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Meet Tracy Roberts of TraceYourLife Relaxtion Center in North Phoenix

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tracy Roberts.

Tracy, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I am a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Yoga Instructor, who loves the journey of life, beauty and self-empowerment. I have transcended my fears and limitations by seeking and finding alignment with my purpose.

I overcame the constraints of poverty and domestic violence, which I experienced from early childhood into adulthood, through the simple and profound realization that I had the power to change my life by changing my mindset.

Despite numerous challenges and discouragements, I made a choice to rise above, to not live as a victim but to create the life I wanted for myself and my family.

I became a Life Energy Coach in 2016 with the purpose to use the power to serve and help others discover their power to change their lives. Through supportive, guided and independent work, I help my clients discover their path to align with their goals and purpose, in a way that is kind, gentle, open and loving.

I worked in the healthcare industry for over ten years, including holding corporate leadership positions and managing multiple departments and roles, while raising three children as a single mother. I find great joy and strength in seeing my children’s inner beauty unfold as they discover their own journey and purpose and my 9 year old now leads group Guided Meditation to teach children how to connect with their inner light.

I believe life supports our deepest desires when aligned with our unique and magnificent purpose. I have manifested my dreams into reality by committing to my path, seeking the highest frequencies of love and light.

This is why I opened the relaxation center as a place where people can come from all walks of life to find their center and core connection with who they really are so they can create the life they want to live.

It started so small and is still growing. The people who come to the center stay and have become like a community of family who is connecting with so much more in their lives through something as simple as Breathwork, Sound healing, Guided Meditation, Reiki and Yoga.

I think that if anyone is experiencing any kind of success or fulfillment it is through work ethic. I am very American – west coast – in the way that I believe it’s important to have deep moral values and have integrity with what you are connected to.

In any purpose, you work 80 hours a week. It’s what we do.
As entrepreneurs, we have to work harder. That’s the truth of the matter.

As an entrepreneur, a leader and a woman, the way I see work as a spiritual practice have been really powerful. We work seven days a week but we all love it because we’re passionate and creative.

I was also raised with a connection to this source learning Reiki at age 12, I had no idea the connection it would bring me as an adult to help myself and others live a free and peaceful life full of joy and creativity.

I don’t think it’s my first go around with the spiritual life. I’m not just a yoga teacher or A Reiki practitioner, I’m a mother, a sister, a friend, and a divine creator.

I live near the center in Phoenix with my fiancee, three children and our dog Frankie J.

I truly enjoy meditation, Reiki, hiking and Kundalini Yoga and have made it my life’s purpose to bring this beautiful journey to everyone I meet.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It wasn’t a smooth process at all. I just never gave myself the option to give up.

No matter what I was told by people around me who thought I was crazy for quitting a very high paying career.

Obstacles still come and go but when you believe in something so much because it’s changed your life. You can’t make it up and the obvious choice is to follow your heart.

Believe in it with your whole being and it will believe in you.

Please tell us about TraceYourLife Relaxation Center.

Through Reiki and Group Meditation, I have been able to inspire others to see who they are and connect with their own paths. One of the things I am very proud of in this as the first studio is the community. It’s very eclectic in terms of age, backgrounds, diversity. There are a lot of creatives and that leads to an interesting experience of energy.

The mission is to inspire and encourage those who are in search of a deeper, more fulfilling purposeful life through meditation, pranayama, asana, chanting, restorative deep & mind body. Inward turning, mantra, sound and mindfulness yogic healing.

What role has luck had in your life and business?
I believe the contemplative and conscious practice is no longer an option and anytime someone or something inspires inner assessment and deepening awareness that is the link to the energy you need to create.

There is no such thing as luck there is only a plug-in that we all have access to and it takes practice.

If you are able to recognize a series of “meaningful coincidences” in your life… and ACT on them… it almost always results in a sudden spectacular burst of what one considers to be brilliant good luck!

The problem is that most individuals do not recognize these synchronistic events, because they are not always related.

The key is to never give up until you get what you want! Never! If you quit, it only means that you’ve wasted a lot of time in vain, so don’t quit. Be a winner, not a quitter!

Give your best and persevere. Luck and success will come when you are ready to handle them.

If there is such a thing as “luck” it comes to people that are willing to share it with others.

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