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Meet Tanner Christensen of Territory Supply

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tanner Christensen.

Tanner, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Territory Supply consists of Dustin and me, brothers by blood and business partners by choice. We were raised in the southwest and fell in love with the spirit of the west from a young age. We grew up outdoors, camping, hiking and the sorts. We have always had adventurous souls. As we grew older we became intertwined with the world of entrepreneurship and decided we wanted to start a business that carried the values that we grew up on. Perhaps it was from camping, or perhaps it was from the numerous western novels and movies we read and watched – whatever it was, we decided we wanted our business to be inspired by passion, hard work, and honesty that was the American West. The values that brought curious pioneers to unchartered territory in the wild west days are the values we live by today. Territory Supply is the manifestation of our love for the West and the spirit and values that it was built on all those years ago. We set out to inspire the pioneering spirit of everyday people like us. We provide home-goods as well as outdoor goods and apparel because we know that camping is not the only adventure in this world. In fact, we don’t want it to be the only adventure. Adventures and discoveries can come from anywhere – work, home, travel, family, business, you name it. We simply want to inspire those who are willing to go like hell and find their own territory.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Well, we are true lovers of dirt roads, so naturally, it has been a bumpy ride. What’s the fun in a nice paved road anyways? There have been plenty of struggles and plenty of successes, from each we have learned and grown. Plenty of the struggles have simply been from being new to the game. We are currently relaunching our brand after a rebranding process, after we realized that our designs and ideas tended to get scattered. The biggest struggle has been to really narrow down those ideas and turn them into something strong. When you have two curious people with a questionable level of attention deficit disorder, it can be a struggle to narrow anything down. Luckily we have learned how to channel our energy and create something strong. Our advice would be to just keep it simple and focus on the really powerful ideas. Narrow a discussion down to the strongest points and go with those so that you can create a cohesive brand.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Territory Supply story. Tell us more about the business.
Territory Supply is an apparel and home goods brand inspired by the spirit of the American West. We are known mostly for our message and our identity, The brand is associated with exploration, discovery, and hard work. We set ourselves apart from others in a few ways. We do our best to be as honest, sincere, and “authentic” as possible. Authentic being quoted for the sake of understanding that it is an overused word, but what we truly believe in at its roots. Territory inspires people to go out and explore and be themselves, find their own passions, their own loves and hobbies – the true meaning of authenticity. We want people to find the best versions of themselves, driven by passion. We also try to set ourselves apart from trends, particularly the trend of “outdoor goods”. We love the outdoors, like I said, we grew up outdoors. It is a part of why we are who we are. This leads us to want to pursue the “outdoor goods” idea, until we realized that outdoor goods means very little unless you are selling sleeping bags and tents. Being outside is inherently adventurous, and certainly one of our ways of exploring. However, we find no need to focus only on outdoors as the trendy topic is has become. That being said, we and our goods are inspired by the outdoors but we are much more focused on a more inclusive concept of adventure, knowing that not everyone’s passion lies in mountains. Passions can come from anywhere, doing anything. The important part is that you have the will and inspiration to find those passions and blaze your own trails. That is where we focus – on the idea of exploration for the common (wo)man. We simply inspire you to find your own territory.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
Luck is a funny concept to us. As we believe the old saying, “Luck is the residue of design.” It is actually something that we are very passionate about and have had many a discussion about. We have both been fortunate in our lives for who we have in our lives, and what we have acquired in one manner or another. However, we have found that luck comes not to those searching for it. It comes only to those working hard enough to find it, “Luck is a fact, but should not be a factor.”

The philosophical side apart, we have been very lucky to work with a lot of people we have always admired for their passion and quality of work. They have really helped shape us into the brand we are today. We have met plenty of great people with whom we have become close and very grateful for. We haven’t had the classic “Shark Tank” type of luck that some people think happens out of thin air. We are still working really hard to push ourselves and our brand to the next level, as have any brand that has made a name for themselves. In fact, we like to think we stand for the hard working brands and individuals who spill their lives and passion into one business that may never be on the next episode of “How I Built This” but rather those who make a fair living working as hard as they can to support themselves and build their community. Like I said, luck is a funny thing. And we’re pretty damn lucky to have it.

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