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Inspiring Stories from San Tan Valley

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from San Tan Valley and surrounding areas below.

Crystal Looker

I have always enjoyed baking for my family and friends. My love for baking actually started 17 years ago when my husband purchased me my very first KitchenAid mixer. I started out baking lots of pies and cookies for family gatherings and once we had children, my love for cake decorating began. I loved watching all of the baking shows that came on the Food Network. Ron Ben-Israel and Duff Goldman were a huge inspiration to me. Read more>>

Jamie Fulton

I’d always want to help people and would strive to be different in everything I had ever encountered. Still to this day, I find myself with the overpowering need to help others in anyway I can. As I got older, my urge became bigger than I’d ever imagined, which lead to my family and I relocated to San Tan Valley, Arizona. I immediately saw a need for change within my city. Read more>>

Roxi Lewis

Cultivated Essentials was created out of necessity for me. I used to have a grocery bag full of prescriptions to manage my medical ailments but they left me in an emotionless fog and it wasn’t a sustainable way to manage my ailments. I created my products in a last ditch effort to find a sustainable regimen and one that would allow me to be the present parent I dreamt of being. Read more>>

Melanie Murillo

Most hairdressers will tell you that they have dreamed of doing hair since they were very small. Not this hairdresser….. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life when I was done with school. I started out a bank teller and moved my way up to a branch manager of a large prominent bank and hated my job. Read more>>

Brooke Locklin

About five years ago, I started taking pictures on my iPod 4. I showed my parents all my best photos, and they agreed to buy me my first camera. Unboxing my beginner Nikon DSLR was the equivalent feeling of Christmas morning! My little sister, Olivia, was my best (and only) model. I took pictures of everything around me-from flower bushes to gymnastics meets. Read more>>

Breanna Vega

Flexible scheduling, time with my kids during the day, going in the home to service families vs. “the system”… It wasn’t always like this. I remember a year ago, I had just left public education and had barely started The Therapeutic Tutor after a failed attempt at a private school program. I knew after almost a decade in special education that my perspective was different. Read more>>

Kayla Coleman

I have always had a passion for food, cooking and the connection it brings when people gather for food. Starting an Instagram page about food felt natural to me. I only started recently, thanks to the advice of a few people that are very close to me. For a while, I was very hesitant in starting this venture. Read more>>

Wisecrvcker Robert Bryant

I was born in Bisbee, AZ. I was homeschooled by my father a Ph.D. Chemical Engineer that left the professional world in 1967 to pursue art and music, and my mother a world renown Tapestry Weaver and respected educator. I was brought up quite differently than most. I was treated like an adult from a young age and expected to behave as such. Read more>>

Corinne Heffron

I have always been fascinated by the earth. As a young girl, my family would take camping trips almost every weekend in the fall and summer. I spent most of the trips either looking up at the stars or down at the ground; always searching. I wanted to see all the shooting stars, the satellites and the inexplainable. I wanted all the pretty rocks, shiny, colorful or unique. Read more>>

Elizabeth Ful

I started in the tanning industry in 2001, in Twinsburg, Ohio. From my first day in the salon, I knew tanning would always be in my life. I got married and moved to Phoenix in 2005. I did work in salons at first but took a break from the industry from 2006-2010 when I worked in the insurance industry. In 2010, I found my way back to the tanning world and have been spray tanning since 2011. In 2014. Read more>>


Rebecca Diane Nelson

I grew up in the hills of Northeastern Arizona on a little modern homestead. We weren’t completely off the grid, but I was raised very close to the land and nature. As I grew older, I developed various health issues which progressed into substance abuse, mental health issues. Read more>>

Ashlyn Leyba

I’ve always looked forward to being a mother. I’ve always loved being around children and knew that no matter what career path I chose, I wanted to spend the majority of my time home with my children when the time came. Read more>>

Naren Koka

AZ Goshala was started in April 2010 by Dr. P.N. Misra and Mr. Hari Moorthy. Originally, they bought the first two cows from slaughterhouses in 2011. They housed them in the same place our cows still are and decided to spread awareness about the importance of cows. Read more>>

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