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Meet Emily Molina | Sweets Patissier, Creative Soul

We’re so pumped about our conversation with Emily Molina. Emily is a Sweets Patissier and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Emily below.

Hi Emily, thank you so much for sitting down with us again. For folks who might have missed our initial interview, can you start by briefly introducing yourself?
MOTHER. Sweets Patisserie. Creative Soul. ASU Alumni. Multi-business Owner. Jp Morgan Employee. Emily Molina. 27 years young. Born in Los Angeles, CA but raised in the Valley, Phoenix, AZ. My roots are from Mexican Heritage with both parents born in Sinaloa. Humble. Genuine. Determined. Ambitious. Go-Getter! I am a HUGE sports fan. I LOVE travel, dance, music, food, and having a good time. I LOVE spending time with family and numerous friends. Most importantly, MY DAUGHTER is the MOST important aspect of my life. ALL I do is to provide her with a better life! I have been baking since grade school days. I am a sole proprietor, registered, & licensed owner of my baking business CLOCOS SWEETS. I am a Maricopa County licensed notary. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice & Criminology. I am a Partner in ONE HOPE wine spreading hope and sipping wine. I am finalizing the process of becoming Mentor for Washington Street Foundation! I am an innovator striving for greatness, nonconformist to society, not settling for less, and not tied to comfortableness.

Do you have any new products in the making? If so what are they and can you go into detail about them?
I have recently launched my SWEETIE BOX. She is a doll! I was inspired to make a mystery box for my customers. This box includes a variety of sweets that come in different shapes, colors, flavors, and assortments. Each box is personalized with a custom inspirational card as well as motivational quote inscribed on each box. I have also launched my JUMBO CUPCAKE FLIGHT BOX. As a recent partner with ONE HOPE WINE, I was inspired by our very own wine tasting flights that I wanted to produce a similar boxing experience but made with sweets. I opened my books for CUPCAKE FLIGHTS orders and they are a hit. I have also expanded my horizons and began to take out of state orders which means domestic shipping and soon enough international.

How do you manage it all? How would you describe your work ethic? How do you manage your time, etc?
I must chuckle a little at this question. I get asked this question so much. I JUST DO! Let me elaborate as a mother, employee, student, business owner, and mentor you can get busy. This has allowed me to develop skills that allow me to deliver every single time a new project arises with poise, stamina, and confidence. I have been doing it alone my whole life that I BOSS up every time a new project comes along. I have such an amazing work ethic due to my organization skills that I am easily able to make time for everyone and everything in 24 hours. I am ALWAYS willing to add to my calendar as it sparks some adrenaline for me. I enjoy the feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT and DEFEAT to stress. You will never hear me complaining of how tired I am, stressed or how I have taken on too much. I am an over accomplisher always have and always will be. I do not settle or become comfortable I like more and I will forever be on the pursuit to bigger and better.

How do you choose your products? How do you shop for materials and avoid taking a loss? What is the process when choosing where and how much to spend on product? How do you make low cost material look like highly cost material when presented?
Research. I am my very own PI. Part of being a degree recipient of Criminal Justice is having embedded the love for research in my veins. I love to research different companies, offers, sales, and bulk packages. I enjoy over analyzing the difference in profit, loss and revenue. I diligently notate all expenses and profits and make sure to review before placing an order. Future revenue is calculated when shopping for products to decrease loss and take a gain. I shop smart. I also love to bulk shop. I also like to be innovative. I provide packaging that appeals to the naked eye as well as being sturdy and presentable. I use unique techniques to make my packaging different. I put my all and more when producing content for my customers. Creativity is the key to making material look like a million bucks. My body, heart, and soul out pour with creativity.

If you could give any advice to an upcoming new business owner, what would it be?
I absolutely LOVE being an inspiration to so many. I know what I do and what I have to offer is irreplaceable. I am one in a million! Yes, there are many types of bread on the shelves in the grocery store but I like to think of mine as a prestigious brand one. All others to me are generic and it is OKAY to have a variety of brands, no two will ever taste the same. I started my business from the bottom. Back when I began no one was really out there trying to make their own baking business. The pandemic hit and so did the demand for small businesses including baking. I had no one to look up to for inspiration but Pinterest and YouTube man oh man, thank goodness for their existence. One piece of advice I can give is please stay genuine and true to yourself. Do something for you something that you are truly passionate about. We all have something different to bring to the table. Give credit when credit is due and do not go out there bashing or harassing other business just to attempt to be better! Do your research and do not underbuy. Plan ahead. Stay organize. Schedule your books accordingly to your ongoing calendar. Take a breather if you need! Your mental health ALWAYS comes first!

How important is affordability to you for customers? Why are your prices lower than most others?
Affordability is a must for me. I came from a low-income family, so I know what it’s like firsthand to have less than others. That does not mean individuals are subject to not enjoy MY SWEETS because they are too out of their range. I would NEVER want my customers to feel left out or for me not to humble myself to them. When I first began my dozen berries any type were only $10. Why so little? Because you see what most fail to acknowledge is the fact that I did this as a passion, I did this for the people. As my expertise increased and so did my business grow, I did raise prices, but I made sure to never make it out of the ballpark. And no, just because I do not charge as much as others that does not mean that my product, service or cliental is low. Contrary, my products are high-class, my service untouchable, my cliental high and my blessings out this world. I love being able to make everyone smile no matter their financial status. I am here for you all. ALWAYS.

What is your favorite part about your business? What motivates you to keep going to keep doing it?
My favorite part is seeing my RESULTS. That includes my final product as well as the reaction from my clients. The beautiful smiles and sparkles in their eyes when they come for pickup. The numerous messages that I receive letting me know how content and more than satisfied they were with their purchase. The pictures and videos I receive are so heartwarming. For those who personally know me, know my number ONE motivation to keep going. For those who yet to know let me bless you all with an ANGEL. My motivation and strive to be the best I can be is MY DAUGHTER. My baby was created with love, and she will forever be the reason I share sweetness all around. I strive to be the BEST MOTHER for her against ALL odds. She keeps me going and being an example to her of what an amazing, strong, independent, and beautiful woman is to be is what I am most fond of. She will forever be my motivation and I will guide her to achieve anything and everything. YOU and I against the world baby girl.

Alright, so before we go, how can our readers connect with you to learn more and show support?
Make sure to follow and subscribe to my web page. You can view all my highlights, stories, and contents on my Instagram page with the handle of:
Instagram: clocos_sweets

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