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Meet Louisa Alten of Skinfini in East

Today we’d like to introduce you to Louisa Alten.

Louisa, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
What I love about life and all the interruptions in-between. Life as in mine started the second I found my passion. We hear about finding our passions all the time. We also hear about authenticity. We also want all of our desire to be passionate and authentic. The truth is those are characteristics that we own and if we own them our dreams unfold. I say this because in my business, I never dreamed I would end up having the success or abundance that I feel today. My story is one I which I only chose to work with companies, ideas and jobs that I believed in. I wanted to sell out but I could not sell out. It was funny anytime I did something for money I bombed. On the other hand every-time I did something for passion or authenticity, who I was I excelled. I started over 40 years ago and I almost did not want to mention that in this piece. I don’t want to be defined by my age. I also did not want to be judged as to why it took me so long to be asked to do a piece like this for the Voyager Phoenix.

I now want to mention that attitude in everything. I say that because that is how I became so successful in my eyes. I was hired and did sales for many companies. I was place in jobs since I was 20 that are called turn around jobs in the industry. The meaning of turn around jobs is simply positions in sales usually where a person is hired to turn the business around from creating no profit to profit in as short of time possible. I started there and the rest of my journey became a cake walk. The reason is when you start out doing the most challenging of things and being successful everything else becomes easier. I worked for the most difficult owners, companies and jobs.

I increased sales at every position I had in the cosmetic industry and skin care. Fast forward to 10 years later after I started in the industry. I was in a position to hire others to increase business. I thought to myself what would I want as an employee. It turns out flexible hours was the answer. I had just read a survey that gratitude and flexible hours were the number one reason employees wanted to work for a company. I hired a full part-time staff with diversity women, men, gay, college students, housewives, Caucasian, Hispanic, you name it they were part of my team. I ended up turning around 3 locations in a major city. I took this struggling locations and tripled business. I had just left a company I did the same for but they did not appreciate me on any level so I did it again with this new company. As I did this again for 3 other companies I decided I needed to do it on my own. No more 9-5 and 50 and above work weeks. I would be a Sales rep and not punch a clock. I also decided early on I loved educating others on products, lessons, techniques and so on. I now only wanted to work for a company that was aligned to my life mission statement. This statement was who I was so no animal testing, no doing something just for money, no positions I did not have some influence in. I started representing companies that only sold to Professionally Licensed Aestheticians in the Industry. I started doing more classes, events, appointments, the most difficult aspect about working for yourself as a Sales Representative is yourself. I wanted so badly to work for myself but would get up in the morning and ask what would myself do today if I knew who I was. I would also ask what should myself be doing today for someone else. That period of my life was crazy town. I was accomplishing more than I ever thought I could but I struggled daily. I struggled with who I was and how to find out who I could be. Then all of the sudden I hit my stride. I only wanted to work for the best lines and I tried all sorts of products, researched, sampled, read about. I decided I needed to move and start over. I had been living in Chicago and left to move to Phoenix. I took a part time job with Chanel and loved it and loved my clients. I knew no-one in Phoenix but ended up meeting everyone because of my job at the Chanel counter. I then met a special women Mary who told me she thought I should go into Medical Skincare or Professional skincare. She had a friend who owned a company like this and would introduce me to her. I ended up getting a job there but throat my time I kept getting calls about another competitor company. I was promoted to Sales Manager and National Educator at the company I worked for thanks to Mary. I suddenly kept hearing about another company that did amazing professional skincare for Drs., Resorts, and Aesthetician businesses. I decided to look into the company one day and called them, they were not hiring but I was determined. I talked to the Son of the owner and the next step I was flying to Dallas. I met Rhonda Allison, who by the way they said was not hiring. I flew there with my partner at the time in business. We all had an immediate connection. This was my turning point 17 years later I am still with Rhonda Allison. I have been doing Education for Professional Aestheticians for the company. I was able to branch out because Rhonda was my mentor. She taught me Enzymes, Peels, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Oxygen Therapies, RF Technologies. I started exploring Microcurrent Technologies and Microneedling Technologies. I started teaching Rhonda Allison but also selling technologies. The best part is I always hated machines and computers so life daily was a challenge. I did classes for 40-50 clients a month and started consulting with our businesses. I loved the people aspect the most. I loved uplift our clients and tripling their business. I loved everything about my career.

One day as I was feeling the best about my life than I had for a long time of course something happened to rock my world my Dad Passed away. I felt so lost and so alone. I wanted security and was willing to go anywhere for it. I also could not push out of my mind how my Dad never gave to himself. I thought about how he never had a massage. He never really knew what I did. I wanted desperately to do something that opened my field up to others. I wanted people to see if they took care of themselves aging could slow down. I wanted them to know about alternative therapies to ward off illness. I wanted them to know about all the non-invasive treatments they could do to look better but also feel better about themselves. I approached my Brother in Law who was in the media business about doing a show on the field I was in. He told me to put it together. I started a TV show on all the different aspects of the Anti-aging Industry encompassing all of the treatments and technologies but also the secrets of youth.

