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Meet Caitlin Martin and Lauren Scott of Glass Slippers and Cleats in Chandler

Today we’d like to introduce you to Caitlin Martin and Lauren Scott.

Caitlin started this company as an 18-year-old senior in high school. She had an extensive background in theater and vocal training, as well as had a love for children, and wanted to be able to create something that would encompass her many interests. She was taking an entrepreneurship class where one of her projects was to create a fake business and all of the logistics that would come along with this. She created her character entertainment business through this project with the help of her senior year entrepreneurship teacher, as well as a few influential community members. She started with two characters, The Snow Sisters, and two performers (herself and a fellow theater student). As she entered college this business grew and so did her passion for it. In the Spring of 2017, she became overwhelmed with the amount of business they were getting and knew that she would not be able to deal with this demand alone or create as magical of an experience if she didn’t get some help. Lauren became a co-owner of this company in April and they are still growing and creating a larger presence here in Arizona. Caitlin has always, and continues, to focus heavily on giving back to the community and charity events that each of the performers can participate in. The whole point of this business was to create a magical, unique experience for each child that creates an unforgettable memory that child may not have had otherwise.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Of course not. I’m sure every business faces challenges whether they’d like to admit it or not! Both Lauren and Caitlin are full time college students (Caitlin is studying STEM Education and wants to be a middle/high school science/biology teacher; Lauren is studying Multimedia Journalism) and hold multiple jobs as well. Caitlin is a model, hair and makeup artist, and administrative assistant; Lauren is a columnist/intern at The Arizona Farm Bureau, a piano teacher, and an administrative assistant. We list all of this because we are like every other college student out there, struggling to get by and trying to find what we’re truly passionate about. We manage about 12 performers and have chosen to take our challenges with multitasking and finding time as blessings in disguise. Every performer that is a part of our team is attending some form of schooling and we take this as an opportunity to teach them about time management and what they’re able to do to be successful, even at a young age. But, because we do often have performers who are in high school we have obviously dealt with the difficulty of people not taking this seriously. They think it’s something where they can just get dressed up, put on makeup, and get paid. This isn’t the case at all. Each of our performers undergo extensive training when brought on, biyearly mandatory group training, as well as various other routes of ensuring they are able to perform their best whilst at an event or birthday party. Not everyone understands why this is so in depth which sometimes results in people not wanting to devote their time to this.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Glass Slippers and Cleats – what should we know?
We are a character entertainment company that offers storybook inspired characters. We have characters that go to birthday parties, community events, and charity events throughout Arizona (though we focus mainly on the West and East Valleys) to provide entertainment for children (including kids at heart). Our characters are known best for their vocal ability as Lauren and Caitlin both extensive background in vocal training and pass this on to each of their performers.

We think what sets us apart is our genuine approach to business. While we recognize that business involves making money we constantly remind our performers, and ourselves, that this isn’t about the money (even though it is a nice part of work). Yes, this is a job and everyone makes their wage. But at the end of the day we’re working with children, creating memories that will hopefully last a lifetime. For some children that we meet at charity events, that’s the last time we’ll see them. The performers that have been with us, since Caitlin first started Glass Slippers and Cleats, have met countless numbers of children. Yet the most rewarding part is seeing the same child’s face show up at every event you do in their local area; or going to their birthday party year after year. The most saddening part, is when that child you met at your last event is in the hospital and you don’t know if they’re going to make it or not. We ask that our performers do these events, not because we want them to take time out of their weekend to meet with a few children, but so that they are forever reminded that we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. To these children we are a constant reminder that fairytales, and dreams, do come true. We remind them that they have to be strong and have courage no matter what life throws at them. For the moment we are with these children they feel as though nothing could bring them down and we are reminded of why we do this. It’s not about the money, we will forever stress that, it’s about the children. It will always be about the children. That’s what sets us apart.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
Both sets of our parents have been incredibly supportive throughout this entire journey. We cannot thank them enough for the countless nights of fabric shopping or running around town trying to find materials when we find out something broke or needs to be replaced. We also have to put a special shoutout to Andrea Neff; Andrea came to us last Fall as an angel in disguise. She instantly fit right in as a performer and began aiding us in training people. One of our biggest fears is not being at an event with our performers and we never had a second thought about sending her out with new performers or by herself. She’s a shining star and we wish we could just clone her. Tom Bogle is, of course, yet another person to thank. If it wasn’t for him this idea wouldn’t have come to fruition. Michelle and Juliet C. also require credit, Juliet was the first child Caitlin ever performed for and Michelle aided Caitlin in figuring out what she could and couldn’t do; as well as helped her come up with our name. We also have to thank everyone at Ahwatukee Eats, our first ever event. We still go every single month and attribute a majority of our success to getting to perform at this event. Lastly, we want to thank Jon Siegel with Nonstop Entertainment who we met fall of 2015. We adore our partnership with this amazing company and cannot wait to see what else we can do as a team. To our performers, thank you. Without each of them we wouldn’t have the ability to spread the magic around as much as we do. Thank you for the countless hours you contribute and being not only performers but artists, vocalists, babysitters, friends, volunteers, advocates, and photographers. Each of you are so unbelievably special and we cannot wait to see what you all accomplish.


  • 1 Hour, 1 Character Party- $125
  • 1.5 Hours, 1 Character Party- $155
  • 2 Hours, 1 Character Party: $200
  • 1 Hour, 2 Character Party: $200
  • 1.5 Hours, 2 Character Party: $250
  • 2 Hours, 2 Character Party: $290

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