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Meet Nekita Reyna

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nekita Reyna.

Hi Nekita, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today?
Who would you be without fear of rejection or failure? The answer that rings true to me is a radiant, multi-faceted, loving goddess. I grew up in Indiana ~ a small town of simplicity and limited perspectives, in a house full of love and gratitude. As my family separated, I felt a lot of confusion and grief. I spent a lot of my time curious about the past and why I wasn’t given an abundance of confidence and opportunity. It wasn’t until I read the Alchemist that I began reframing my curiosity to the possibility of what could be.

In October 2020, I reached out to a couple whom I’d met less than a handful of times through a high school internship and asked if I could come to stay with them in Apache Junction, Arizona. Although my nervousness as a “stranger” and a big ask to let me invade their home, I was shocked by their flattery and welcoming arms.

In December 2020, I packed my bags for a two-month, life-altering visit. I drove across the country with my longboard, a new friend who happened to be a pro-longboarder, and set sail. My family sent me away with kisses, excitement, and fear of letting their little girl travel. The ride up there was every young girl’s dream. I laughed, explored, played, and felt what it was like to live for the present moment. I had no idea that I was about to take a quantum leap into a brand new reality. Waking up in the home of the DeSantis family was a dream every morning. Within my first week, I had found additional family. I woke up one morning to my coffee made, my cup on the counter, and a note that began “Good morning Sunshine”, and I felt like it. I learned how to slow down and make adventure a priority. I knocked on neighboring houses and rode their horses, spent time with a Buddhist Monk named Bahante, hiked, and made the commute to Scottsdale to meet new friends. I traveled alone to Sedona to visit the famous vortices, went to art exhibits, accompanied my new family to a gathering at the Phoenician, and had the honor of being taken to every steak house Arizona had to offer. There is a famous quote that gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. I credit the unconditional love of my mother, my entire community in Indiana, and my sheltered perspective of the abundance life offers for my ability to express gratitude and radiance. It became evident that my purpose is to provide the space for others to recognize their fullest potential, come home to their bodies and heart, and experience the bliss of existence. Two weeks before my return date to Indiana, my Arizona family (Dean and Terry) sat me down at the table for dinner. They presented me with a document that has completely shifted my identity. “The Desantis Family Trust Fund Presents…The Young Adult Sponsorship Program”. Tears rolled down my face as I read the offer letter for me to move to Arizona for one year, housing costs granted. Within two weeks, I flew back home to say goodbye to my life in Indiana and set off to the West to my new apartment on Tempe Town Lake. By August, I had transferred from IUPUI to ASU and was an Arizona resident.

In the beginning months, I battled with feelings of inadequacy and questioned why I was gifted such a “movie cast” opportunity. I began networking and asking myself where the top 1% of successful people in Arizona gathered. I found myself at an Arizona Entrepreneurs event and created a profound community of people who viewed success holistically; surrounded by genuine, sovereign, fearless leaders, I realized that I am a powerful, manifesting magnet. All of my self-doubts began to display themselves as the lessons. I sharpened the skill of showing up in true compassion and equality to everyone around me. Fearless in my pursuit to create happiness and fun on my own, I found myself at an EDM show where the artist invited me to his community of lightworkers for Kundalini yoga. Within months of living here, I found my soul family. Through this community, I was introduced to unconditional love and a self-realization program called Impact, based in Utah.

I spent the months of September to December flying back and forth every weekend to attend this program and learn how to show up in my magnificence. At the start of the New Year, I felt called to devote myself to a life of service. I quit my waitress job and began personal training at a private gym in Tempe. I was connected to a trainer in the gym, who in divine timing, needed a trainer to step into the new volume of his company. I was exposed to clients of all different walks of life. For me, personal training became far more than physical fitness. I started hosting breathwork workshops to assist others in finding peace within themselves and started applying my knowledge of NLP to my clients. I am devoted to hosting a space of acceptance and transcendence of fear in the pursuit of dreams.

By March of 2022, the grant ended, and it was time for me to support myself fully. I now generate an income by being of service and reverence to others while I finish my final semester as an undergrad. It is my wish fulfilled to see people transform their bodies through primal physical movement and re-birthing breathwork. I am reminded daily that there is no end-to-earth school, but service is the secret to success and longevity.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not, what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
Everyone experiences suffering. Some people suffer mostly from external factors For others, including myself, the root of suffering is internal. My biggest challenges are feelings of inadequacy in the mundane moments when my vision is so crystal clear and globally impactful. My inner work has been to recognize where I am seeking validation from the outside world around me and how I can transmute the desire to be loved into acceptance of myself. I am learning that to be beautiful is experiential, and my existence is success. No one had to be taught that the sunset is beautiful, yet I find myself at times getting caught up in a world addicted to the dopamine rush of the media and programmed to believe we are a world divided. Clients my age come to me with severe anxiety because they just finished a college degree in pursuit of someone else’s dream or have a deep desire to change their body in formation of what they’ve been taught is beauty. The biggest catalyst I have found for self-actualization is breathwork. When we stop running from our shadows and breathe into them, we polish the mirror of our perceived identity and find purpose.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?
I started Nekita Reyna LLC as a personal trainer, reconnecting people to their physical bodies. Within a month, I realized that weight loss and self-confidence run much more profound than movement, although it’s a great place to start. I started giving people breathwork sessions as an opportunity to sink into the blissful presence within. I’ve now curated a program that offers breathwork, movement, and mindset coaching. What sets me apart from other healers in the community is that I never take the teacher role and never claim to know someone else’s answers. I create a safe space as a guide that allows others to explore their truth. I never claim a niche or a specific modality. I keep my vibrational state high and allow clients to be ready to do the work to magnetize me. This has really aided me in staying on purpose and keeping my heart open. Within my business, I am most proud of the NKR method. While it’s my initials, it also stands for New Known Reality. It’s been a beautiful blend of being purpose as an entrepreneur while customizing each experience to what my clients deserve. This six-week full immersion program takes people to the depths of their current thought patterns while actively shifting into a healthier, more free body.

Are there any apps, books, podcasts, blogs, or other resources you think our readers should check?
My favorite teachers/mentors are Zach Bush, Paul Chek, and Deja Blu. Zach doesn’t have his own podcast, but he is featured on many and currently writing a book. I have gone deep into the studies of Dr. Joe Dispenza, which have changed my life. The most life-altering book that I would recommend to every single person on their journey is the alchemist. It does a beautiful job at relating to any reader while showing people what is possible when we follow our own life path. Personal/spiritual development books that have greatly served me are The Untethered Soul, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, and The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics.

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