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Meet Amanda Gail of United MMA, HGI, and Elite Hathaway in Yuma

Today we’d like to introduce you to Amanda Gail.

Amanda, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I opened my first business in 2005 at a mobile personal trainer, then a full-service gym. I was a personal trainer and Miss Fitness Arizona and started the Zumba revolution in Arizona. My fitness career of competition and traveling working throughout the US as a bikini model and sponsored athlete, my gym and my marriage took a huge toll on who I was becoming and who I wanted to be. After I decided to close my gym, I had hundreds of thousands in debt, and my marriage fell apart in 2011. I found myself without a job, no money, nowhere to live, scared, and at the time, I had my 6-year-old and 7-year-old boys with me. We were homeless and hiding in a shelter for several months. Trying to figure out what to do next, I found a job, and juggled living as a single mom, going to court through a divorce, and starting all over to get my own apartment, car, and pay my own bills. I’ll never forget the moment I had to sit at the local food bank to get food to feed my kids and myself. Several moments of depression and a few suicide attempts, I felt like my life was already over. The struggle was real, and it took me about five years to get back on my feet. Started believing in myself again and looking for my purpose. I knew I was supposed to do more in this lifetime besides working a desk job and paying bills until I die. I had something inside me telling me that I can do more. I started training clients outside in the park before and after work. I had a new relationship by this time, and we had an addition to our new little family. The more I sat at my desk job, the more I kept thinking about my future. How was I ever going to make more money and not struggle paycheck to paycheck?

One day, I had found out that one of the gyms locally was going out of business. I called the owner to find out if there was any way I could help keep it open. After speaking to the owner and deciding that I could take this gym over to be profitable, my dream of quitting my job to be a full-time business owner was alive and happening! I secretly spent time before work, during lunch, after work, and weekends to turn this gym around. After a year of this cycle, I finally quit my job. I was a full-time martial arts/fitness gym owner. Our gym had amazing UFC athletes who trained out of our gym, and a great jiu-jitsu program, kids program, and amazing coaches and staff to keep this gym going strong. After a few years of running the gym full time, I realized that being debt free, no credit cards, no credit, and no retirement benefits was important. I ventured into learning how to create financial stability for our own family and ended up connecting with wealth advisors who help the rich and famous with their money. They taught me so much and set up my own portfolio to meet all of our financial needs better than any corporate company could offer us. I was curious at how I could help others in this area, and they chose to mentor me to become a wealth advisor to help my friends and our family. Now, I had an online business that was helping me fulfill my purpose of helping others, not only to get healthier through my fitness training background but even more now. I had my business to help my clients become wealthier so they could enjoy the great quality of life they have worked so hard for. My businesses have been a dream come true. From homeless to multi-business owner, mom of 4 and traveling once again to provide my services anywhere I might be in the world.

Has it been a smooth road?
Starting over and over and over is a big struggle. Learning how to communicate with people was a big struggle of mine, because of how un-authentic I used to be when I was trying to hide my problems in my first marriage, I painted everything to be perfect. So learning how to be raw and open with people, and communicating with people to have stronger connections and build lasting friendships. When I left my marriage, I was very lonely and shameful. My friends, who I thought were my friends, betrayed me. Along the way, my parents, who are my only immediate family who I talked to, do not agree with my choices in life and are unsupportive. It has been a big struggle going from fitness to finances and re-branding what I do when for so long everyone thinks that I am only the bikini model and fitness guru. One of my most recent struggles, I had to make a business decision that would allow my family to travel more, and my older boys from my first marriage have decided not to come with me.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the United MMA, HGI, and Elite Hathaway story. Tell us more about the business.
The best thing I have learned in my financial business that I have carried over to my current gym is that my gym can operate without me, and the people who work out of my gym can profit as much as they choose to. All of these concepts I learned from my financial mentors who never charged me a penny for their help and support. Now I can pay that forward to others. I have the ability to coach clients without charging them a fee. My business model is very unique in the way that I can mentor who I want, public speak, brand myself, and help others along the way without charging them. I sit down either in person, with a group of employees, virtually, or in a small group and discuss their financial obstacles that are specific to their own life and from there, I show them ways to fix the leaks, do things better, and even put together their financial portfolio to help give them an individualized road map to financial health. I am available to them 24/7 to answer their questions, and my relationships with the financial companies and providers are what sets me apart as well. I have direct access to the best companies to help show my clients what their options are for investing, saving, retirement, insurance, college planning, estate planning, attorney support, real estate, getting out of debt, and even identity protection. I help other’s build their businesses in my expertise and show them how to create a way to make money the same way I do. I am most proud of hearing the comments of “Why doesn’t everyone know about this?” “Why isn’t everyone taking advantage of this?” and “Where were you ten years ago when I got out of high school?”

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Success is a feeling, in my opinion. When I feel peaceful, I feel successful. No money, no item, nothing can bring that feeling. When I know I have done my best, and I have the freedom to live life on my own terms, that is success. My family is taken care of, and I am fulfilled when I help others feel their own feeling of success.

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