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Meet Syndeelou Jones of The Venus Vault in Scottsdale

Today we’d like to introduce you to Syndeelou Jones.

Syndeelou considers herself to be a “warrior of love”.

“I’m not ashamed to be a warrior of love. I believe that our ability to spread love and to accept love is our greatest responsibility and asset. By putting love in everything we do, we truly can inspire positive change in the world… and that is a cause worth fighting for.”

From having her mother die in her arms as a young girl to giving up her goal of law school to help raise her younger brother, to working with A-List celebrities and building businesses with heart and the care of the environment in mind, Syndeelou has become an expert in transformation and self-discovery. Fighting adversity with inner strength and learning how powerful determination, communication and authenticity can be. She made it her life goal to be a supportive shoulder for those around her and to lead by example.

Since her early twenties she has founded and built four successful businesses, penned two novels, employed over 100 people, been recognized as a leader in earth conservation, formulated a successful career as a coach and consultant and is currently hosting The Venus Vault talk show on Dave Pratt’s Star Worldwide Networks, all while raising her daughter as a single mom. Life wasn’t always easy. There have been many late nights and roadblocks to success, but she fought to overcome them and celebrates all of life’s triumphs.

She believes that in every small victory is a reason to celebrate and finding gratitude for all things helps to keep her inspired and to share that light with others. Her path has taken her many different places, but through it all, she goes where her passion leads her and makes love a priority.

Currently, Syndeelou and her family are living an organic lifestyle in Scottsdale, AZ where she executive produces and hosts the syndicated talk show, The Venus Vault Show. She continues to pursue her entrepreneurial endeavors while assisting and supporting others to achieve their goals as a business consultant and Relationship and Life Coach. She travels locally and nationally for public speaking engagements geared toward women’s empowerment and success, as well as earth conservation.

She formed The Venus Vault Corporation in 2013 to develop and support positive reinforcement in the world through love, media, art, food and good ole’ communication.

“It starts with just a smile or a comforting word…small steps to change the world”.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
In my life, I have been blessed with many beautiful opportunities and open doors, but it is what one does with those that is the twist to either meeting our goals and finding our joy or experiencing failure.

As I was just going to finish high school with hopes of becoming a lawyer and entering college, my mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, in my arms. It devastated my family and I became the matriarch and raised my younger brother, eventually finishing college while working days and attending school at night, all while helping my family and sibling to get through the hardest thing that had ever happened to them.

I did it, and I realized how strong I can be. I felt sadness, I cried myself to sleep on almost every night, because I too had lost my best friend, my mother who I so admired…but I had to be strong for everyone else.

It was at that young age that I knew I could do anything and I wanted to be an example of strength but also allow for that loving and compassionate side that had gotten my family through its heartbreak, to lead me on every path of my life.

I believe in hard work, partnered with belief in one’s self, but most importantly to do everything with compassion and integrity.

Strength should never be considered meanness or cunning, or manipulative, and we women should never be put down, or feel we have to hide our “shine” in order to appease another. Our voice is an important one and should never be stifled. How often does a woman feel she has to SHOUT in order to be heard?

Yes, I have had struggles, from losing loved ones; to nursing my sister in my adult life, through terminal cancer: to raising a daughter on my own after a bad marriage ended; to trying to get clients to pay me on time, in a totally male dominated field. I definitely had sleepless nights, definitely had times that I wasn’t sure how I would pay the bills…but I held on. I never let go of faith in myself. I leaned on my close girlfriends and confidantes, and I held my faith in God.

Today I am happy, healthy, and considered to be financially successful. I give thanks for all the triumphs and tribulations because they made me who I am. It is my hope to be a source of inspiration to other women…amazing women, who have a voice…a voice that matters!

The Venus Vault – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
THE VENUS VAULT. Syndeelou Jones formed The Venus Vault Corporation to develop and support amazing women and their stories. It is my goal to promote positive reinforcement in the world through love, media, art, and good ole’ communication. I want to help women (and men) to start living their passion and create the life they have always dreamed of…through love…

Which begins with love of one’s self.

The Venus Vault is a compilation of many things… It is media, The Venus Vault Show, a women’s talk show which strives to entertain, educate and inspire its listening audience

It is a movement…a LOVE MOVEMENT, to promote amazing, positive relationships between women, to remind us of our shared stories…and how we can rely on one another through the good and bad times; to abolish jealously and competition between us…and to promote the beautiful feminine warrior of love in all of us.

It is coaching… in hopes to lead you down the path of your dreams, to nourish the beauty within you that is so unique, and to watch you shine and discover the greatest love in your life!

WHAT ARE WE PROUD OF? Simply…doing what we are intended for…to follow our path and to witness amazing transformations within those who are inspired by our company/our products/our show.

When I hear, “you changed my life”, or “I finally am ready to let love in”…It is my proudest moment.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
The proudest moment in my career so far has been when a mentor of mine, a media giant, who I have admired most of life, came on as a guest on my show, and said to me, “Syndeelou, you are special, and I am impressed…. Not only did you give me one of the best interviews, but you are authentic…real and a totally gracious host. I believe you will go all the way”

I had no idea what “all the way” meant in radio. But when I was just starting out, those words gave me the courage to pursue my dream with more confidence and to believe in what I was doing while remaining true to myself and my vision.

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