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Meet Carol-Anne McCormick

Today we’d like to introduce you to Carol-Anne McCormick.

Carol-Anne, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
Reminiscing on my childhood experiences, I recall running free through the light woods and creek beds behind our family’s home with our best dog ever, without a care in the world. Childhood was about losing yourself in daydreams and being in a state of reverie.

Freely being allowed to wander and allow our imaginations to ignite into wanderlust bliss. Alongside these timeless memories, I also grew up with a military father that gave us an outlook on traveling worldly and creating our happy places throughout periods of time in my life. I was often in awe of my quick ability to adapt to new places & find the hidden gems of every new location!

I often view photography in the same way. It is the moment that I truly look forward to in every session. When someone is just very present in the moment, that intimate capture is a little sweeter, and no session is the same. A mother holding her son for the first time, as she cradles him in her arms and gently kisses his tiny features.

A daughter dancing at sunset in the desert with her daddy, squealing in the excitement that her dress moves with the breeze. A brother and sister running in an open field while holding hands and are giggly as they secretly race. These moments are what tell their story. I am just there to capture their most authentic moments of life as they unravel beautifully.

Fast forward to where I became blessed enough to build a family of my own. It has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. After having my two children, marrying my soulmate, and gaining three stunning bonus kids, I found myself wanting to capture their spirits more than anything as the days went by.

Being a blended family is an endurance not many can conquer… but I sure got lucky & through a whole lot of love and laughter every day is a bountiful adventure of timeless memories. From birth to today, my children have been in front of a camera… I long to capture every milestone, silly face, expression, and piece of personality I can.

I began making camera days an adventure where we took day trips, jumped in puddles, played in some woods, dipped our toes in the creek, caught some crawdaddy, and picked wildflowers. Just like my own childhood memories that I cherish, I want to capture them when they are in their element when they are exploring and learning precious things daily.

These moments persuade me and my creativity throughout my photography journey. I hope to also capture this same spirit of play, connection, and love of those that I meet along the way, and so humbly get the opportunity to capture.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Honestly, there was a small amount of time where I questioned this journey.

It was in the hardest moments of my life when I had to choose between two of my biggest life passions (being a mama & photography). I chose my children everyday, but thank goodness for my parents, who are my lifelong supporters. Life threw me some lemons and in those moments I did not have the means to make the lemonade sweet and keep both… or so I thought.

Thank goodness for my parents, my lifelong supporters in all that I do, they allowed me the chance as a single mom to do sessions whenever I could. No one asks to be a single parent, but when that is the hand you are given, you look into the faces of your child(ren) and show them how to be brave, stay strong and make the best out of what life hands you.

You rewrite your goals no matter how small over and over, you post them on the bathroom mirror to remind you what you are fighting for, and remind yourself constantly of your worth along with the life your children and you deserve.

YOU. DO. NOT. STOP. Even when you want to. Even on the worst of days. And especially when those around you tell you “you’ll never make it.” Believe me, when I say that statement has molded me into the warrior I am today, and yes was said to me daily for a long time, so inevitably after a while, you start to believe it…

Jump forward to when I met my saint of a husband. Who saw the shattered parts of my soul, who caught the bricks being thrown at me. Got down on one knee and said “Let’s use these bricks and build you an empire, show those who said you can’t, what you can do.” This support from this man when it came to my family life and now career.

Yep, I said it- this photography business has become my life’s dream career, was felt from the highest mountain peaks to the deepest depths of the oceans. He pours so much love and support into our family and I can nothing but gratitude for him. He most certainly made a very rocky road a little smoother.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
Photography has opened doors I never knew I would be walking towards. It has become the ability to provide a lifestyle I want for my family, let allow the chance to travel to unforgettable and breathtaking places around the world, framing everything beautiful my eyes lock onto!

Through my work as a photographer, you will see a more lifestyle capture versus a posed session. I like to believe the biggest quality that sets me apart is my deepest understanding that we are not meant to stay still for long. When I have a child in my session I often engage to their level, we explore instead of sit. We climb, jump, dance, and laugh, we race to hug mom and sprint to tackle dad.

We should not forget about the most magnificent beings on earth-our mothers. I consciously ensure their safety by picking the least amount of endurance, yet ensuring the background surrounding them only illuminates their gorgeous aura. I collect little stories of their bump and undeniable love for the baby they are growing from within. I accent their features to ensure they see how they glow as radiant as the golden sun in their session.

Motherhood is a delicate milestone, so when a baby arrives we revisit those delicate parts of a tiny human being brought into this great big world. In a couple’s session, we explore a trailhead that gives them privacy to be intimate in their kisses but allows space to remain playful and continue to grow that flame of love and passion. There is just something about capturing an undeniable flame between a couple in love.

If you want to feel empowered above all these sessions, attend a boudoir session whether you are male or female! Trust me… You. Will. Feel. EMPOWERED. Talk about a confidence booster! Boudoirs are secretly one of my favorite sessions to do, because everyBODY is a boudoir body, and what better way to celebrate yourself them feeling confident and sexy behind a camera?!? Nothing, that’s right!!!

With over 11 years of experience getting to do my dream job, I have learned more about life from the eyes of those that choose to stay wild and let their spirits lead them through life. I have granted myself permission to be me, and that alone has gravitated certain clients to me. Because of that, I have been blessed enough to be surrounded by clients that live with more venturesome experiences. I have gained so much knowledge about where I want to go with this little business of mine.

My goal will forever be to give my clients an outpour of kindness, wholesome- moments, and memories to cherish for a lifetime. If you know me, then you have a glimpse of how meticulous I am with my work! Alongside this, I am most proud of the fact that though I was ready to set this dream aside… I did not. I persevered through all the curveballs and because of that, I have flourished in opportunities so graciously given to me by every person I capture.

Every day something new & exciting is sent to my inboxes, and I am so humbled that future clients trust my art to capture their desired sessions! I truly would never have gotten this far without my clients that have become family and friends. I will forever be grateful for their role in allowing my photography journey to grow.

There will never be enough words to express how thankful I am, truly.

Let’s talk about our city – what do you love? What do you not love?
Something you should probably know before we answer this specific question… my family is military, so when I found out this mountain woman was desert bound… I was timid about the idea at first.

My reservations were more so in the thought of, it is never easy starting over with clients and getting your business growing again. But goodness did the Arizona life not disappoint! The culture, cactus, heat waves, and life here really boomed and caught fire to my creativity and sessions!!!

A gorgeous golden hour in the White Tank mountains or a water feature that my clients can dip their toes into at the Salt River, the photography opportunities are illimitable. Though I quite frankly arrived here very unsure, I can say with absolute certainty there is not a single thing I dislike about the metro Phoenix area.

Every nook and cranny of this city is prospering with new things to see, do, eat, and try, and it will revitalize your soul!!

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