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Meet Carmello Salazar | Artist & Entrepreneur

We are thrilled to be connecting with Carmello Salazar again. Carmello is an Artist, Entrepreneur and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Carmello below.

Hi Carmello, so great to have you join us again. For folks who might have missed our earlier conversations, can you please take a minute to briefly introduce yourself?
Ayy wassup if you just checking me out I’ma local artist/entrepreneur I go by Pima, karmello Drip or Pima3055. I write music roll up and am building an entertainment brand which is working to come out with clothing, products and services that I eventually want to expand into the marijuana business. Such as cultivating since it started with a pro cannabis intentions.

Can you talk to us about some of the tips and lessons you’ve learned about the song-making process?
Yup yup what I’ve learned through trial and error is think of a good Melody or catchy tones. Write an erase or type and delete since you’re going to want to review. Criticize yourself of what to improve on, maybe you can say something shorter for your breath or you said to much of a word over again. Try to picture someone your talking to and dig into yourself to express and come out with your thoughts on the subject. Whether you feeling yourself, feeling the vibe, feeling a girl or want to tell a hater how you feel. Also work with the beat which is your canvas as an artist, different styles for different arts you wouldn’t want water colors on the wrong type of paper. Lastly, I’d say be unique be yourself and have fun.

What do you have in the works?
Since I got a small collab distribution with BentleyRecords I’m working on couple new songs for sell. A single featuring BizzyBone of Bone thugs. I’m Waiting on process for an Airbnb in Atlanta where my partner many can record or produce hopefully it goes good. Building business relations, working to fund new projects like clothing designs and cultivating marijuana, sooner the better.

What are some of the goals you are working towards?
I dream big so some goals are expanding from phoenix Arizona to hopefully open up stores on the west coast, east coast or even Hawaii. I want to have a good cannabis business to have dispensarys want my product on the shelves. An become a better artist to get creative, so I can think outside the box for my design ideas or music.

How do you handle the pressure?
Trying to get your name out there via gossip or promotion could cause some stress. Good thing I like to relax with some weed roll up a bleezy an entertain myself. I try to mind my business not take hate or being ignored personal, since people don’t know what they talking about most the time just how they feel. Good thing we all got our own lives so they don’t have to like it. One important thing is having someone there for you even if you got to talk to yourself, I appreciate my girl Leidy she’s supportive, beautiful, sweet loyal and got some spice to get my blood going haha I love talking to her to get stuff off my mind.

Thank you so much again for sharing all of this with us. Before we go, can you share with our readers how they can connect with you, learn more or show support?
Yessir send me a email Follow me on Instagram @Pima3055 subscribe to my YouTube/Pima3055 Also soon I will finish a website to connect all my links for future products. Support by Showing love, or buy my new song “Pima- Rockstar” on amazon, iTunes, Spotify it’s on many platforms and tell a friend to tell a friend.

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