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Meet Christopher LaPrath

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christopher LaPrath. 

Hi Christopher, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories.
At six years old, I began to see the dead, and my life would never be the same. 

My story began in the 1960s when I was living in a haunted house in northern Idaho. The living and the dead haunted that house. But our story starts with the dead. 

I was six years old. I was walking by our living room picture window in the home we recently moved to. An old farmhouse near a lake and far away enough from others that they wouldn’t hear my father screaming. The lake lay to the west. I could see it sparkling as the sun bounced off it like millions of diamonds and stretched almost as far as the eye could see. I could see the Green Monarchs, giant mountains that fell straight down into the lake in the far distance. 

Then I saw my grandfather sitting in the front yard in a rocking chair. He had a light around him. He was framed against the mountains, with this aura about him, his goodness soaking into the fading light. 

I immediately went to tell my mother, who was working in the kitchen with my brother and sister. 

I was very excited as I knew my grandfather lived far away, and I was thrilled that he had come to see us. 

My mother met my enthusiasm with a heavy sigh and roll of her eyes. “You KNOW your grandfather is in Nebraska. That is hundreds of miles away, and she quickly dismissed me with a distracted wave. 

I kept insisting they come to the front window to see him. No one did. 

As I dejectedly walked to my bedroom, the phone rang. I ran to see who it was. 

My mother was delighted to hear her sister’s voice on the phone. But her delight turned to grief when my aunt told my mother my grandfather had passed a few hours before. 

My mother, for the first time, believed me and what I saw. 

The night my grandfather died, my path and purpose on this EARTH began. I became aware of my abilities to see the Unseen. The relevance would become evident many years later, but until then, I was just a boy. 

The town was called Sandpoint. My mother owned a beauty shop, and my father did odd jobs. When he wasn’t working, he wreaked havoc. 

My father drank heavily, and his temper and outbursts were terrifying. Even though she lived in mortal fear every day, my mother was more concerned about what the neighbors would think when my father would lose it. 

So, she moved the family out of town into the deep woods, about 20 miles from town. 

The house was haunted to the MAX, so much so that it would make Stephen King jealous! 

Nearly every night, there would be a variety of screams, pounding, heavy footsteps, and rampaging in the basement. There was no safe place in the house. 

My family all heard the supernatural noises, But I SAW what was behind them. 

The funny thing is, my family was used to living on the river of denial. Hence, they accused me of having an overactive imagination at the age of six, even though they heard these unearthly sounds, all the time, themselves. 

The night this changed was the night my grandfather died. At six years old, my life would take an unexpected turn in a direction that would lead me to this place, writing this article to share with you. 

I see the unseen. I help others with that gift. 

For the past 30 years in Arizona, I have helped hundreds of people ‘see the unseen’. Yes, sometimes the ‘unseen’ are spirits, but they are often hidden belief systems that block that person from moving forward. 

I’ve come to realize that growing up in a haunted house, dealing with an abusive father, and losing my way deep into organized religion would all play a role in creating a lifetime of experiences. These experiences would help me identify with the stories of so many people, and I could provide support. People rarely come to me when everything is going well in their lives. They may be beset with grief, troubled by a relationship, or seeking their path because they feel they have lost their way. My life has given me “street cred,” so to speak, so that I can relate but also because I am “believable.” 

To help ME understand why I perceive what I sense and see, I went to a neuroscientist to test my brain. After many tests, the neuroscientist simply came out and said that there were NO records of anyone like me ever studied. He told me my parietal lobe functions at over 200% of what is normal, and my neurons fire in both directions. Still, I control the firing of those neurons. Generally, electrical signals travel in one direction (while chemical signals can be bi- or multi-directional). Since no one like me had ever been studied, the neuroscientist had no idea the ramifications of how a brain like mine worked. 

I live in the natural world but have a passport to the supernatural and metaphysical, which I experience every day. I have been called ‘psychic,’ ‘clairvoyant,’ ‘seer,’ or several other labels that only partially fit. 

Essentially, we are all like Bluetooth-enabled phones that carry an automatic connection to the divine. But life experiences, tragedies, challenges, the loss can seem to disconnect us from the divine. What I do is “repair” people. As in “reconnect them to the divine.” I do this by seeing the unseen and sharing it with them. 

As a boy, I struggled to find meaning in the experiences of hauntings, both physical and metaphysical. Today, those experiences give me the ability to see the truth and share that with others quickly. 

Like those I read, I had to wander in the darkness of my reality, overcoming my limitations so that I could help others. 

And, unlike many who also have this gift, my work is so important that I’ve designed a way that people can believe me rather quickly. I work with an outside booking service that books all my readings anonymously. So, when someone books a reading with me, it is handled by my agency, who asks the client for a random number up to ten digits. That is the only thing that is put into my calendar. When I open the zoom call and see the person for the first time, it is only then that I learn anything about them. I ask them their name, their age, and date of birth, and that is it. Coincidentally, always the random number they choose carries a vibration that is also very telling. 

The point is that the client is blown away when I know things out of the gate. When I ask, “tell me about the fancy lace, I’ve been dreaming about it all night, and I have to ask you.” Only to find the client purchased their home because of the lace curtains. Later it is revealed that the curtains are a metaphor for that person’s view of the world. Instead of enjoying the lace curtains, they have been obsessed with the holes in their life. And then, of course, the mother makes herself known. This in-the-moment reading shakes up the client, so they vibrate at the right level to receive whatever message they need to hear. It is then that I can help them “repair” the divinity within them. 

