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Inspiring Stories from Surprise

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Surprise and surrounding areas below.

Matthew Wheeler

My photography journey started when I was deployed overseas in the US Navy as I was a young man who loved great sunsets and scenes around the world. I had a real photojournalistic approach to my surroundings and tried to capture rust, decay, movement, specific lighting, and great colors when there wasn’t a great sunset around. Read more>>

Brandon Petry

I’ve always had a thing for good design. Having a passion for working with my hands lead me to an early career in building custom cars and motorcycles out of my garage. I felt like I was chasing art thru creating beautiful machines. Read more>>

Joseph Cuzzi, Rachel Song

We first began exploring new food places around the Phoenix area when we started dating. We especially enjoyed going to boba tea cafes, gourmet bakeries, and other dessert establishments. As part of our routine when trying new restaurants, we would photograph the food right before we began eating. Read more>>

Scott Serkland

For years I made an honest living as a mild mannered freelance illustrator and graphic designer, developing creative solutions for a number of corporate clients. As much as I loved using my creativity to bring awareness other company’s’ products and services, I always longed to do something more, something slightly sinister. Read more>>

Jonathan Netzky

Local Alternative Foods exists to create access to the most valuable foods that can be created. Sounds big? It is. You see, when the entrepreneurial bug bit, I was cocky enough to jump off the cliff with a grand vision instead of a great plan. Read more>>

Jayde Pigati

I have always loved photography and really any form of art. I love creating. After I had my first daughter I wanted to be able to capture her childhood and give her tangible memories she could look at later just like my parents did. So I bought my first camera and fell in love. Read more>>

Chris von Nieda

Hi, my name is Chris von Nieda, I’m the founder of WPsitehelpers and a United States Marine Corp. Veteran. I currently live in Arizona with my wife and kids. In 1998 I saw the Internet for the first time. It CHANGED my life. I was working as a loan officer for a mortgage company in California and I got an email with a link in it to the Internet. Read more>>

Heather Monthie

In 1997, I earned my pilot certificate and was so excited to be a part of this new world of aviation. I wanted to just immerse myself in it fully, which of course meant wearing some fun aviation fashion. Only I found that there wasn’t much out there for female pilots. Mostly items for wives of pilots! Read more>>

JJ Bukowski

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve wanted to work in the motion picture business. No other medium in the world combines the art of storytelling with the science of technology in such a unique way. My mom told me it was hard to get a picture of me as a kid because I would always leave the shot and walk up to the camera, trying to take it. Read more>>

Greg McGrew

It all started from seeing my sons love for dinosaurs. Seeing it gave me a vision of bringing the dinosaur theme to life for thousands of little children. Approximately 3 years ago I started building our first mobile dinosaur cage and our first mechanical dinosaur suite. Read more>>

Benjamin Smith, Marina Portillo

Fine Fittings is a family company which started with Benjamin Smith and his 1st wife, Ilana Smith, and Ilana’s mother Pamela Brown. Its humble beginnings started as an effort to provide breast prosthetics to patients at the Mayo Clinic Breast cancer center who were not a candidate for breast reconstruction. Read more>>

Avina Pham, Kevin Nguyen

Hello. My name is Avina and my family and I have been in the restaurant industry in the Valley of the Sun since 1990. My parents started Avina’s Vietnamese Cuisine in 1990, located on 43d Ave & Bell Rd, and they specialized in southern Vietnamese cuisine. We operated Avina’s Vietnamese Cuisine from 1990-2006, when we sold the store. Read more>>

Alfredo and Angel Barajas

Alfredo started to work at the age of 10 in Michoacan, Mexico, where he and his 7 younger brothers and sisters were born. Driven by his love of soccer and his dream to rebuild his family’s home, he decided to leave behind his birthplace to go into the unknown, aware that it would be the only way to better his life and that of his loved ones. Read more>>


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