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Meet Trailblazer Saloua Ibaline

Today we’d like to introduce you to Saloua Ibaline.

The earliest years of life for Saloua Ibaline, certified life and business coach, inspirational speaker, and owner of digital marketing agency Ibaline Media, were challenging, to say the least, presenting almost insurmountable odds for success. But with a fiery and resilient nature, and the example her mother showed her, Saloua made her way to Arizona and founded Self Made Successful Women. She combines her experience and expertise to train women in growing their own successful businesses. Saloua’s insight to help others was born of her personal journey that took her from Morocco to Belgium, then New York City, and finally, Phoenix.

Saloua was born in a small village in Morocco, into a society in which women often experience oppression and abuse. The cultural norm was, and in many cases still is, that women are not free to question the male authority figures in their life. First, they belong to their fathers and brothers, and then become the responsibility of their husband, and are meant to stay home, cook, clean, and raise children, and not expect any freedom to pursue anything further. Saloua’s mother was put into an arranged marriage at the age of 14, and it was not a happy one. After four children and more than a decade of marriage, Saloua’s father divorced her mother without any explanation and sent her back to her own abusive father in disgrace. In a Muslim country, if your husband says you’re getting divorced and kicks you out, you have no say in the matter. With no money, education, or plan for the future, Saloua’s mother became depressed and hopeless. A year later, when the opportunity arose to emigrate from Morocco to Europe, Saloua’s mother courageously seized her chance, even at the cost of leaving her older children behind since her ex-husband would not allow the children to be taken. Only Saloua was permitted to leave since she was too young to be weaned and separated from her mother.

In Belgium, her mother got remarried, went to school to learn French, and got her driver’s license. Saloua’s stepfather was also abusive and violent, which eventually led her, her mother and stepsister to move to a women’s shelter, where she spent almost 3 years of her childhood. Saloua witnessed the changes taking place in a woman who had found her power and was fighting back against the hardship and circumstances in which she’d been brought up. Saloua never wanted to be in the position of her mother, yet admired her tenacity in persevering and making a better life for herself. Although not an ideal family situation, Saloua looks at the positive side of her childhood; it gave her an opportunity to grow up in Belgium and get an education. She was given a strong and impressive role model in her mother, who strove to improve the lives of her family, and who continued fighting to get her children back, until eventually, 12 years after leaving Morocco, they all reconnected in Belgium.

A tenacious and daring young woman, Saloua had big ambitions and at the age of 20, decided to move to New York City. She had no money, didn’t speak proper English, and had no family or connections in the United States. Nonetheless, she took on the challenge, learned English, put herself through college, started her businesses, and ten years after arriving here, gained U.S. citizenship. Saloua is a big believer in education and self-improvement, and as such has earned certifications in event management, life coaching, and business coaching, as well as a degree in business management in New York City. In 2017, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where she worked for Google Adwords before starting her own digital marketing agency. As a coach, Saloua shares her life’s trials and tribulations transparently, so others can learn from her experiences. She understands firsthand that once someone embraces and uses their power, they can bring forth a new set of circumstances.

Today, Saloua offers business coaching programs, women in business virtual mastermind meetings and social media marketing services.  Her latest project is the Self Made Successful Women coffee table book, featuring the stories of  immigrant women entrepreneurs.

Saloua’s way of life is to always be self-aware, ask questions, and embrace your inner power.

Has it been a smooth road?
My journey was definitely not a smooth road, however, it also made me the woman I am today.

Between learning how to navigate a new country as an immigrant and dealing with many discriminative experiences, I learned resiliency and strength. Without those traits, I probably wouldn’t have accomplished much of what I have.

My advice for young women who are just starting their journey is to not be afraid to ask questions.
Question everything. That is the only way to be an innovator and create a different path to success.

Learn from your mistakes so you can grow. If you don’t allow yourself to learn from your mistakes, you will make repeat the cycle with the same results over and over until you learn the lesson.

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I’m a certified Business Coach and Social Media Specialist. I currently run two different companies which complement each other.

Ibaline Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on social media marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses. After working for Google Adwords, I decided to open my own agency. Today, I consult, speak, and work with companies around the globe. My primary focus is to educate small businesses on how to use digital marketing to grow their brand, connect with their ideal clients/customers, and generate sales.

Additionally, I run a women’s empowerment movement called Self Made Successful Women, hosting quarterly panels, virtual masterminds, and private business coaching programs. My mission is to empower, educate, and inspire women to use their inner gifts to start the business they’ve always dreamed of.

I’m currently working on this new project “The Self-Made Successful Women’s Coffee Table Book.”
This book will feature the stories of immigrant women entrepreneurs, who came to the United States and became business owners.

I’m really proud of the community of diverse women I’ve built here in Phoenix. AZ.

Finding a mentor and building a network are often cited in studies as a major factor impacting one’s success. Do you have any advice or lessons to share regarding finding a mentor or networking in general?
To be honest, this was very difficult for me when I first move the US. I was very alone and didn’t find the right community who could understand me and help me. That is probably the reasons why I created my own.

Today, however, with the internet, there’s no excuse.
I would recommend three things:

If you are in business, you definitely want to hire a coach, someone who will show you the ropes. Trying to do it all alone is simply gonna delay you and will cost you more in the long run.

Second, find a community of people like you, where you can find support and connection. There are many support groups and meetups out there, so don’t settle until you find the one that’s right for you.

Lastly, find a mentor, someone who is successfully doing what you want to be doing one day.

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