Still, others may have a loved one right out of the gate who demands to be heard. Often those messages are hilarious or so not what the person expected. Even the most traumatic experiences are frequently revealed to me through funny anecdotes that I share with my clients, who are astounded that I know something so hidden and so deeply personal. 

That is the nature of this gift. It is not a parlor trick, though it can be pretty entertaining. My purpose is to connect with someone so that the experience is felt as accurate, as genuine, as it is. Then, the client does actual work and understands the relevance of the reading and the message being delivered to them. I’ve had clients whose whole lives have turned around for the better from the space of one reading. 

I want them to believe in this connection so much that I put myself on the line daily with strangers. I open my heart and my eyes to reveal what is essential for them to hear. In most cases, I do not remember the readings. I have tapped into this consciousness that we all can reach, and so all the messages that move through me do so because I am a conduit for that information. I am not creating something magical, but I am helping them move through a mystical experience of their creation. And so, it sticks. 

Sigmund Freud said, “If I had to live my life over again, I should devote myself to the psychical (psychic) research, rather than psychoanalysis” (Source: Letter to Hereward Carrington, 1921). 

So, like Freud, I have devoted my life to this study of what most do not see. 

I only know that what I see has helped many people, and I want to help more. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Master’s degree in Human Dynamics. Few psychics can claim that level of education. 

My book, TRESTLE CREEK: THINGS THE DEAD FEAR, is based on my journey and a true story of my life; my family terrorized by my possessed father, my mother who must awaken from denial to save her family, a house haunted with good and evil forces and myself, a boy who can see “beyond.” This propelled me to embark on an inner expedition at an early age experiencing things that haunt people more than just the dead. I developed the ability to expand my consciousness and see things unseen by most people. 

The ‘dead’ can be a play on words. Many people today, though alive, may feel ‘dead’ inside. Perhaps they have lost hope, lost loved ones, or are living in less than harmonious relationships. Maybe they are ‘dead’ to see the truth or a way out of their situation. I’ve made it my mission to assist others on their journey to find themselves. 

A woman from Chandler, AZ, came to me one day, asking if she should quit her job on Monday. (This was on a Saturday before she planned to turn in her resignation) 

I looked at her and saw (with my ‘firing both directions neurons’) a little girl running around her. I said: “Well, you are pregnant. It is a little girl, and she will be premature.” 

This woman stood up, arguing with me that she was NOT pregnant. She paid me and left me in an angry state for not answering her question. 

In a way, I DID answer her question, but not in the way she expected. 

Months later, I received a call from her, thrilled she had found me again. She asked if I could come and read for her entire family, who had flown in from Dallas. She explained that she had left the reading all those months ago and went to get a pregnancy test. The test confirmed she was pregnant. She gave birth two months premature to a little girl who is now 14 years old. 

She revealed that she did NOT quit her job when she learned of the pregnancy I predicted. Thankfully her medical insurance covered the tremendous costs of premature birth. This woman is still with the same company but in a significant leadership position. She oversees 75,000 people. Had she left the job, which was the subject of her initial question to me, and had not heeded my advice, she could have faced bankruptcy or worse. 

My clients range from homemakers, celebrities, businessmen and women, and heads of companies. 

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not, what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
Marilyn Ferguson in THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY said this: 

“Our worries are our safe boundaries: Over time, we have learned to identify with our limits. 

Now leery of trusting the promise of an oasis, we defend the merits of the desert.” 

As I grew older and we moved out of the haunted house, I became heavily involved in religion. I even became a missionary with a one-way ticket to the Republic of China. I lived there for years, and I used religion and the teachings as a ‘glass ceiling’ that I bestowed on myself. I began to defend the merits of the desert, so I would not have to look at my gifts. I wanted, at that time, to forget the promise of the oasis of who I was and what I saw, and I settled for the desert, that place of denial just like my family did. 

The religion was restrictive, which for me was perfect as I was restricting MYSELF. 

It took tremendous courage to break free and find myself again. I had overcome living in a haunted house like living in a horror movie 24/7 for years. I struggled to find meaning in those events. So, when religion came along, I found I could easily compartmentalize things. 

“OH, this is Satan, this is GOD” type of reasoning, which was very limiting and caused a non-nurturing mind desert to occur in my life. 

I could see ghosts, but I could not see myself! 

My destiny is connecting people to the divine. Yet, I had to learn what divinity and spirituality indeed were. It did not come from a ‘book,’ ‘teaching,’ or projection others put on me. 

My life has been about finding the connections to the ‘divine’ psyche, consciousness. 

I had to wander in the darkest alleys of my own created reality and self-imposed limitations. This wandering thought helped me understand what other people go through and to SEE the influences blocking them! 

Getting to know my self-imposed limitations and exploring the darker parts of my created reality has given me the ability to relate to others, no matter their age or status in life. 

Like a Bluetooth that can disconnect from a vehicle or communication device, I RE-PAIR what was blocked or lost in others. 

I help people stop identifying with their limits and worries because the worries SET the limits of our lives. 

I have the most outstanding teacher that has helped me do this. Her name is Barbara Hepburn. She has spent many years in India and studied with the world’s masters. 

I am so grateful for the FELICE AGENCY and Tony Felice for his insight and ability to ‘get me.’ He sees the vision I have for helping others. 

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
I am set to release the audio version of my book, TRESTLE CREEK: THINGS THE DEAD FEAR, in February of 2022. As for events, we have one in the works for early 2022 in Downtown Phoenix – stay tuned for details.

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