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Meet Karolina Adams

I’m DoneToday we’d like to introduce you to Karolina Adams.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
Art has always been a part of my life, but it came and went in spurts. It was put on a shelf for a good few years while I worked full time in Interior Architecture.

I studied Interior Architecture at Columbia College, Chicago IL, graduated with a B.F.A. and entered the field. A few years later discovered that mundane space planning and the office atmosphere where too rigid for my change-craving spirit. I quit the job and went back to art full-time. In 2012 synchronicity took place; I found my sketchbook from college, a friend of mine saw the drawings and encouraged me to submit my work to a gallery that she just visited. I did, and to my surprise, I got accepted. From there other galleries expressed interest in representing my work. I have been in solo and group exhibitions in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Illinois. My artwork can be found in public installations and private collections. Currently, I am in two galleries and still to this day question, How? How did this happen to me?

Please tell us about your art.
I’m an introvert by nature, so drawing has always been my alternative to verbal expression. I’m not a very graceful speaker. My conversations are messy. I run in circles with my idea and trip over my words. Unlike my chaotic mind my work is clean, minimal and to the point. It allows me to unload my feelings, and work through the thoughts and emotions and tell my stories. Drawing quiets my scrambled mind.
Most of the time, I do quick sketches in pencil to get the initial raw emotions out. I go through the emotion while creating the piece. I cry with my pieces, I’m joyful with them and everything in-between. Sharing my art with the world at first was a scary thought, as it leaves me vulnerable and exposed. It’s the ME deep down inside on display for everyone to judge. To my surprise, the decision to show my work has gifted me tenfold, which I did not expect. Having an artistic soul, I was a quirky kid in the way I understood and expressed life around me, so needless to say I didn’t have many friends. I had and still have a hard time connecting to others, as I can’t shake off the quirks. Showing my work and seeing people react with a cry or laugh because they understand and/or connect to “My” struggles/triumphs, made me realize that I’m not a weird duck in the way I think, see and experience the world. People find themselves in my stories, which shows we’re all “weird” and in turn uniquely the same. This connection validates that kid inside me that craves to connect and just belong.

What do you think about conditions for artists today? Has life become easier or harder for artists in recent years? What can cities like ours do to encourage and help art and artists thrive?
If you’re an artist, who is trying to make a living creating art (which is most artist) you’re in for a challenging ride. With IG, FB, TW, and the rest of the social media platforms 1. It’s hard to be original and 2. it’s hard to capture someone’s interests because, most likely, they have already seen something very similar to your style. There is just so much out there. Information overload! That being said, I believe that if you create from a place of purity, meaning staying true to what you love, your buyers will find you. Artists, when creating from a place of passion, transfer that rawness, that pure energy into those pieces and people feel it. This is how you gain collectors. I see this all the time at art shows. If an artist creates art because it’s trendy, people won’t connect to it because there is no passion to which they can connect. They may buy but they, most likely, won’t remember to come back to you, unless you have a captivating personality, and that’s a whole other story. I strongly believe there is a place for everyone. If they (artist) find their passion and “master” it they will succeed.

I think places like Seattle, Chicago, New York have the right idea. Beautifying the cities/towns with public art. This exposes art to people, especially kids, who may not be exposed to it otherwise. I think Tempe is on that track and that’s why a lot of people who have appreciation for art are attracted to Tempe. Incorporate art into structures, like an overpass or an underpass, facade of the buildings, parks, school hallways, etc. Europe and other countries are way ahead of us in that respect.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
You can see and purchase my work on Instagram @Karolina.Adams.

I have quite a few shows scheduled for 2019 in the Phoenix area, and that information is on my website at You can also purchase my work there.

If you live in MA or will be visiting, I am represented by The Wit Gallery in Lenox, MA. And starting in January, I will be represented by {9} The Gallery in Phoenix, AZ.

Contact Info:

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  • Instagram: IG @Karolina.Adams

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