My husband and I then started a Productions company and we were sub-contracted to do Anti-aging videos on health, cosmetic treatments, alternative therapies, holistic ideas and places that were integral to healing the body or feeling better. Education through media has been a great accomplishment and healing through skincare along with expanding through knowledge has been a total joy. I became successful because of others success. My mentor Rhonda Allison and my Brother in Law and visionary Steven Pruett and most importantly my Husband and Sister for incredible support and undying faith in me. My advised is others always give us a leg up so grab onto it so they can kick your career forward where you want it to go. My other words of wisdom is appreciate all around you for they are your environment, promotion, accomplishment motivation, and you could be in the succession of highly great individuals who are pioneering the way for us all to be masters of our world. Success takes a
community and a community supports success.

My greatest success has been the mentorship program with Rhonda Allison Aestheticians. My initial drive came from my love for doing the seminars on Peels addressing concerns of women’s skin. That circle of Aesthetic Professionals grew with every class. Teaching a variety of services to increase business in the aesthetic community helped me develop other women’s business. I mentored women to grow their business through marketing, skills and trainings with RA. I feel our ability to succeed comes from our ability to be interdependent and what we give back to our society. My love for Arizona as a community allowed me to flourish and grow in ways I could not have imagined.

Has it been a smooth road?
It has never been a smooth road for anyone. I do feel like always working harder and an attitude of having No Fear of work has helped me so much in my life. I actually feel that the things I have had to struggle the hardest for have actually given me the greatest pleasure both financially and otherwise.

I mentioned earlier about my mentors I want to mention my supporters here. I have a team of 4 Aestheticians who I have mentored over the last 5 years. They do the Rhonda Allison and Technology Seminars with me every month. I have taught them on all levels of business in Aesthetics. I have watched these women grow exponentially over the years because of their interest in advanced education. I believe they have helped me in my success because they have given me strength emotionally to teach classes. They have been influential in their feedback in much that I do in Aesthetics.

One of my greatest struggles within every company selling Professional Skincare and teaching on Anti-aging, Healing Technologies was understanding the expansive scope of knowledge. I had to learn and learn and learn. I had to learn the science, terminology, mechanics, media, and the inner workings of fields that without mentor ship I may not have been able to do. I also had to surrender to the fact that lifelong learning and teaching was a full circle. Those two verbs were the core of my success. We never stop expanding and so often people just want to stop changing, growing, expanding. The thing about success is it usually only comes to those who keep doing all of these things.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
I would describe my company Skinfini as an offshoot company that was launched out of necessity. I want to explain this it started out organically. I had Aestheticians asking me for Technologies they could afford to purchase. They also asked for education on Rhonda Allison but also the Systems they could use with products. They wanted more advanced services added to their business. My personal passion was exploring all types of Alternative treatments in Anti-aging. I feel like I specialize in hope that we can slow down aging, look better if we have to age, or take years off. I have seen women and men look, feel and do better in spite of aging. We don’t have to succumb to aging. I am most proud that I help give people by giving them alternatives to aging which is progressing. We progress if we are healthy we digress if we are sick. We need to reframe how we look at time and what happens to our bodies throughout time. Why don’t we value our bodies more or care for them more or invest more in ourselves. I wonder about that.

What sets me apart is my desire to get my message to all people. I have seen my sister suffer from cancer so horribly. I have prayed and wished I could have introduced her into my field to help her sooner. I was sad she never took care of herself or understood the importance of diet. I wanted her to believe she could be healthy. She was raised in a different era she is 12 years older than me, she only worked her whole life and never took care of herself. My hope was to educate others on aging. There is so much we can do from a non-invasive place that could strengthen us help us look better, stay relevant, and makes us mentally feel more satisfied. We just have to choose it.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
I always say that Scottsdale is a hub for anti-aging. We are more advance than LA or Manhattan. Arizona does not regulate many of the new procedures that come out for Aestheticians. The beauty of that is it allows aesthetics as a field to flourish. It does not only allow this field to flourish it allows health care in general to be more advanced. It has also always been a known fact that cities in the west or sunbelt regions care more about their bodies, The reason is people who live in these environments are wearing less clothes, outside more and have to pay attention to their bodies more. They are outdoor enthusiasts and do more outside that people on the East coast. We spend 80% more time outdoors than people who live in cold climates.

I recommend this area for starting out if you are in the field of Aesthetics because women here have a genuine interest in looking better. I also think this city is amazing because we have a higher demographic of baby boomers but also all the generations after are influenced by social. Media. What that does is make people want to be their best. Social media gets such a bad rap but it actually teaches and influences people to want to try and progress not digress.

Our city does not need improvement aesthetics is a young field. I have Aesthetic Schools such as Southwest Institute of Aesthetics and Gateway Community College that teach the field of aesthetics with integrity. They are much more advanced than many aesthetic schools I have taught or spoken to in other states. Arizona has a huge edge with advancements in Cosmetic Procedures. Most all of the new innovative technologies, treatments. Services and procedures are introduced here first. Aestheticians in Arizona can do more than facials and are extremely competent when doing treatments, peels and other techniques.

Our city has improved did you know we have most resorts within the closest proximity to each other. You can walk down Scottsdale road and within a 1-5 mile radius there are more than 6-8 resorts. We have MORE DESTINATION SPAS per capita than any other US city. Why am I emphatic on this because the more you go for massages and take care of your body the less likely you are to become sick. So again it is a city that is conscious about taking care of ourselves but also having great spa services to offer locals. Again Preventative Aging.

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