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Phoenix 11.17.2017

Tara Chatterton

I began my photography journey about six years ago when my father-in-law lent me his old Olympus camera and kit lens. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and at the time it was simply a hobby while I worked and completed my Masters degree. One of my good friends, Cassandra, taught me all the basics of photography and allowed me to accompany her to sessions and even a few weddings. Read more>>

Rebecca and Andy Baker

Rigging and Machinery Moving has a been a family occupation for the Baker family for 4 generations. Andy has been a rigger for most of his life, as well as his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Rebecca is also a Qualified Rigger. Rigging is a very common topic of conversation within our family. Whenever we are asked what we do we are proud to say “We are Riggers!” Read more>>

Christina Storto

The owner and photographer of The Bella Jade Collection in Phoenix, I am a West Michigan native – I could tell the story of when I got my first camera, taking pretty pictures of my pets, graduating college kids in tow with a Photography degree, then spending most mornings in a make-shift home office dreaming of one day having my own studio and doing what I truly love. I started out shooting anything and everything just to feed my passion. Read more>>

Stephen Grear

I learned from an early age how to take care of my shoes since we didn’t have the money to get new kicks whenever I wanted them. By the time I was 8-9 I learned how to clean my sneakers pretty well. Thankfully my mother instilled in me the importance of clean shoes, she always said something like “as long as your shoes look good you can get away with wearing older clothes and still look presentable, but if your shoes are filthy it doesn’t matter what clothes you’re wearing.” Read more>>

Lisa Levinson

I got the “baking bug” very early as a child. I remember baking with my Grandmother in her kitchen in Montreal very often, it was a great bonding experience for us. I believe this is where my love for baking stems from. As I grew up, I put baking on the back burner to focus on a career in Fashion. As i progressed, I realized this was not my true passion and immediately fell back into baking. I started very small, out of my home kitchen, creating and perfecting my recipes. Read more>>

Natasha Tiffany

I am Natasha Tiffany owner of We Love Chic LLC for Originally a California Native I was a passionate singer and songwriter. In my early 30’s I had done some soul searching and ultimately decided it was time to venture off into other professional endeavors but I couldn’t leave without leaving an imprint. In 2012, I released 2 singles on I tunes titled “Single One” written by myself and “You want me to Anyway” written by Channing James. Read more>>

Diane Zalman, George Zalman, Kristoffer Smith

The three of us met through our common interest in 4x4s. George and Diane used to lead a lot of local trail rides, and Diane became interested in writing trip reports and photography. Around 2006 while doing a lot of expedition-style, multi-day off road trips, they began to cross paths with Kristoffer, a web site developer. “We all had a lot in common as to the kinds of travel and trails we enjoyed, so we decided to create a place for people like us who love off-road exploration and adventure.” Read more>>

Deividas Molocajevas

Sonata’s Restaurant is truly a family venture, owned and operated by mother/son team Sonata Molocajeviene Tuft, owner, and her son/COO and Chief Designer Deividas Molocajevas at the helm. Deividas describes his relationship with his mother as a close one throughout his upbringing, even during times when Sonata had to work three jobs just to support herself and her son. “We learned to get through difficult times together,” he says. Read more>>

Tristan Moore

Broken Window Studios was founded by myself and my wife Aby in 2014. Before we created our LLC, Aby and I created a prototype of a game called “Grave” and received some attention for it at festivals and within web communities, so we decided to start our company and launch a Kickstarter to announce the game. Our Kickstarter was successful and landed us around $37,000 in funding to start our development. Read more>>

Dan Brown

My business career started at ASU, where I majored in Supply Chain Management. ASU was one of the first schools in the country to offer this, which at the time was the hot new business degree. Having a good internship on your resume was key to standing out among your peers. Luckily ASU has a great internship program. While most students aimed for Fortune 500 companies, I wanted something smaller. Read more>>

Dana Mailloux

I first found the interest to provide music services for people in 2012 where I was the DJ for a Church Event, which had been a Summer Picnic. After that I just DJ ‘ed very little, usually just for family birthday parties or new years events but didn’t officially have a name or get Licensed with the Arizona Corporate Commission until early January of 2017. I look back now and wish I would have started the ball rolling 5 years previously. Read more>>

Melissa Madden

It is so hard to believe we moved from NYC to Phoenix 12 years ago! (WOW) and wouldn’t change a thing. Keith graduated from photography school in 1995, so we have been doing this for quite awhile. After graduating from photo school he began assisting well known commercial photographers in NYC, learning everything he could. Simultaneously, he started assisting photographers on weddings. Read more>>

Laura Magruder

I joined Maggie’s Place in September 2013, the founder had left February 2013. During the interview process I toured The Magdalene House in south Phoenix and was moved by the tree of life. This old home has a very tight stairwell to the second floor and the tree consumes the area, names of babies born while their moms lived in that home. Read more>>

Chris Baxla

I started building signs at a very young age working for my father part time while going to school. i went of to NAU to be an engineer. during my senior year i ran into some personal problems that forced me to go back to work. so i went back to building signs. i became forman of a local shop after a couple years, then decided to go on my own. working from home at 1st allowed me to walk my kids to school, which was priceless. i started my business with one sales call almost 18 years ago, and it has grown every year since. Read more>>

Kyle Hollenbeck

Aioli Gourmet Burgers was created by three life long friends. Michael, Chef Tom and Myself Kyle. I had a heavy sales background, Michael was a financial major and Chef Tom was a Culinary Institute of American Grad. We started with one food truck and have grown too three trucks and now our restaurant on 32nd st and Shea. Read more>>

Frank Crump

My involvement in the nonprofit sector began in 2003, when I left my family safely in Singapore and returned to the United States to keep a promise of approximately 20 years. My good friend, Jim Brown of Cleveland Browns NFL fame, and I had made a promise to each other, that one day, after I became an international businessman, we would work together to help people in need. At the time, I was heading to Singapore to begin my international career. Read more>>

Debbie & JB Frere

Back in 1994 we had the opportunity to join World Book (International Division) and manage their UK operations. Due to the strength of Encyclopedia Britannica in the UK, World Book was looking for a “new way” to break into the UK market and the expand their sales representation. At that time Party Plan was all the rage, so the decision was made to start a new division focused on developing and selling lower cost educational items while at the same time building a direct selling sales force. Read more>>

Paddy Rasmussen

I had just graduated from college with my BA Interior Design, I was sitting outside, taking some quiet time for myself to reflect on the last five years. A sign came to me that I should help people through grief and transition. I evaluated that and my skill set in being an excellent problem solver. I thought how was I going to do that. I just graduated after five years and the idea of going back to school to become a grief counselor or anything else didn’t appeal to me. Read more>>

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