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Meet Joshawa Caine Preston of AZ Paranormal P.I.s

Today we’d like to introduce you to Joshawa Caine Preston.

Hi Joshawa, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
The story of starting AZ Paranormal P.I.s is an outcome from a beginning I could never have predicted. But, I consider myself a strange and inquisitive mind. I actually started with a TikTok Channel on the app called Quick Note Conspiracies. In the earlier days of TikTok, your videos had to be 3 minutes or less. So the premise of the show was to explore the essential need to know facts of conspiracy theories in 3 minutes or less. The goal was to make you a Cliff’s Notes version of an expert on whatever conspiracy theory we were discussing in 3 minutes or less. And I, as the host of the show would cover every topic from the Illuminati, MK Ultra, Bigfoot, Aliens, Reptilians, all the way to the paranormal. Much to my surprise, the show got very popular with currently nearly 50,000 Followers on TikTok now. I’ve since branched the show out to other social media. Quick Note Conspiracies is now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I know not everyone is a fan of the TikTok app. There is a lot of American distrust for the app, but that is a whole conspiracy theory we could get into as well. Haha! The goal of the show is always about getting to the truth! That’s what people want to know. I don’t consider our watchers “Fans.” I call them “Truth Seekers!” After all, that’s what our watchers are interested in. That’s what I am interested in.

But, even I can admit the tone of our show is offbeat and strange. I jokingly refer to myself as “the Art Bell of TikTok.” If you’re a fan of Coast To Coast AM, you’d dig our show.

I think thru the process, trust has been built between the Fans and I. I’d like to think my authenticity in my search for truths shines through.

Well, as time went on and I covered more and more paranormal subject matter, that seemed to be the reoccurring question truth seekers would ask me. “Do you truly believe in the paranormal?” When I sat back and thought about it, I had to be honest with myself. …I don’t know.

When I was a much younger man, I had thought I’d had paranormal experiences. I’ve seen shadow people and experienced what at the time, I thought might have been a ghostly or even demonic attack. But, science has since explained these episodes as “Sleep Paralysis” or the “Old Hag Syndrome.” But it’s hard to convince someone who has truly experienced this terror firsthand that this experience was just a delusion due to their half-asleep and half-awake brain. And, that’s when the epiphany hit me. Instead of just reporting on these stories and discussing paranormal Subject matter on social media shows, I’d go looking for it! It’s become a need to pick a side myself; Skeptic? Or, Believer? With an audience of nearly 50,000 watchers, I thought “Let’s bring everyone along on this adventure! Let’s do a Spinoff show!” Quick Note Conspiracies Presents: Paranormal Proof Quest! We document our investigations into the paranormal in a reality show kind of way. But we are completely unscripted. I really am on the search for paranormal problems, not just to create an entertaining show at the price of an exaggeration! We don’t do that here. Sometimes we find nothing at all. And I am honest about that.

I personally spent a lot of my own money on the lastest scientific equipment used for paranormal investigations. We have K-2 Meters, also known as EMF Detectors for locating disturbances in electromagnetic fields. We have Rem Pods, Em Pumps, Cameras with Night Vision, Go Pros, Spirit Boxes, Digital Recorders, Thermal Cameras, Laser Grids, and so much more. Basically, we have all of the gadgets you’ll catch the big time tv players using on your favorite ghost-hunting shows and more. But, we do it for real!

My next point of interest was putting a Team together that had special qualifications and expertise that would be extremely useful along the way. For example, my Team consists of Todd Doleman. He is an electrician by day. He is very useful in helping us debunk false readings due to faulty wiring and matters such as that. We have Tiffany Young on our Team. She is clairvoyant and sensitive to energies. She’s a great asset in pointing us in the right direction and lending clues as to what may have happened to someone. I have Valley Local celebrity Tracy Lea on the Team. She is great with Public Relations and with a background in radio, she has a soothing voice and the ability to make people feel comfortable right away. She feels like an old friend as soon as you meet her. Then I have Lindsay Hamm and Dylilah Mae Hamm Littleton as our equipment Techs. Where would we be without great equipment Technicians?! I may have failed to mention my day job for the last 22 years hàs been a Security Specialist and Private Investigator. I use the same skills I used to catch criminals now in catching ghosts! And we are all bound together by a drive to help people. Searching for truth is a beautiful thing in itself. But when you realize there are legitimate people out there scared of their own homes and have no one to turn to, I started to realize we had a bigger calling than just making entertaining internet episodes! We have a chance to make a difference in people’s lives! Thus, AZ Paranormal P.I.s was born!

We all face challenges, but looking back, would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
So far, it has been a smooth ride. We get an occasional troll or mockery. But, that is to be expected. People fear and mock what they don’t understand. And, even I can smile about it sometimes. A bunch of 30 and 40-plus-year-olds searching for invisible beings….. I mean, I can take a joke with a grain of salt.

As you know, we’re big fans of AZ Paranormal P.I.s. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about the brand?
Well, we are a non-profit business mostly. What we strive to do is help those having paranormal issues prove their claim. We don’t charge to investigate your case. But there is a process to eliminate other potential explanations before we start looking for the hardcore evidence of an entity or something paranormal in your space. Instead of money, we typically just ask for rights to film,take pictures and audio to use on our media. We will agree to supply a customer with a copy of any and all evidence that we obtain during an investigation, whether it supports or disproves their paranormal claim. But most people that contact us are looking to get rid of the problem. The more evidence we can collect to prove there is a problem or something paranormal actually happening, the easier it is to get clergy or a Spiritualist to come in and help cleanse your personal space and help you rid yourself of your problem. If it’s really happening, we will find it! We will obtain proof of the problem and we will do our best to help you find a solution asap! We haven’t had a miss yet!

Can you talk to us about how you think about risk?
Well, I think there are plenty of risks involved with investigating the paranormal. It is largely not understood or even acknowledged by science or religion. A lot of us in this field really are pioneers. And there is always the potential of getting in over your head. We try to take the proper precautions to protect ourselves. Personally, I come from a Christian background. I keep holy water on my person, as well as a blessed crucifix and I have a blessed rosary. I also carry black salt and a white candle. I also burn sage after every investigation and do a personal prayer as well as a prayer for my team. I often recite St Michael’s prayer as well. You can’t be too careful without a clear understanding of everything that is out there. But we do our best to be cautious and respectful and to take the right steps to protect ourselves as well as our clients.

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