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Meet Anna Fuller

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Anna Fuller. Anna was introduced to us by the brilliant and talented Vicky Castillo MSN, RN.

Hi Anna, we’re so thrilled to have you sharing your story with us today. Maybe we can kick things off by having you introduce yourself to our readers? We’d love to have you go into your story and how you got to where you are today.
I moved to Las Vegas in October 1, 2017. I started as an agency Patient Care Assistant having let my CNA lapse. So after 1 1/2 years of going to people’s homes and barely making enough to get by, I decided to find a school in Las Vegas and get my CNA all over again. The school was a joke, I spent $3,000 to pay for the course and it was like rompers room. The teacher cried daily bringing her personal issues to class and I was NOT able to learn anything. I found a FACETS Healthcare Training, flyer in the classroom and I called Vicky RN/owner immediately. From that day forward my goal was made a piece of cake. I passed my state board certification exam the 1st time and immediately went to work in a post-acute rehabilitation center. FACETS Healthcare Training study guide and clinical videos are sooooo well done and effective, and they guarantee a pass the 1st time is ALL TRUE!

Let’s talk about your work and career – what else should we know?
I originally got into this field because I always loved the elderly. Alzheimer’s hit my family and I wanted to be the one to take care of my loved ones and avoid placing them in a facility, unless necessary. I work for an agency so I can travel if needed and it also allows me the freedom to choose where I work, whether hospital, post-acute, medical/surgical, memory care, etc. – it is flexible and there are many options. I love the bond between myself and my patients, especially during this last year. To know someone depends on you, means so much and vice versa; we need them so much too. The smiles, the, laughs, the bonds, we become family. If bringing someone some fresh ice puts a smile on their face, then my day is made. They count on us to be clean, assist with their personal care, feed, and tend to their every need. I think of every patient as my family member and how I would want them taken care of!

As you know, we’re big fans of FACETS Healthcare Training and we know you’ve worked with them quite a bit as well. We’d love to hear about your experience working with FACETS Healthcare Training.
I found a FACETS Healthcare Training brochure at the school I attended, and I kept it for a rainy day. Well, when the teacher quit 5 days before the end of school, I knew I needed to look into this, I called Vicky RN/founder and what an amazing woman! She talked me through my fear of taking the state certification exam. I bought her training course and watched over and over and did the practice test like 3 times, so I went into the exam full of knowledge and knowing exactly how the skills needed to be performed down to the exact verbiage. This was 1000 % better than the $3,000 I wasted on taking the class at the school! FACETS IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST TRAINING!!

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