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Meet Jenn Bonine of COYABLU

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jenn Bonine.

Hi Jenn, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
Narrative As an exclusive tequila drinker, Nicole embarked on a mission to find the perfect ready-to-drink tequila cocktail. After an exhaustive search, she found only beverages high in calories, syrupy, preservative-filled, and bland with a lingering aftertaste. After analyzing over 100’s of RTD beverages, she identified a huge opportunity to serve other tequila drinkers (there are a lot, and it’s growing) with a low calorie, low carb, sugar-free, gluten-free, and great flavor profiles in the convenience of a can. Many people, like her, don’t like sweet and preservative-filled cocktails. They want a clean, smooth flavor.

COYABLU is the CLEAN beverage of choice based on numerous differentiating factors. We only have four ingredients: RO-filtered water, high-end Tequila, essential natural extracts for flavor, and erythritol (an organic, corn-based sweetener). Our carbonation level is much lighter than a typical seltzer, leaving you feeling refreshed instead of bloated. Being clear and transparent is a value deeply embedded into our culture. We actively share what our ingredients are and emphasize our unique choice to pasteurize our beverage vs. fill it with preservatives. Pasteurization vs. preservatives is very important to the health-conscious consumer.

High-end blue agave Tequila is for high-end people. Quality blue agave is grown and harvested by hand worldwide but isn’t always called Tequila. If produced outside specific regions of Mexico, agave-based alcohol must be labeled as Agave Spirits. Our Tequila is imported directly from the Jalisco region of Mexico, where it is grown and harvested by hand before being fermented and distilled into a classic Tequila Blanco. Our product is 110 proof and has an incredibly clean, neutral taste to serve as the foundation for every can of COYABLU.

While most other brands offer simple mundane flavors, we take a different approach. The essential natural extracts in our cocktails include not just a single fruit but also citrus and a complimentary special ingredient in one of the following four categories: Herbs, beans, spices, and nuts, providing the consumer a unique drinking experience that accomplishes a finish. To clarify, a finish in COYABLU terms means your drinking experience starts with one flavor and ends with another with no chemical aftertaste. When you crack a can, our extracts fill your nose with appealing aromas.

We are committed to bringing our consumers only the best, healthiest ingredients. People seek products that align with their lifestyle and are willing to pay a premium to attain what they desire/value. They are spending the money for the experience. They take pride in associating themselves with services and products that they feel increase their quality of life, as well as image. Their perception of quality and a meaningful experience/lifestyle is something COYABLU has taken the time to thoroughly understand from a partnership or consumer standpoint to ensure our products fill the gaps currently in our specific niche. These are our competitive advantages. Coyablu is distinctively different, and consumers will immediately notice how easy our product is to drink.

Background on the COYABLU name: COYA (In the Spanish Urban Dictionary) identifies the equalness between male and female leaders and the mutual respect for one another. It determines how males and females unite together to lead their packs both personally (family, friends, sphere of influence) and professionally (leading a team(s)). BLU is the Italian spelling for the English word Blue. Blue or BLU represents the makeup of Tequila, which is from the Blue Agave plant, combined with the unique history of Tequila in Italy. This is an example showcasing that Tequila is grown and consumed worldwide.

Tagline: Work hard. Play hard. Drink Clean.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle-free, but so far would you say the journey has been fairly smooth?
With 4 female co-founders from the Midwest, nothing is smooth in this first foray into the craft tequila cocktail business! From finding distributors and setting up a small boutique distributor to a bad production run on our initial attempt. We have ensured constant learning and growth. We believe these lessons have made us stronger as a team and have challenged us to find the best solutions to position beverage as a stand-out leader in the space.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?
The COYABLU Cultural: Drink Clean!

COYABLU is a luxury lifestyle brand. A Ready Drink “RTD” Tequila Cocktail represents both sophistication and lasting memories. We hand-crafted the perfect drinking experience that is delicious, provocative, and convenient. Whether you are serving or consuming a COYABLU cocktail, we’ve taken a clever approach via technology to engage you and guarantee 100% satisfaction continuously. With a keen eye on luxury, we focus on partnerships, entertainment, upscale geographic locations, and travel catering to those who seek quality. Whether on land, out at sea, or in the air; building memories out on the golf course, time on the yacht, working or playing hard, warm or cold weather, making dinner in your casa, always think to grab a COYABLU and ENHANCE the Moment.

Mission #ItHadBetterBeWorthIt
Our purpose is to enhance life’s moments. Anything you make time for had better be worth it. “How the world weighs on our ideal consumer: Day in and day out, we lead full, complex lives that include countless responsibilities, high-stakes decision making, creativity, and performance. Others constantly depend on us – we juggle our relationships, work, and homes, staying awake late into the evening. The rewards are immense, but the pressure is real. A break is a rarity, which means anything we make time for had better be worth it. A COYABLU cuts through the chaos – it’s a luxurious moment in a can that enhances our life’s moments. Always light, always refreshing, always clean, choosing COYABLU ensures we’re ready to do it again tomorrow.”

Extraordinary Flavor Profiles: 4 Categories/Surprise Elements
Herbs: A tried and true addition to various drinks for centuries, herbs can evoke seasons, holidays, cultures, or cuisines. Mint, lemongrass, and basil, among many others, beautifully enhance classic cocktails.
Nuts: Rich and unexpected, nuts and their extracts lend a layer of complexity to beloved cocktails. Consider a hint of almond in a Mai Tai or walnut syrup in an Old Fashioned. Those, along with hazelnuts and pistachios, are flavor profiles that haven’t been as explored as some of our other categories, and we plan to change that.
Spices: Spices add heat and variety to our palate and our lives. Cinnamon, capsaicin, pepper, and ginger can take any drink to the next level. Not only are those flavors on-trend in today’s market, but they stimulate the senses and are even linked to certain health benefits.
Beans: Another unconventional category, we plan to use vanilla, coffee, and even more adventurous beans for their savory flavor profiles. Our expert flavor-crafting with these unique ingredients will result in innovative, sophisticated cocktails that aren’t overly sweet.

Value to Others
What business are we in?
Entertainment, adult beverage

Who do we serve?
High achieving, sophisticated alcohol consumers are mindful of their lifestyle and have discretionary income.

What do we do that is better than anyone else?
COYABLU combines 5% ABV, clean ingredients, low carbonation, pasteurization, and complex flavor profiles giving the consumer a unique drinking experience.

What do you like best about our city? What do you like least?
We love the sophisticated and diverse consumers in Phoenix. It is the perfect market to launch our beverage into, from the golf courses, excellent bars, and restaurants, to the high-end hotels and resorts. We have found Phoenix to embody what COYABLU is from a brand perspective and our core values.


  • Online order capability with deliver to your home
  • $18/ 4-pack retail

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