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Meet Oliver Madison of The Karma Chronicles in Ahwatukee

Today we’d like to introduce you to Oliver Madison.

Oliver, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I started off writing in high school. I always had the goal of being the next Stan Lee or Walt Disney. I wanted to create a fictional universe. I wanted to construct all the buildings in my mind brick by brick. I wanted to create every strand of hair and backstory of my characters from scratch. Even though readers can’t physically touch, see, or feel my fictional worlds, I wanted to make them as real as possible. In my mind, there is no greater feeling than successfully communicating an idea to another person. In my case, my targets are readers. I remember all the stories I’ve read as a kid and all the movies and shows I’ve seen. Many have impacted me in ways that have shaped who I am today. I’ve taken on intense work out regiments in order to be more like Goku from Dragonball Z. I live a more positive lifestyle, valuing justice, honesty, and selflessness, thanks to Superman, Batman, Katniss Everdeen and Harry Potter.

Even though these characters aren’t real, the effects they can have on their readers is very real. Someone had to create these fantastic worlds and remarkable heroes and characters, and that’s what inspired me. So, that’s what I did. After writing every idea I’ve had, honing my craft and editing my work until I had a final product, I now have a total of three books that are published and readily available for readers to purchase and enjoy. And, I have no plans of slowing down.

Has it been a smooth road?
One of the hardest obstacles during my writing journey was humbling myself. Many writers go into the field not knowing what to expect. Even after submitting my first completed manuscript, it was never accepted by a publisher. I emailed around fifty different publishers, but had no luck. It gave me a reality check. From then on, I realized that I couldn’t submit anything but my best work. I couldn’t assume that a publisher was going to edit my book and then make it perfect. I had to put my story under a microscope and edit it entirely on my own until it was as close to perfect as I could make it.

My first complete manuscript, Black Jack, did not make the cut and was not picked up by a publisher. It was daunting to be told ‘no’ by so many people in the writing industry that I couldn’t achieve my dream. It was scary enough to email my story to strangers, blindly hoping that they would enjoy it. It was like I was getting chipped away, bit by bit, by each rejection.

We’d love to hear more about your business.

I don’t technically have my own company. If anything, I am my own company. As an author, I create my products entirely from my imagination. I specialize in writing fiction for children, teenagers and young adults. I love stories that have morals, but more so than that, I want my readers to have fun. I want them to enjoy my books and let their own imaginations and love for fantasy run wild. What sets my books apart from others is the edge that my stories have. I like blending genres together. Sometimes, I have a dark sense of humor that slips into my work. I like to think that it keeps readers on their toes and having to reread a line or two just to make sure that something shocking or unexpected actually happened in the story.

My greatest accomplishment will be coming up at the end of February 2018. By that time, I will be releasing my third and final installment of The Karma Chronicles, Crimson Blade. It’s an action-packed and heart-felt adventure that will wrap up my ‘ninja-novel-teen-trilogy’. It will mark a huge milestone for me as my first completed young adult series.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
One benefit of being a writer is that we can take our work with us anywhere. Writers can live anywhere and still write about what they love. I’ve also visited a lot of schools around Phoenix and the students have been great! Maybe Seattle would be an inspirational city, too. I sure do love the rain!


  • The Karma Chronicles: Violet Star $11.99
  • The Karma Chronicles: Sapphire Moon $11.99
  • The Ruse of Minxy The Siamese Cat $9.99

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