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Meet Trailblazer Abbie Major

Today we’d like to introduce you to Abbie Major.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Abbie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
How I became a Passionate Holistic Esthetician…

My first step into the skincare industry was more than 25 years ago at a popular high-end spa which carried a line of mainstream, one-size-fits-all products. Through the years, I worked with clients who continually returned with the same skin issues and complaints with no sign of improvement, despite the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours invested in professional skincare treatments. This felt very unfulfilling to me.

Inquisitive and always curious, I determined that the generic skincare spa approach was rendering only temporary results, but was not healing or correcting the root issues. Thus, it became my mission to seek out skin products and professional treatments that address skin issues holistically, which includes both internally as well as externally, targeting and resolving the true causes.

I also came to realize that most products and treatments being offered in the mainstream skin care industry only lead to temporary solutions. They only band-aid the symptoms, while also creating an extensive amount of damage and inflammation in the skin. This is not ok with me! Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of this due to misinformation, and marketing hype.

With fastidious research, I discovered a few different highly effective dermaceutical lines which gently and effectively detox and heal the skin, while protecting and promoting balance. The results I’m now able to achieve with my unique approach are incredible and I’m so proud of the business I’ve created.

Another thing I have learned through years of experience is that beautiful skin is rarely achieved without individualized attention to a client’s specific needs – which is why I dedicated years of research into finding the most effective holistic skin care products. My primary focus is on the science behind the solutions so that my clients get exactly what they need to look and feel their best (which is not the same for everyone!). I’m very intuitive when it comes to skincare, so I’m able to fine-tune the perfect combination of professional treatments and daily regimen for my clients.

In a day and age when so much self-care speak ends up being empty marketing schematics and self-harm in disguise, my practice brings people to the deep work needed to love themselves and to know and live in their personal glow. My passion is to educate and inform my clients to care for their skin… a living breathing organ!

Holistic skin care is truly my passion, my gift and my purpose in life.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
My journey has been anything but smooth. My approach goes against the grain of mainstream skin care! These days it’s all about “instant gratification” and making wrinkles and acne just disappear in a day. However, people don’t realize the long term detriments this can have on the health of their skin. It’s hard to know that this is going on and that most people are very unaware.

I know in my heart that assaulting the skin in order to achieve temporary results is just wrong! Suppressing symptoms with antibiotics, steroid creams, and benzoyl peroxide products only suppress the immune system as well as wound repair. Throwing acid on your face and destroying your skin’s barrier from over exfoliation is further damaging and aging your skin… & that’s only the beginning of how much damage can occur over time.

I’ve had to learn that all I can do is re-educate those that are open and willing to listen. I’ve also had to learn that I can’t care about someone’s health more than they do. Sometimes, it’s hard to let go and let people figure things out for themselves.

In regards to owning a business, you must be fully prepared to face down every perceived fear, weakness and insecurity within yourself because owning a business is a fast track to self-growth and discovery!

I would tell young women who are just beginning their journey to always stay true to themselves and to do what they believe is right. If you have a deep burning passion to do something, DO it!!! Even if other people tell you otherwise. Be unstoppable! I’d also tell them to make big business decisions based on where you want to be… not where you currently stand… because that’s the only way that you’ll create your dream business!

We’d love to hear more about Abbie Skin Love.
I am a very passionate Holistic Esthetician and skin coach. I’m obsessed with I do! It means everything to me. I created my own holistic skin care business about nine years ago based on an approach that I firmly believe in and am very passionate about. My “holistic wellness meets proven science” approach revolves around identifying and addressing my client’s own individual skin care needs.

Sometimes, the issues can be internal. Internal wellness plays a significant role in skin health. Many spas and product lines do not take a holistic approach in order to target internal balancing. Unfortunately, this only leads to short term solutions. Instead, I target several key skin needs: detoxing and repair, healing and nourishment, and balancing and protection. Rather than only addressing skin issues externally, I take a corrective approach to skincare combating and mitigating skin damage from the inside-out.

I set myself apart by building trusting and long-lasting relationships with each and every client. They hear from me several times in between appointments because I want to make sure they are feeling good about their skincare! There is such a fine line between client and friend that becomes blurry at times because I care so deeply about my clients.

I also take the time to explain the scientific ins and outs of the damage harsh chemicals, peels, and department store skin care lines can have on their very delicate and irreplaceable skin, as well as the reasons these products appear to “work” albeit temporarily. I want to empower my clients with knowledge so that they feel confident in their skin care choices.

I stand by my deep commitment to beautiful and healthy skin by staying on the cutting edge in regards to advanced holistic technologies, stellar treatments, and toxic-free products that support long term optimal health.

I have completely healed and transformed all different skin conditions, issues and concerns from acne, rosacea, acne scars, pigmentation and sun damaged skin. I’m especially gifted at Age Reversal! I’m very proud that all of my clients look at least ten years younger than their real age and not because of Botox or fillers. They look sensational because their skin is healthy and radiates a youthful glow.

I also believe that the confidence they gain from having naturally glowing skin makes them glow from the inside! It truly fills my heart to see this.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on female leadership – in particular, what do you feel are the biggest barriers or obstacles?
As a female solo business owner, I feel that I am underestimated at times in regards to my ability to successfully and efficiently operate all aspects of my business (I’ve learned the art of “delegation” quite beautifully!)

I also feel that as an empathic heart-based business owner, I can be perceived as someone that can easily be taken advantage of. It’s challenging (especially as a heart-centered female) to find that fine line of making everyone happy (particularly my clients) yet still holding firm to my business boundaries.

With that said, I honestly don’t feel a lot of barriers being put in front of me. My only barriers have been those that I’ve put in front of myself. My biggest barrier is ME! This is when it becomes about overcoming a fear or pushing myself out of my comfort zone.


  • Customized Holistic Facial $110
  • TAMA Microcurrent Therapy $160
  • Revitapen Dermal Infusion Treatment $150
  • Stemcell Rejuvenation Facial $170

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Phone: 4806783889
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @abbieskinlove
  • Facebook: @abbieskinlove

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My Photographer is Nikelle Bennett

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