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Mesa 11.3.2017

Chris Badulescu

After graduating from Arizona State University in Spring of 2014 with a double business degree in Accountancy and Computer Information Systems, I chose the accounting route and began my corporate accounting career. Read more>>

Dorian Lenz

Dorian is the Director of NCT Phoenix. He previously enjoyed a successful career as Director of National Comedy Theatre San Diego; San Diego’s longest running comedy show. Dorian began performing improv comedy as a young teenager and now has more than 20 years of performance experience under his belt. Read more>>

Jeff Dahlin

Bullet Proof Diesel was established in 2009, but the roots of the company go back several years before. Our two founders—brothers Ken and Gene Neal—have been involved in desert truck racing for many years, and started noticing problems with the reliability of the support vehicles. Turned out, a whole generation of Ford trucks was experiencing the same issues (the 6.0L Power Stroke engine contained design flaws).  Read more>>

Debra Ray

In 2001, I was working for a company that went out of business, so I went back to school but had to quit when my husband at the time decided he didn’t want to be a family man anymore. The kids were 7,8 and 14… He cleaned us out and took all the money never paid the bills so everything was getting ready to be shut off. Read more>>

Tennille Harron

As my dog Brooklyn got older his formally iron stomach got a lot more sensitive. Around that same time, the issue with dogs getting sick and dying from treats made in China was all over the news and I decided I had to do something to keep my dogs safe and healthy. Read more>>

Sally Harrison

Harrison moved from Washington State to Mesa in July of 2004. She joined the Mesa Chamber of Commerce in 2008 bringing with her a marketing, events and foundation management background. She originally served as the Director of Programs with the Chamber, after that was moved to VP of Development and has been serving as President & CEO since spring of 2013 and serves as the President of the Mesa Industry & Defense Council, a program of the Chamber. Read more>>

Joann Pilcher

Sexual addiction isn’t an easy topic. Although, statistics show it’s widespread and is now affecting our children and teens in this digital age, people are slower to come to terms with it which allows it to become an addiction that has now surpassed any other addiction in America. Read more>>

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