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Maricopa’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Maricopa and surrounding areas below.

Jessica Haygood

I independently wrote my book without any outside help. My objective is to inspire moms to go after their dreams. I purposely made a short simple guide because moms are typically always on the go. Although I wouldn’t mind being on the New York Times bestseller list, my main goal is to inspire women to do what makes them proud. Read more>>

Justin Helsley

We started as a group of friends who wanted to make ourselves unique t-shirts. With a history of years of faithfully using “928” as an online video game clan tag, we decided to name our company after the area code that spans most of our state. It started as brainstorming unintentionally. Read more>>

Claudia Karafotas

I love working with the embroiderers and they constantly surprise me with their artistic talent. I show them a design for a bag or towel and the create a piece of art. The bags are made of natural muslin and the towels are made of linen. The designs are of waves, palm trees, mermaids (some with Santa hats), seashells and various other sea creatures. Read more>>

Raymond Nieves

The company I was with was small and family-owned so I was able to learn the ins and outs of the business: service side, installation side, customer service side, and the office work. I stayed with the company for ten years until I came to a crossroads that presented me the opportunity to go out and try to spread my wings on my own. Read more>>

Annie Berube

I am the owner, baker, and decorator of CopCake Cakery. I started baking for fun while working the midnight shift as a patrol officer with the local police department. As I made cakes and experimented with flavors, co-workers began to refer me out to other officers/people who began to call and ask for “CopCake” in order to place orders. Read more>>

Jaime Diaz

I started DJ’ing in 1995 with a friends dad. He was a seasoned Dj and had previous on-air experience with a local AM & FM Spanish radio station. As I spent time at his house, his son would occasionally help his dad. One day he asked for help and my friend told his dad he had no interest in entertainment. Read more>>

Brianna Lizbeth Marquez

I come from a family full of great bakers and cooks. My interest in baking began when I was a teenager. I started with the simple box mixes. Then, started getting more creative with them, until, I decided to make my own sweets from scratch. Baking is something I really enjoy and find it is a stress reliever. Read more>>

Aryn Nolan

I believe in a healthcare model that is integrative, healing and wellness oriented, addressing all factors that influence health including mind, body, spirituality, and lifestyle. I absolutely believe in modern medicine, but I believe we expect too much from it. Currently, our system relies deeply on treating a diagnosis without correcting the underlying causes in order to achieve an ongoing balanced state of wellness. Read more>>

Rehanna Loncar

My first step into modeling was one I knew I’d feel “unpretty” doing. Showing flab, if you will, the imperfections of my body, the everything the dance world wanted to change. This, however, was the beginning of a new self-confidence being awoken. How empowering it was to just, be. How amazing it was not to be criticized and in fact presented with affirmations and farther opportunity for the beauty they saw me as. Read more>>

Dave Demers

The company started in Mesa and has since moved to Maricopa Arizona. Looking back, thus far have to say it’s been a fun and interesting ride. My wife is my biggest supporter behind it all and has been the rock I needed when things got really tough. We are looking forward to pushing the envelope in the future. Read more>>

Kennady Schneider

I started gymnastics when I was less than a year old. It became work–my job if you will. It was my duty so much so that it lead me to become a Divison 1 scholarship athlete at the University of Arizona by the time I was 17 years old. It dictated who I am today, and it made me compromise much of who I was in order to be a true and fierce competitor. One thing that it couldn’t take away from me was my camera. I got my first camera when I was ten years old, and I knew from that moment I was going to be an artist. Read more>>


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