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Meet Ebony Adell | Sustainable Luxury Designer, yogi, protest artist, writer and mother

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Ebony Adell. Ebony is a Sustainable Luxury Designer, yogi, protest artist, writer and mother and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Ebony below.

Ebony, it’s been too long since we last connected. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with our community again. Some readers might have missed our prior conversations, so maybe you can kick things off for us with a quick intro?
My name is Ebony Adell and I am a Sustainable Luxury Fashion Designer of the brand TSX Design House (Tantric sex design house), yogi, writer, protest artist and mother of 3. We are a sustainable luxury brand umbrella that designs custom and mass customized products and provides sustainable services like chakra activation, yoga, meditation, chakra dance and art education. My first book SxEyecon is currently in production as a webseries.

How has Covid effected your business?
Covid has severely affected the supply chain and that hurt me more than anything else. The inability to gain access to supplies and the inability to gain access to product put a pin in everything temporarily. Even if I was scrambling to sew clothes to sell I didn’t have money to ship them it was like every option I had was a dead end for awhile. The good thing is that the big pause caused by Covid has made my customers reevaluate their values so it’s created a demand for sustainable products and services. There’s a demand for yoga there’s a demand for the black story. The second civil rights movement has created a demand for the black female entrepreneur, it’s created a demand you know for chakra activation and meditation. It has opened people’s minds in a way that puts more emphasis on eco-values, and aligning with the purpose of a brand and its products. And willing to pay a higher price.

What steps did you take to pivot during the pandemic? And how will you retain momentum as the economy slowly evolves?
My pivots were internal. When I couldn’t do any shipping or get any supplies and was at a standstill I pivoted to my online yoga, the online stores, painted and planned. I was able to put some more time into developing those platforms with zero overhead that were not impacted by the pandemic. I could still continue to create, and prepare for the stores to reopen without spending a dime. There’s just so many levels to it that as long as I continue to develop my yoga and gain a deeper understanding of the metaphysical Chakras it’s easy to constantly re-develop and reinvent the brand. I could pivot to the yoga , then I pivot to the script right because we were already developing the web series so now I had more time to fatten it up, work on casting wardrobe, and take my time with the Paris collection. I was still looking for a job like still taking care of my kids so I had to pivot back into motherhood and that’s all apart of it. The pandemic is really a time you have to decide if you’re going to sink or swim. Everything can be a struggle you can have bad days and stuff but you always have to remember that as long as you are true in your intentions and you keep your eyes on the prize you will get there there’s always going to be obstacles but you have got to get to the other side of it. You’re forced to reimagine everything you thought you knew. I don’t care who you were OK if you didn’t wash your hands before you had to wash now just like I’m using that as an example but it’s just tiny things like that. You had to re-define yourself and as a business I think that if you didn’t know how to do it before and you haven’t learned through the pandemic then you’re doing something wrong. Another thing I’ve learned through the pandemic is that you have to find a way to deem your business essential. I know that sustainability is essential but other people don’t agree with that so what we’ve done now is partner with other entrepreneurs who are interested in tapping into sustainability but can’t necessarily at this time financially invest in their field of sustainability so they partner with us so that they can tap into the sustainability piece and we can tap into whatever they’re essential business is. In the future what we’d like to do is make partnerships to tap into those essential industries like agriculture, technology etc. and I would advise any entrepreneur and every business that was not deemed essential that now is the time to create new foundations and essential CIRCULAR entrepreneurial communities.

How has your brand evolved as a result of the pandemic?
With the pandemic, came the second civil rights movement and as an African-American artist and entrepreneur it was a time where I had to reassess what my place was in the revolution as well as how I could incorporate sustainability, fashion, and wellness. I wanted to solidify my position through my service and that could be my form of social protest. There is a Socio environmental oppression piece to the struggle that rarely gets addressed….Things like fashion, art, yoga from a sustainable perspective…those are things that are not really quite yet main stream in my community that I think would make a big difference in the mentality over all for the collective once there’s the right messenger. So it’s my service. Fashion is my service, sustainability is my service, yoga is my service, writing is my service, motherhood is my service and art is my service. The pandemic pause just made things super crystal clear and made me understand that I had to really trust the process. I had to go through 2020, to get through 2020 I wouldn’t have been able to develop my collection for Paris Fashion Week or upscale my business or paint this art or the yoga; like I had to accept that I was existing in this moment and it was very surreal. I mean you start to question Why is this happening? What am I doing and is it important and how does it bring value to the world? What are you giving? You know it really became important for me to be authentic in my intentions; for the survival of the brand. The pandemic also made the brand more circular because we were cut off from manufacturers there were no supplies and it was taking months for me to receive things. I just didn’t know when or whether I was even going to Paris Fashion Week and I didn’t know how I was going to make the clothes. I was literally having to take a part things and re-design the actual fabric, the pattern, handpainting, and it turned out beautiful I was hand painting and doing all of those things I mean I always do that but I usually don’t for a something like that I wouldn’t have wanted to do that but it turned out beautiful what I did create. And it caused me to seek out local suppliers (American). delegate certain responsibilities that I usually would never delegate, because I was just having to constantly pivot as the health emergency unfolded. Keeping all my moves cohesive to the brand and intertwined.

