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Mesa 12.14.2017

Greg Ansel

After graduating from USC in 1991, I came back to Arizona and started my first corporation at 22 years old with money I had saved while working through college – a technical temporary employment service called Hunter Technical Services. I sold that business to my partners and at 25, I started my next business, snack, and soda vending machines (Ansel Vending). Read more>>

Chris Soehren

Grew up around cars thanks to my dad. Took an Autobody class in High School, enjoyed the work. Went to an engineering school for 1 year, then worked some dead-end jobs for a few years. Finally decided to go to Wyotech to get a degree in Autobody repair and custom paint. Read more>>

Dorian Townsend

I have worked in the nonprofit field since I was 15, serving many roles and trying to “live my passion,” to help those most in need. I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Community Alliance Against Family Abuse (CAAFA) in Apache Junction, leading the agency in their CAAFA 2020 Strategic Plan. Read more>>

Lalonna Winslow and Balynda Western

I was first introduced to Rhea Lana’s when I was a single mother. I was struggling to provide for my son the same lifestyle that we were used to. When I stumbled upon the event, I quickly found there were name brand clothes and lightly used toys for a fraction of a cost. Read more>>

Jacy Smith and Burt Cigler

ReFresh IT started after Burt and Jacy worked as the internal I.T. department for a hospice management company that went under. They decided that they wanted to continue offering I.T. support and services, but on their own terms and with the understanding that technology is supposed to help- not hinder. Read more>>

Mark Hickey

I was a life-long cyclist who worked in China in the early 1990’s. During my time there, a Chinese riding buddy introduced me to the principals of a new business recently spun off from the Chinese aerospace industry. This fabricator was building high-end titanium bicycle frames for European companies. Read more>>

Roger Gonzalez

It all started with Bob some 40 yrs ago. He was the original owner the guy that started it all. Everybody knew back in the day that Bob’s tire corral was the place to get used tires and horse’s saddles. Some yrs later the shop was sold. 15 yrs ago my dad bought from the person that Bob sold the shop too. Read more>>

Lily Neff aka The Salt Lady

It was love at first sight at an art show I was exhibiting at, I purchased my first salt lamp brought it home plugged it in and my husband and dog quit snoring the first night! As for myself, great allergy relief! My skeptic husband Ed Neff became a believer and has been my partner and support through the building of our business. Read more>>

Mark Reinoso

19 years ago, I injured my shoulder while working as a diesel mechanic for Valley Metro bus repair shop. I was on workman’s compensation for 7 months, and during that time, I reflected on my life and what I wanted to do. I hated my job and my life. Read more>>

Gabrielle Ott

My father is from American Samoa where dance is an important part of the Samoan culture. My parents, Totoe and Aimee Moea’i, began Tamali’i as our small family luau show in 2008 with my brothers, Hunter, Wyatt, and myself. Read more>>

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