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Meet Whitney Hughes of Dynamic SOULutions for Wellness in Arcadia

Today we’d like to introduce you to Whitney Hughes.

Whitney, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I always knew I wanted to be in the helping professions, but was unsure to what capacity (I had a childhood dream of becoming a doctor, lol). While in college, a semester-long assignment, in a leadership management course, was to create a mock business; I took the assignment very seriously, as entrepreneurship has always called to me. I even went out & secured the trademark name, as I had an intention to actualize this business. However, it sat in a corner collecting dust for almost four years. At the time, my health began to rapidly decline. Many unfamiliar experiences started occurring leaving me even more fearful. I developed severe panic attacks & anxiety, had frequent cardiologist visits (at age 25), major depression, & new phobias I didn’t understand. My external world was a direct reflection of my internal world – confusion, chaos & pain. Little did I know, the Universe was on my side. I was blessed, in a very synchronistic way, to have been introduced to my mentor & now a friend. She really rattled my world & helped me see my potential & understand that I actually had control of my reality, my environment & circumstances. It was then I discovered the powerful connection between our minds & bodies. I began down the road of healing myself from the inside out. I started realizing the awareness around this phenomena was not as popularly known as it should be, & part of my purpose here is to raise self-awareness, guiding people on an internal journey of healing emotionally, physically & spiritually, realizing their potential (in unconventional, unique, creative & fun ways). I was divinely guided step-by-step, forcing myself outside my comfort zone, meeting new people, being presented with opportunities all that have to lead me to where I am today. Almost two years ago now, I began making my dream my reality.

Has it been a smooth road?
I believe, from challenge comes strength & growth. There have been many struggles along the way, & with growth comes new hurdles & lessons to overcome, but it’s all a part of the journey. Many times, I wanted to give up when presented by fear, self-doubt, worry, failure… your typical roadblocks & then some. For me, it’s knowing my purpose & mission is for something far greater than myself, & I’ve experienced the beauty & abundance on the other side of fear. I’ve learned it’s temporary & great rewards come through perseverance no matter how big & scary the challenge may seem. Perspective is huge! Embrace & flow, meeting challenge or the unknown with thrill & excitement, or resist & stall, holding on to a false sense of control, pushing against fear. Nature & the power of surrender have been my greatest teachers.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Dynamic SOULutions for Wellness story. Tell us more about the business.
Dynamic SOULutions for Wellness came to me through a typo, & immediately it became apparent what was missing – a spiritual component. Mind-body work is highly spiritual & interrelated. Our bodies are communicating with us constantly, & we’ve learned to drown them out or temporarily shut them up by masking symptoms; I’m here to show you there is another way. Every physical ailment stems from thought, emotion or belief, it’s only a matter of time before you see it manifest. As a mind-body wellness coach, I empower & assist my clients in finding a balance between their physical bodies & spiritual bodies, knowing their power & potential. I consider myself a guide (or “illumination” expert), in a very external world, to an internal journey of self-discovery at a soul level. I offer unconventional & holistic methods that allow most to reconnect with their True Selves. Most of our beliefs & labels were downloaded from childhood, our parents, society, etc., & are limiting our growth & full potential. I help people rip off the masks, reclaim their power, own their truth & step into their most authentic selves. Whether you’re navigating new territory, stuck in repeating cycles, or simply want to optimize your potentials, my methods & tools often allow my clients to see with new lenses. Change & transformation can often be viewed as scary or intimidating, but we’re in this together; I walk alongside my clients every step of the way (they just have to be willing to do the work). When we heal one, we heal all. I believe one of my greatest gifts is through my natural ability to allow people to feel safe & comfortable, to be fully seen, heard & understood (especially in vulnerable context) for their truest authentic selves. It brings me great joy when I can see someone step into their power, remembering who they are for themselves – they begin to glow immediately. We are all living, learning, loving, healing & growing, so why not do it authentically, confidently & fully! My approach often leads my clients to a shift in perspective, resulting in freedom & fulfillment. I am so excited about my own continual growth, so I can continue showing up for others. I am looking forward to sharing my creative offerings with the world! I’m currently working on taking my workshops & retreats beyond Phoenix, & the surrounding area. Travel & nature are very close to my heart & I’m creating expansion through authentic connection to make that opportunity come to life. I also just launched a subscription service -The Mindful Moon Box! I’m stoked to see how it grows. The intention is to learn from the cyclic rhythm of nature (in a fun, creative way) & how we can apply its philosophy for personal growth & achievement; offering advice, practices, rituals & activities centered around mindfulness each month. When we become more in-tune with our own energy & the energy around us & learn to use it to our potential, we begin to witness the magic unfold.

Tell us about your childhood, what were you like growing up?
Growing up, I was more on the reserved side; very quiet & shy, however, always observing. I was very active & loved sports. I had a huge competitive side. Being outdoors in nature always brought me my greatest joy, & it still does to this day! I had a wide array of interests growing up (but that hasn’t changed much, haha). I was very interested in language, culture, travel & photography, as well as science & medicine. I was also fascinated by the art of the cuisine world & absolutely loved cooking & baking – I just loved to learn; anything & everything. I was always told I had a bright light & calming nature, & was often found smiling & laughing (sometimes awkwardly, lol). I enjoyed reading, writing, dreaming & creating, & am finally learning (now as an adult) how to come out of my shell & share my gifts, bright spirit & creative nature with the world.

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