved fashion, music, and pop culture. Read more>>

Bob Maguire

I was in telecom and IT most of my career. I was most definitely bored and felt that I was making no impact on the world. I went back to the WP Carey School of Business in 2011 to get my Executive MBA. It lit a spark inside of me and after starting to distribute regenerative medicine products, I saw that there was no real value as a distributor. Read more>>

William Carey

We started by making golf balls for other companies. In an effort to do something different and relevant, we decided to make our own eco-friendly golf ball that could compete with other golf balls on the market. Read more>>

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