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Mesa 12.07.2017

Jason Burton

I was lucky to be brought up in an environment that taught me about guns and made them available to me. As I recall I got my first rifle when I was 4 or 5 years old and my first pistol around the age of 14. I’ve always been interested in mechanical items (cars, watches, guns, etc) my father was a car guy and a gun guy, I suspect my mechanical interests come from him. Read more>>

Marisa Johnson

I am the youngest of four children and, while growing up, having balloon animals all over the floor was not uncommon. My oldest brother learned how to create shapes with balloons and made it into his own party business. He taught me how to make a dog but I wasn’t too interested in learning. Read more>>

Jenifer Tull-Gauger and Kirk Gauger

This husband-and-wife team of karate instructors started as high school sweethearts in Southern California. We met in art class in our sophomore year and started dating junior year. We later moved to Arizona because jobs were plentiful here. Arizona has been good to us for the last 20-plus years. Read more>>

DeeDee Hawash

I am the owner of Pink Camel Boutique. I am a 3rd generation native to Arizona. For as long as I can remember I have always had a love for fashion and art. My parents were always supportive and encouraged my passion. My summers were filled with joining local art camps and my art cart was always stocked with new colored pencils, chalk, paints, and pastels for sketching. Read more>>

Gary and Melynda Wolter

Gary started as a Realtor right after 9-11 happened in Sept of 2001. “I remember thinking, wow this could be bad timing but I can’t control the economy but I can control what I do and how hard I work.” Gary ended the year being awarded the “2002 Newcomer of the Year at his company. Read more>>

Tiffany Rebozo-Brand

I originally started Sketch N Cakes because I was unhappy with the cakes that were available to me. As the oldest of 9 siblings and from a large family, we would always have birthday cakes and cupcakes at our celebrations every month. Read more>>

Candi Parent

In an effort to raise money to cover the expenses associated with adoption, I ventured out to do my part. I have always been good with my hands and I enjoy creating. I started off by baking pies, cakes and cookies. Read more>>

Jimmy Rios

I am born in Queens New York of 1st generation immigrant parents that came to this country in 1968 from Medellin Colombia. My father was a hard working entrepreneur with dental clinics and real estate in New York, Medellin and later Phoenix, Arizona. Read more>>

Tony Martin

I left California with my parents at the age of 3 to live in Mexico away from the gangs on LA in 1981. There I grew up, went to school and learned the trade of building high end furniture with an uncle. Read more>>

Andrea Alden

Lisa Juliet, our Founding Director, originally started this project simply by trying to create an effective workout for women. She is a classically trained ballet dancer, but after college and beginning her career as a research scientist, she got into kickboxing and other forms of group fitness. Read more>>

E.T. and Lauri Saffon

I started in real estate after high school in 1991 with my mother and father as they were real estate agents in Southern California. I primarily flipped homes until I moved to AZ. Lauri also started her real estate career in Southern CA in the early 90’s. Read more>>

Louis Robinson

After High school, I enlisted in the Airforce and became a Military Working Dog handler (that’s the equivalent of a K-9 police officer). After my enlistment I received an honorable discharge and returned to civilian life. Then in 2007 I founded Robinson Dog Training. Read more>>

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