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Life and Work with Mishaila Parra

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mishaila Parra.

Mishaila, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My whole life I’ve been very active. I got into dance at age 2 and from then on, tried just about every sport under the sun. Dance and Cheer stuck with me the longest. I was a cheerleader in high school and ran track. Once I graduated, I didn’t continue on to collegiate sports. Because of this, I was significantly less active and I gained some weight. The number on the scale wasn’t the problem but the way I felt when I looked in the mirror absolutely was. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin anymore. I didn’t feel healthy physically or mentally. I sulked in my own insecurities and sadness for about a year. Then, a day came where I had enough. I was done sulking, I wanted to take action! I began watching fitness influencers on YouTube and a close friend of mine was a certified personal trainer so I asked him many questions. He gave me a lot of guidance and then with my new found motivation, I ran with it! I did so much research, I got to the gym, I set goals for myself and I was dead set on reaching them! Fast forward two years and now, here I am! I’ve lost a lot of body fat and gained a lot of muscle, but most importantly, I feel at home in my body again! I feel confident, strong, and motivated! This change I created within myself is one that I want every single person to feel! I want people to love themselves from the inside out and it’s for that reason that I began training! Personal training can get CRAZY expensive and there is so much false information out there it can be hard to begin this kind of life-transforming journey alone! So now, I work with driven individuals who not only want to see a change in their bodies but are prepared for the insane change of mindset and attitude that comes along with it! Helping people see their true potential is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever felt!

Has it been a smooth road?
Every person’s fitness journey is going to be wildly different. However, the one thing that holds true for everyone is that it gets HARD! You will have days where you feel unmotivated, you will have days where you wanna eat every bit of food in sight. It’s not about being the person who doesn’t get cravings or never misses a gym session, it’s about being the person who accepts the fact that they are human but spends most days pushing towards their goals. It’s about being driven when you don’t wanna be and it’s about recognizing when you just need to live a little! My best recommendation to anyone who truly wants to see progress is to make sure you’ve written your goals down and made them clear to yourself. If all your goals sound like “lose 50 lbs”, “wear a size 4”, or “get a six-pack” ask yourself why! These goals are okay, but they are surface level. You need to dig deeper. This journey isn’t surface level at all, it’s a journey of self-exploration and internal reflection! Define your why, write it down, and never forget it!!

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I am an online/in-person personal trainer. My clients are both local in the Tucson area as well as all around the nation, with my online training I’m able to work with anyone from anywhere! I work with my clients in reaching their fitness and health goals. That is a brief summary. But what I believe sets me apart is we do so much more than that together! We create a bond of trust and friendship. We evaluate their goals and their why and I remind them of it regularly! We focus on positivity and self-love in order to move forward. Many trainers are no more than your trainer and many clients are no more than your clients but that just isn’t the case for me. A training session with me includes a lot of sweat, soreness, and even a couple whines here and there but often times it includes a whole therapy session! My clients open up to me about their personal lives and as do I to them. Your fitness journey includes weight loss and muscle gain but more than anything it includes positivity, personal connection, and love!

Who have you been inspired by?
All the women in my family have deeply impacted and inspired me in many ways! My mom being one of the biggest! She is the most kind-hearted, accepting, supportive, a loving woman there is. She does for everyone and thinks of herself last. Her drive to work hard, stay positive, and spread love inspires me daily! My sisters are also huge inspirations to me. My sister Seby is a wonderful mother to my beautiful nephews and niece. The kids are all young and rowdy and still every day she gets up, works out, and does her best to constantly prepare foods that nourish her body! She doesn’t accept any excuse. My other sister Harli is a mother to one lovely little boy. While she is older now, at 18, she drove across the country, leaving everything she knew behind and started a new chapter of her life in Alaska. Her free spirit and determination to do things others may have doubted drives me to never shy away from my goals. I could go on forever but the last beautiful woman I will mention is my grandmother, Margie. My grandma struggles with many health issues. She’s been in and out of the hospital since she was very young, but she never stops fighting. She is so strong and is constantly pushing forward not only for herself but for all of us who love her. I cannot thank these women enough for building me up into the woman I am today.


  • In-person personal training (as low as $35 an hour)
  • Online training (price varies)

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