What recent events have you done or new products have you released?
February 2021 Black History Month I launched my online Yoga fitness studio called Yoga Yance and Chakra Dance and a new online store on Contrado. The Vakay Collection™️ is our new resort wear pack and we also launched beautiful limited edition, sustainable, handmade luxury apparel featuring my newest series of chakra paintings. Visual mantras of the 5th and 6th dimensional chakras. Once It was confirmed I was not going to launch at Paris fashion week this earlier I decided to take some of the things that I have been working on some of the fabrics and stuff and test them out. I was honored to do a Black History Month art show and fashion show in a partnership with Marquette University and the Black Student Council of Marquette University. I premiered actually the newest paintings which are the transcended Chakras (13)Universal Mother, (19)Christ Conscious and (20)The Godhead and I was very excited about that. and I finally did an art show, aside from my own, that had my full body of chakra paintings. The fashion show “Chakra Revolution” was very emotional because like I say my shows and my clothes are social commentary. I chose some really important women that have inspired me throughout my life. And who inspired my activism and vision for sustainability. Angela Davis, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Nina Simone, The Hottentot Venus, Eartha Kitt, Frida Kahlo, Diana Ross, Naomi Campbell, and Tyra Banks were the inspirations. We used specific mixes of music by local artists and some that were classics. I was especially excited to incorporate a chakra activation sequence and energy clearing asana in the introduction, and the show really tells a story and it was super emotional. I’ve never cried this hard doing a show aside from when I did my own show I was crying every day because the songs were touching me the looks were touching me …….I think that piece of work speaks to the revolution in a way that I’ve been trying to do for a really long time if I could have done that for my show I think I would have done a longer version. It was powerful. I hosted Black Leadership Day for Moxie where I taught some meditations and chakra activation, trap yoga, and yance. I wanted to do something like that for a really long time so I was very honored that Moxie allowed me to use their platform. Last but not least I competed in Yoga Warrior 2021 and I am very humbled. I didn’t realize I had so much support. I made it all the way to the battle for the top 10 in my group. I’m in the process of upgrading my certifications so I’m still learning and I was very honored to be chosen to compete against seasoned yogis. Now I’m just getting prepared for France and prepared to film my web series for SxEyecon in Atlanta this summer and after I drop the second book “Lucid” Last but not least I’ve completed development for a new service we’re launching at Paris Fashion Week for custom collections only…

What’s the most important lesson learned over the last 12 months, and if you had the financing you need right now what would you do?
The most important lesson that I learned over the last 12 months is “God provides” and “let it be” and if I had the financing that I need right now I would: take a leap of faith and just move forward and manufacture the full 64 piece collection that I am seeking an angel to finance. I would open the yoga studio Upgrade my technology and equipment Hire staff Hire writers Shoot a movie instead of a series Delegate marketing and non-creative operations of stores and websites. Purchase inventory from my stores for in person sales

With so much uncertainty where does your Paris Fashion Week Show stand? What’s the inspiration and name? And what’s next after Paris?
When the borders open, and France is not experiencing another wave in the Fall (you gotta think positive), we will launch with Oxford Fashion Studios. The inspiration behind the collection is the evolution and elevation of the brand the rebranding as TSXDH™️ because the concept and aesthetic has evolved from the seven physical Chakras and the seven basic colorways; to the eighth and beyond 5th and 6th dimensional metaphysical Chakras, colorways, properties and perspectives. For right now the name is just “The Paris Collection” After Paris the plan is to manufacture and sell a 64-piece collection. 8 of each look, and all the online stores will launch new products after Paris as well. If we open a brick and mortar store it will be for custom customers only, with 3d scanned fitting, our new secret service and in the spot online ordering after virtual try on. Go hard with the yoga studio Produce a new fashion show “The Chakra Activation Seminar” Begin filming book 2, start a new collection, paint and just continue in the cycle of productivity.

Thank you so much again for sharing all of this with us. Before we go, can you share with our readers how they can connect with you, learn more or show support?
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Models: Ricquelle Badger, Markesha Hollins, Duyen T. Lam, Ayana Marie, Yolanda Cole, Leosha Mason BSC (Black Student Council Marquette University) Black History Month Fashion Show 2021

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